Best VPN Services For WordPress Users

Best VPN Services For WordPress Users

Do you need a VPN service for WordPress? Lots of people rely on Virtual Private Networks to protect their privacy and keep them safe. They protect personal and private information and can mask your location, helping bypass snooping and restrictions. According to research by, 31% of VPN users…

8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2019

8 Best WP Backup Plugins in 2019

The news of website hacking and data loss by hackers or through other malicious software is very common nowadays. That is why the most trending discussion in Information Technologies world is Web Security. Do you know 96% of applications we are using have vulnerabilities which can result in your…


OWASP WordPress Security Implementation Guide

Ever since late 2001, OWASP has become an essential part of online freedom, security, and trustworthiness. For the best part of two decades, they have played a leading role in the development of a safer, stronger internet. That’s very important, and their work when it comes to safe and…

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