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8 Best WordPress Plugins for Small Business Success

WordPress comes with the abilities to design and customize a web store by incorporating the use of functional plugins. Use of WordPress plugins owes an extravagant advantage by transforming your simple website into a fully featured one. So, if you are someone who has just started up, you should definitely go for a list of plugins mentioned below for acquiring more leads, traffic, and sales to your online store.

Here the list of 8 best WordPress plugins for small business success, you need on your business website:

Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments is a popular WordPress Plugin which makes easier for website admin to add the Facebook Comment system to your WordPress site without any hassle. Most obviously, by doing so, you will be making it easier for visitors to connect with your site through a platform. When you allow visitors to make comments on your WordPress post, you are increasing engagement, promoting brand awareness, and making commenting easier. Facebook Comments gives you a great and threaded commenting solution integrated with popular social media website.

WP Touch

Depending on your website’s demographic, it might be important for you to have a mobile-friendly website. Google’s latest algorithm update enacted significant penalties for websites failing to meet the standard mobile friendliness guidelines. Not following those guidelines, you could be missing out on highly qualified leads, traffic, and sales. To ensure that your website qualifies Google’s Mobile Test, you need to install WP Touch, which is a powerful plugin designed specifically for the modern mobile web. This plugin automatically adds a simple theme for mobile visitors to your WordPress site. The admin panel of this plugin allows you to customize various aspects of your site including the appearance, user-friendliness, style version to your mobile visitors without modifying even a single bit of code. Responsive WordPress websites enhance the UX on smaller screens and use a combination of fluid layouts and media queries to create a layout which works great on all screen sizes.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker Module monitors your website for broken links and finds out if any. It also provides a complete report of broken and redirected links. The plugin monitors links in your pages, posts, comments, and even custom fields. Whenever a broken link is found, the plugin will instantly notify you via the WordPress dashboard or by mail. Depending on the size of your site, the overall process might take from a few minutes up to an hour or more. It also all prevents search engines from following broken links.

Wordfence Security

In order to offer the best security features, Wordfence Security comes with a threat defense feed and continuously analyzes the latest threats. Installing this plugin on your website you will be able to offer prevention and protection against ultra advanced cyber attacks. Featured with real-time blocking, monitoring features, multi-site security, it automatically blocks fake Google crawlers. It also monitors the login activity on your site and locks out any attempt to brute force and further enhances login security. Similarly, it checks for passwords to make sure that they are strong enough. It also scans WordPress comments to make sure they don’t contain any malware or phishing URL.


WooCommerce turns your normal store into a selling machine by incorporating eCommerce functionality. It allows you to design a site which sells almost anything over it by giving both store owners and site managers a complete control over it. WooCommerce plugin is extended with an array of functional features that make a complete shopping solution. Not only you can sell, but also offer product variations, instant download to shoppers and even sell affiliate goods from online marketplaces. Similarly, it also comes bundled with the ability to offer extended payment options.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO comes with a host of features which allows optimizing your WordPress websites for better content and links. All the features and functionalities of this plugin have been designed to guide search engines through every post, page, and category of your site.

WP Live Chat Support

Extremely feature-rich yet cost-effective WordPress Live Chat Support Plugin is specifically designed to engage with your customers in an advanced way. It gives multiple ways to communicate directly with consumers and further increase conversions on your site. This plugin, when installed in your website gives reasons to host live chat either on your own website or on the live chat server. By enabling this plugin in your site, you will be able to build customer’s trust, increase sales and secure the flow of communication.

Google Analytics

Stay updated with the latest features in Google Analytics by using this plugin. This plugin makes it easy to track your site’s usability with loads of data. It enables you to track your site using the latest tracking code and also gives the option to view Google Analytics reports on your WordPress website. The real-time tracking report features details regarding the total number of visitors, acquisition channels, traffic source. Whether it’s about a start-up business or an established one, incorporating the use of above-mentioned WordPress plugins will definitely bring ease, greater search results, increased user engagement and brand awareness. The market of WordPress Plugins is expanding at an alarming rate; hence, when it comes to choosing the best WordPress plugin for your business, most of us might get confused. Therefore, there are various custom WordPress plugin development services available online which provide tailor-made WordPress web development solutions to promote your brand online and offer a great browsing experience to users. Additionally, you can also hire experienced WordPress plugin developers to develop multifarious plugins that upscale your website’s functionality and boost revenue.

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