Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Speed Up Your WordPress Website

There many things for speeding up a WordPress website but according to experts only 2 points are most important: SEO: The Google algorithm measures page load time as one of its many search ranking factors.User Experience: It’s well documented that slow loading websites create a poor user experience, increase…

How To Make Your WordPress Sites More User-Friendly

How To Make Your WordPress Site More User-Friendly

Do you hesitate to launch a website due to the high costing required for its design, build and maintenance? What about having a WordPress website? WordPress is a compelling yet free content management system (CMS) which provides a comprehensive range of features for building remarkable business websites. Along with…

Content Sliders in Web design: How to Use Them

Content Sliders In Web Design: How To Use Them

If you’ve visited a modern website recently, you’ve likely encountered content sliders. Also known as carousels, these are a great way to add some creativity and movement to your design. They’re ideal for showing off your best content, whether you’re directing users to new blog posts or service pages.…

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