Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

How To Make Grid Gallery In WordPress?

1. Download & Installation First, download Grid Gallery Plugin from WordPress admin panel of your website. Click on plugins button from the admin menu bar. Click on add new. Search for "Grid Gallery". Now click on install button and then activate. 2. Add Images Into Grid Gallery To create gallery, click on grid gallery…

Get YouTube video id and Vimeo id

How To Get YouTube And Vimeo Video ID?

Get YouTube video ID & Vimeo Video ID Step 1.  Go to the YouTube/Vimeo site. Step 2.  When you open YouTube and Vimeo you will see something like this, now search which video you want to add into video gallery plugin. [caption id="attachment_6377" align="aligncenter" width="1257"] Search Video On YouTube[/caption]…

Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins 2015

Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins 2015

Jetpack by Jetpack is a free plugin, it allows you to protect yourself against traditional brute force attacks and distributed brute force attacks that use many servers against your site. It also monitors your site for downtime and keeps your plugins updated. Jetpack’s botnet security features work automatically…

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