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There is nothing more important in a website than having the right plugins and themes. The character and identity of a website are determined by the colors, arrangement of elements and the kind of text used. All these things are what make up a theme. Every theme is designed to provide the best experience for particular industries. If you are in the stock and forex trading business, there are certain themes that are perfect for such a website. Since WordPress sites are also heavily boosted by plugins and tools, you need to consider the best tools to pick for your website. Here are the best themes, tools, and plugins you can use for your trading website.

1. Business & Financial Theme

This theme is one of the most used themes in the WordPress store. It is a professional theme that comes with various options. The theme stands out because of its different suites which can be selected to specifically match the needs of the user. Apart from that, the use of boxed layouts, business colors, simple homepages, and other professional design aspects makes it a great choice for a trading site. The great thing about it is that it can be used with all types of devices as it features a modern responsive design. Whether you are teaching forex trading for beginners or you are targeting advanced traders, this versatile theme will be perfect.

2. Forex 2 Theme

As the name suggests, the Forex 2 Theme is designed to give forex traders an easy time. It is designed with business processing needs in mind. With this theme, you can be able to target your audience with ease. The theme also comes with some useful widgets which are specific to the trade and it also makes use of shortcodes to bring added functionality and ease to the site. Incorporating financial data and figures is easy with the theme and the customizability aspect of the theme is among the best in the market.

3. Stock Ticker Plugin

Moving on to plugins, the Stock Ticker Plugin is a great tool for website configuration. The tool is available in various forms and designs. The main purpose of the plugin is to pull data from outside sources and then display them on your website. The Stock Ticker Plugin uses data from Google Finance and the only thing required is a quick configuration process to ensure that it works well. Because of its versatility, various aspects of it can be configured by the user. The Stock Ticker Plugin is indeed one of the best financial widgets you can have on your site.

4. Stock And Forex Market Heat Maps Plugin

Another great tool you should have in your trading site is the Stock And Forex Market Heat Maps Plugin. This tool is fantastic for trading markets around the world. It has heat maps that visualize data related to trade against the US market. The tool is fantastic because it uses colors effectively to display different trading indices. The tool is also designed to work with all kinds of modern websites. It is a great tool that gives amazing insights and every trading website needs to have it.

5. Easy Currency Converter Plugin

Trading currency is often a challenging affair that involves converting multiple currencies. For a forex website, the Easy Currency Converter Plugin is a great tool to have because it helps in the conversion of over 180 currencies. Traders and market enthusiasts can thus easily make use of the tool without having to go too far to look for conversion tools. The plugin is responsive and very reliable. It is also configurable and customizable. Having this tool on a trading website not only increases efficiency but it also adds to the value of the site.

There are indeed many other tools and themes available for the trading industry. WordPress has thousands of themes and plugins in the store and it can be difficult to find the right tools for your website. The above tools are definitely the best to use if you have a trading website. They are reliable, functional and they add value to your site.

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