Four Reasons To Use BPM Tools

Have you been thinking of implementing business process management – or BPM – to your way of working? If you have, then you could find this to be a very different way of operating compared with what you’re used to. So, should you have any concerns?Not at all!

There are a number of reasons why using BPM for your processes will be a huge benefit to your organization. Here are some examples that could help persuade you to go down this path on your way to business success.

1. It’s more efficient

Using BPM tools will tremendously enhance the efficiency of your business processes. That’s because you can realize your potential by integrating all your processes from start to finish.

For instance, you could be automatically alerted when responsibilities are given to particular people. This then leads to better monitoring of delays or any reallocation of tasks, eliminating bottlenecks, and cutting lead times when putting processes in place or even enhancing them.

You can also remove tasks that aren’t needed and use automation to reduce the chance of errors or reworking items. Business leaders have opted to use BPM tools to maximize returns and align their business objectives.

2. Lower costs, higher revenues

Using the correct suite of BPM tools can reduce your costs linked to your actions; enhanced processes and workforce productivity makes this possible. You might not see the results soon after implementation, but by being able to remove those bottlenecks, it will lead to improvements.

Getting rid of those issues can reduce lead times, which can then have a positive effect on how you sell your items. It could also mean that customers have better access to your services and products in a shorter time frame, which leads to increased market demand, then higher sales and improved revenue.

3. Better staff satisfaction

A pleasant working environment will motivate your staff, and BPM tools lead to better team collaboration. It’s easy for employees to access the information they need from one place. They can then work from where they want, when they want, which is an incentive that will lead to better satisfaction.

Another benefit is that your core departments don’t have to work separately from each other. If other teams don’t know what yours is doing, then there may be problems, so BPM tools give you the opportunity to have better visibility, so different processes can be seen by all of your company.

4. Improved compliance

Your business processes will need to be compliant with your company procedures, and companies will need to show documents to demonstrate compliance when being audited. So you will be under pressure to prove your compliance. But it can be time-consuming and costly to amend documentation processes to ensure that what you do complies with current regulations.

BPM tools can help you get the optimum performance from your brand, reduce errors, remove unnecessary tasks, and maximize returns. So, investing in such a system can help you to manage the risks and costs of updating your process documentation.

WordPress Table Plugins in 2020 – AWPLIFE Blog

Online tables are a great way to present data online in a tabular format. In WordPress, you might need to create basic and advanced tables for any particular case. Creating basic tables on your WordPress based is easy with the help of Gutenberg. But what about the Excel-style dynamic tables on your WordPress?

Though by default, WordPress allows you to create fundamental tables on your site for serving your basic needs, but it will not allow you to create any dynamic and scalable tables on your website.

But no worries!

Using quality WordPress table plugins, you can serve this specific purpose without facing any hassle. But there are tons of table plugins out there in the market that will make you confused to choose the right one for serving your purpose.

That’s why, in this article, I have handpicked some of the best WordPresss table plugins that you can use to create basic to dynamic tables on your website. Before going into the main discussion, let me discuss with some prior issues. So, let’s get into the main discussion.

Why Use Table Plugin?

Table plugin is used to create basic to dynamic online tables on your website. Though, with the help of Gutenberg, you can create any basic table on your website. But if you want to have an advanced level of table creation facility, you can’t do that using default WordPress or using Gutenberg.

That’s why WordPress table plugin comes into existence to fix the issue. Using a quality table builder plugin, you can create almost all kind of tables. You can get a wide range of customization facility to configure your online tables and use them simply by placing a shortcode.

Best WordPress Table Plugins for WordPress Users

As I discussed earlier that in WordPress, there’re tons of table plugins for creating online tables on your system. This might be confusing for you picking the right one for serving your purpose. Here, take a look at some of the best table plugins in WordPress for you.

1. Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables is a freemium WordPress table plugin for WordPress users. This plugin is the most fast-growing WordPress table plugin in WordPress over the years. The active installation of the plugin is now 40,000. Even if you search on Google simply by typing anything regarding WordPress table plugin, you would get the evidence of how the plugin is doing in the marketplace.

Using this awesome table plugin, you will get tons of advanced features of a smart table builder plugin. You can create responsive tables with a drag & drop builder facility. Adding media tables cells, connecting Google sheets, data sorting using drag & drop facility, export-import facility, WooCommerce integration, wp post, transform value, conditional column formatting, and tons of integrations are some of the advanced features of this shortcode friendly table builder plugin. Moreover, you will get an extensive documentation and dedicated support facility using the plugin.

2. Advanced Tables

Advanced Tables is used to create responsive custom post type tables. Tables created by Advanced Tables can be customized with a user-friendly interface. You can insert any kind of tables into posts or pages simply using shortcodes.

The plugin comprises of a user-friendly excel-style editor with a media file facility. Tables can be created with custom names and Table sorter can be used to sort data into tables. You can add, and remove rows and columns dynamically.

3. League Table

League Table is a premium WordPress table plugin that is used to create dynamic web tables for your website. The plugin comes with 105 different options per table where 17 options for cell, and 13 general options.

There is an advanced multi-column sorting functionality that will allow you to create any type of table on your site. Moreover, you will get spreadsheet-like editor that allows you to input data and manage your online tables without facing any hassle.

4. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a simple drag & drop based WordPress table plugin that will allow you to create online tables for different websites. Tables like comparison tables, pricing tables, and listicle tables can be created using this plugin.

Technically, you will get 5 elements named Text, Image, List, Button, & Star Rating to make your table interactive. The special Cell Management Mode option allows you to add and remove rows/columns. Using the same option, you can split/merge cells.

5. wpDataTables

wpDataTables is one of the popular freemium WordPress table plugins for WordPress users. Using this plugin you can upload Excel, JSON, and XML files into your WordPress table.

There is a custom option for designing your tables with colors, rename headings, reordering data, and adding CSS to style your online tables. You can create lines, columns, and pie charts using Google charts rendering engine. This awesome tool allows you to add up to 150 rows in total.

Final Words

Creating dynamic tables on a regular basis could be a daunting task for you if you don’t use a quality WordPress table plugin. That’s why choosing the right table plugin is crucial to solve the issue. Give a try to all these table plugins mentioned above in the list and get things done without facing any hassle.

If you have to create online tables on a regular basis, it would be wise to look into the premium version of the list that I outlined above. However, for random usage, users can use the free version of the suggested plugin.

All the plugins mentioned in the above are based on quality and performance. You can choose any one of them from the list. For having a highly customizable table, you can use Ninja Tables for serving your purpose. After all, you wouldn’t want to have a bare-bones table builder when you’re really dependent on table creation.

I think the article helped you in choosing the right plugin for serving table creation purpose. If you have any queries let me know in the comment section below.

About Author

Sazzadul Bari is a Digital Marketing Strategist at WPManageNinja. Content writing, link building, and lead generation are his specializations. And when he is not drooling over WordPress plugins and updates, you’ll find him enjoying sports or going through his favorite books.

The Benefits of Using a VPN

The internet is exploding—reaching new milestones. People can now get any information they want. You can now work from home. Amazing, right? Well, these are the good sides of the internet. Now to the bad sides—your information can be stolen. You can be cyberbullied. Your online activities can be tracked. These are the things you don’t want, right? Of course, yes. And you can only stay safe by installing a VPN server into your smartphone or PC. Easy to use, affordable, and reliable—VPN offers the ultimate solution when it comes to online safety. Every moment spent online should be safe and secure.

So, what’s a VPN? What’s the work of a VPN? Why should you have it in the first place? These are burning questions that are about to be answered in the following article. Stick around!

The Basics

From advertising trackers to scammers—the risks while online are real. Plus, you might find it hard to access sites that have been red-flagged or banned by your government. Worse still, watching movies on Netflix that your government has illegalized can be a nightmare. Well, you can do it. You can watch anything online and nobody can track you. And that’s where VPN comes in. Build to enhance your online safety, VPN works by masking your computer’s IP address—making it hard to get tracked. 

Browsing using Public Wi-Fi on the Web Securely

People love shopping—, especially during the holidays. To entice you to shop more, restaurants, malls, or supermarkets give you free access to their public Wi-Fi. This makes you crazy when it comes to social media, browsing, trying to video call friends, etc. Do you know that your safety is in danger? Hackers are waiting to attack and get into your private details. Without a VPN, you risk exposing your private information to hackers.

However, with a VPN, all your online activities—including browsing and sharing of files—is encrypted. This gives you absolute security to do your online activities without any worries. So, you won’t worry about those rogue marketers, hackers, and search engines snooping into your information. Plus, it will prevent malware from other phones and laptops from swimming into your device. Remember, malware can make you pay dearly. So, stay away from these dangers and get a reliable VPN for your device.

Beating Location-Restricted Streaming

Where do you live? If it’s in Canada or the United Kingdom, you are lucky. This is because you can watch what the rest of the world cannot. For instance, if you are located somewhere in Africa, accessing certain sites, watching specific TV programs, or enjoying all the moves in Netflix can be a nightmare. There are restrictions that bars access from certain locations in the world. But you don’t have to relocate. The good news is that you can count on a VPN and beat these restrictions. Wondering how? Simple. VPN masks your IP address. Thus, these sites won’t flag your location. This means that no one knows where you are watching or searching from. So, you can watch your favorite movie or access any content without any worries.

Dealing with a Repressive Government Censorship

Governments have absolute power to decide what you can access and what you can’t. This means that your government can restrict access to certain websites—denying you a chance to enjoy your favorite content. For instance, states that are dictatorial in nature can restrict the use of social media. This isolates its citizens from the rest of the world. But you can beat your government and access whatever you want. All you need is a reliable VPN server. VPN encrypts data—making all your online searches as private as possible. Plus, a VPN can mask your IP address and your location. Thus, your government won’t realize that you are making searches from its territory. So, don’t allow the government to limit your online freedom. Read review VPN and get the best product.

Save Big When Shopping Online

Prices—when it comes to e-commerce dealings—vary according to geographical locations. For instance, you will get the same hotel charging less in some countries and more in other countries. This tends to disadvantage others since they end up paying more. When trying to make payments online, your IP address is detected. Thus, your location is established. This means that you will be charged according to your location. However, you can still get good deals—irrespective of your location. With VPN, you can save a lot of money when purchasing goods or services online. A VPN masks your IP address and your location by extension. This means that nobody will establish where you are located. Therefore, you can choose any location and make your payments based on that favored location.

Private Voice Chat

Want your privacy when making voice chats? It’s not that easy—especially if you don’t have a VPN. Others may overhear your chat—which is a big security risk. Of course, some apps come with powerful encryption features—protecting your privacy when making voice chats. However, others don’t come with these features. This can expose you to hackers and other harmful people. However, with a VPN, you can chat with confidence. VPN creates an end-to-end based encryption protocol that ensures that it’s only the parties involved that can hear the conversation.

So, whether you are using Skype, Google Hangouts, etc., you can count on a VPN to secure your conversation so that you can chat with confidence.  Plus, a good VPN will optimize on the quality of the chat. So, you won’t get those annoying low-quality images, videos, or voices. No government can overhear your conversation and start tracking you. It’s only you and the other person that can hear the chat.

The Bottom-Line

A VPN is your online shield. It shields you from those peeping eyes. It protects your private and confidential information from being stolen. It gives you the independence you need to access any information without getting tracked. In a nutshell, VPN is your online shield. The above information contains all you should know regarding VPN and why you need one today. Don’t expose yourself. Protect your privacy. It’s all you have to succeed.

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Free Directory Plugins For Your WordPress Website

A website directory is one where related information of individuals or organizations are grouped like names, emails, contacts so they can be accessed from one location. Some examples of the directory are property listings, blood banks, restaurants, etc. Online directories make it easy for people to access the info of any listed service, and if you are using the WordPress for your website development, you might be familiar with the many directory plugins and themes that you can use on your website.

You can set up many revenue-generating streams with these WordPress directory websites. There are many ways to create revenues, from selling ads and listings to companies to charging users for access to content and setting up a booking site. You can make money with a WordPress directory website in different ways like sticky listings, private listings, featured listings, selling ad space, membership fees, and advertising service, etc.

If you want to manage a directory listing without using a WordPress plugin, it is possible but could be more difficult. There are lots of plugins available and designed to simplify tons of complicated tasks that involve managing a business and directory.  This includes category and sorting management, payment features, search and filtering options, and much more. We are sharing some of plugins for you to make your task easy.

1. Business Directory Plugin – Directories for WordPress

You can use this plugin for any kind of listing like free or paid, this plugin also supports receive payments via Stripe and PayFast Gateway. You can assign multiple fee plans to categories for posting. Or you can set higher fee plans for a featured / sticky listing. You can use widget for Latest and Random Listings, as well as for Search. It gives a fully customizable form feature and also offers a reCAPTCHA option that will prevent your site from spam registrations.

The search option is too advanced search that can show or hide fields too quickly. This plugin is responsive, SEO friendly and also supports WPML. You can easily integrate it with popular navigation plugins.

More Info

2. GeoDirectory – Business Directory Plugin

GeoDirectory comes with many powerful features so you can enable millions of listings and offer tons of customization options. This plugin is user-friendly, It gives you an easy to use interface for front-end where users get to register, login and submit entries as well as reviews. They can also search for listings based on zip codes or street addresses, and results are returned in proximity order.

The GeoDirectory plugin is fully responsive and compatible with multisite. It has a built-in review system, 15+ widgets (including Google Analytics Widget) and 12+ widget areas. It’s easy to import and export listings in bulk using the CSV format. It has many extensions so you can add additional features.

More Info

3. Connections Business Directory

The Connections Business Directory is a highly configurable plugin to create almost any kind of directory website because it comes with a custom field option. You can also set privacy levels on some custom fields like phone numbers, users and site admins. CSV import-export with of nesting level of categories and translation into 20+ languages are supported. The administrator dashboard can show important events notification like anniversaries, birthdays. you can give different slots for entries as their types – individual, organization, and family. It allows the grouping of individuals together with family type entries.

More Info

4. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro plugin (ACADP) has no limit, you can put many kinds of directories togetherlike cars, real estate travel restaurants, reviews or yellow pages, the list will go too far. Also, ACADP gives the functionality to create listings across an endless amount of different categories and subcategories. You can also include form fields as much you went there are no boundaries. This WordPress directory plugin is to powerfull and versatile.

More Info

5. Directorist – Business Directory Plugin

The Directorist is a specialized WordPress directory plugin for a wide variety of business purposes. With many wonderful and powerful features, it would be pure pleasure to put together with the Directorist on stage. Keeping in mind, thanks to regular updates, you can expect new features and amazing updates that you can take advantage of them. Your platform will easily stand in a small amount of time and it will always look fresh and modern.

More info

Wrapping Up

We are suggesting you these best directory plugins. You can create an advance directory website with any of them, all have some different features. We have listed according to their active install and popularity.

Domain Name Search Tools – AWPLIFE Blog

Choosing a domain name can be challenging because first you need to come up with an idea, and then you have to check the availability of that particular domain name.

Since so many good and famous domain names are already taken, often beginners feel stuck.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly check the availability of desired domain names and even discover new ideas while looking for domain names?

In this article, we are going to tell you how to check domain name availability and how to use some easy domain search tools.


One of the best domain registrars in the market is They are offering a wide range of domain extensions at very good price, and are the best domain management tool for beginners.

Most importantly, they have a powerful domain search tool that can quickly check domain name availability. Just go to their website and enter the name or phrases you want.

More Info

2. Nameboy – Domain Name Search

Nameboy is one of the oldest and most trusted domain name generator tools in the market.

If you want to generate dozens of domain name ideas quickly, you can use this tool. Just enter your desired keyword or phrase and it creates a list of domain names to choose from.

You can click on any domain name to view the details and register the domain name. The downside is that it does not immediately show you the availability of domain names.

More Info

3. IsItWP

IsItWP provides a set of useful tools such as a WordPress security scanner, website uptime checker, password generator and a very powerful domain generator.

The domain generator allows you to check a domain name only by entering keywords or phrases. It then can creates a number of different domain names.

This gives you a ton of possible options. However, you actually have to click on the “View Details” button to register or check the availability of the domain name.

More Info

4. Blog Tyrant – Domain Name Generator

Blog Tyrant is a popular blogging resource site with many free tools including a domain name generator.

This helps you see the domain ideas for your selected keyword or phrase. You can click on a domain name to see more details, or try a different keyword combination to get more domain name suggestions.

More Info

5. Bluehost

Bluehost one of the biggest and well known web hosting provider in the world. If you want to create a website quickly, their domain availability checker will be a good option for you.

They are offering users free domain names and a great discount on WordPress hosting. Basically, you will be able to start a blog or website for $ 2.75 per month.

More Info

6. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the famous domain name companies on the this market. You can also use their website to check for domain name availability.

However, their suggestions usually include hyphens, lesser-known and unusual domain extensions, or premium domain names that are available for very high price.

There are many excellent GoDaddy alternatives that are cheaper and more reliable.

More Info

How To Choose The Right Domain Name?

It is difficult for many beginners to find the right domain name. More than 350 million domain names are already registered, and it seems that all the good has already been taken.

If the domain name you want is not available, then you will need to become creative. You might want to try something different than a .com domain, like any of these new gTLDs available from 101domain. If that fails, however, here are some quick tips that will help you find the right domain name for your website.

  • Stick with .com domain names and select a new domain extension
  • Use keywords related to your business.
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers in the domain name. They made it difficult to pronounce and spell.
  • Choose a domain name that is easy to remember, you don’t need to spell it, and represents your brand

I Found My Domain Name, Now What?

You need to register that domain name as soon as possible.

Every day thousands of unique domain names are registered. Domain names are a profitable business and people are always looking for a good domain name to register and then resell for a better offer.

If your domain name idea is a good one, it is highly likely that it will not be available for a long time. You just need to go ahead and register your domain name.

Do I Need A Website To Get A Domain Name?

No you do not need a website.

You can register domain names without creating a website. To understand how these two things are related.

To create a website you have to sign up with a hosting company. This is where you will store your website files.

Domain names are sold by domain name registrars. These are companies licensed by ICANN (an international body that manages domain names worldwide) to register domain names.

To create a website, you need both a domain name and web hosting. However, if you are not ready to create a website yet, you can simply register a domain name.

This will give you ownership of that domain name for the license period. When you’re ready, you can create a website or start an online store later.

Which Is The Best Tool To Check For Domain Name Availability?

We recommend using as the best tool to check for domain name availability. allows you to do your domain name research quickly. You can register a domain name immediately without visiting a third-party website. They also provide the easiest domain tool and a simple domain management area.

If you just want to explore different domain name ideas, then check a blog name generator that suggests tons of domain names using your keyword or business name.

We hope that this article has helped you learn how to check the availability of domain names using smart domain search tools.

How Can You Effectively Use Salesforce For Customer Retention And Engagement?

Any business sales teams are focused on one single goal to sell and sell again. Their eye is always on company revenue. So, there is no surprise that most of the sales team members will always be focused on customer acquisition. Primarily, customer acquisition is all about convincing someone to purchase your product or service. No doubt that customer acquisition is the most effective and quickest way to generate revenue.

More customers equate to more revenue. However, even though this approach is ideal to meet the sales figures and revenue targets, this is not the best strategy on a long term basis. To ensure long-lasting growth in terms of sales and revenue, along with the acquisition of customers, businesses should focus on retaining those customers as well.

Whey Customer Retention Is Crucial?

Customer retention is a strategic approach to convert the one-time customer to a lifelong loyal customer. This approach covers everything a business can do to prevent a customer from leaving your product or service to be acquired by another business offering the same products and services. While the sales teams focus on retaining customers, it has a two-way advantage as by cutting down the cost alongside to revenue growth.

The sales experts say that new customer acquisition is about seven times costlier than retaining an existing customer. For many organizations, it is sensible to focus on the retention of the existing customers than spending largely into acquisition. This can not only lower the cost but also can make your brand more reputable and acceptable. As per Huify, the possibility of converting the first-time customer to a repeated customer is about 60 to 70% percent compared to the scope of 10 to 20% conversion rate of a new lead.

So, for the sales teams now, the most critical source revenue overtime is from the existing customers. However, it’s not so easy to sell to them, but may not be as difficult as convincing the new ones to buy a product service if you are offering something of quality, worth their expectations. So, in all sense, existing customers are opportunity goldmines, and as your relationship with them deepens, you get more leads and new customers, and this network slowly grows.

Key To Success In Customer Retention

As we know, trust is the basement of any successful customer relationship. If a customer buys a product or service from you, then they are making the statement that they trust you and the commitments you made in terms of the quality of what you are offering. Your role is to deliver the promise and honor the trust.

In order to ensure customer trust, the sales team should approach them with empathy from the moment the engagement begins. Each interaction from random cold calling to on-boarding of the customer should be considered as an opportunity to respond to the actual customer needs and ensure the best experience to them with your brand, product, or service. For this, as suggests, one must work to create a warm experience to the customers throughout the journey consistently. The very moment a customer reaches to the point of the sales funnel, it is not an indication that the sales teams work is over, but that is the point where the actual engagement begins.

By considering and prioritizing the experiences and preferences of your customers who are already in, you can earn their trust constantly and eventually make them your loyal, long-term customers. This is the game of customer retention, which is all about maintaining trust and keeping a customer for long. Salesforce is one of the best available tools to make this possible.

The Role Of Salesforce In Customer Retention

Corporate sales teams can now use Salesforce strategically to improvise their customer retention activities successfully. Salesforce helps to centralize the customer data, personalize customer communications, track every interaction, and constantly engage with the active and inactive customers with the help of many integrated customer service tools. Let’s explore

1) Centralizing The Data

As we know, data is the most valuable asset for any organization, which is considered as the lifeblood of any company. It also helps to keep the system rolling and also empower the sales to take the right action at the right time. For sales, it is critical to have the most reliable and updated customer data to hit the goals, which is also critical in terms of maintaining good customer relationships.

Using Salesforce, it is possible for the sales executives to get all customer data at a centralized location from where they can initiate the communications too. This comprehensive platform includes email features, VOIP calling options, etc., which you can integrate effectively with Salesforce to generate automated emails, save the voice mails, make notes and tie all these with each customer records. So, at any given time, you know the latest updates and history of customer interactions to engage with them effectively.

2) Personalizing Customer Communication

Using Salesforce, it is possible for sales and customer retention teams to create personalize emails, landing pages, forms, etc. Say, for example, you can create personalized emails by displaying customer name at the salutation line through automation. You can also create customized emails based on the customer’s position in the sales funnel to make the communication more engaging.

In fact, the mailing is just one among many ways enabled by Salesforce to personalize your customer experience. You may also try to customize your website pages or landing pages to make those appealing to the customers. Say, for example, if you can share a landing page with a special limited period offer, it can be instantly created and published using Salesforce tools.

3) Tracking Interactions With Customers

With the help of Salesforce tools, salespeople can keep track of what your customers are doing real-time and strategize your approach. You can see it when a customer abandons a shopping cart, which will help you make some adjustment on the web pages. You can get more insights into customer behavior, which you can effectively turn into customer engagement through proper strategies. The data through Salesforce will help you to meaningfully engage with all types of customers at the right time to convert.
Along with these, Salesforce can also be effectively used to engage with the inactive customers and also try to pursue them effectively over time and ultimately convert. By effectively classifying your customers and tracking their activities closely through instant reports and insights, you can ensure better customer retention, which ultimately gives you better results and revenue.

Top Logo Design Websites

The logo plays a very important role in your business. A logo is nothing but a face of your business. A well-designed logo is self-explanatory and memorable.

Sometimes you don’t have the resources for a professional logo design. There are some free logo makers and generators online.

Some offer the software free and others feature free logo downloads as well. After choosing the right colours and style you want to represent your business, then you can easily generate a logo.

Why should you use logo makers and generators?

  • When you are starting a new business but you don’t have enough budget to buy a logo or hire professionals.
  • You don’t have the experience or a good software to design a logo yourself.
  • You don’t have any idea that what you want for your business
  • You haven’t time to spend on your logo

Below Are Some FREE Logo Makers

#1. Design Wizard

Design Wizard is excellent graphic design software for editing high-quality images and videos. It’s perfect for social media marketers, party planners and business owners. There are also excellent integrations with Hubspot, Marketo, Buffer and Intercom. At present, there are over 1 million high-quality images with hundreds of thousands of video templates available.

Standout features of the tool include a custom color palette, free font library and resize feature.

There is a free plan on Design Wizard, with paid plans starting at $9.99 a month.

Design Wizard

#2. Canva

Canva has been on the free design market for a while now, offering free and paid templates for social media images, flyers, invitations, business cards, and more. Its impressive lineup of templates comes with a variety of free and paid logo options. You can start with their free templates, and then change the text, colours, fonts, and more to match your brand.

Don’t like what you see? Upload your own graphics, or choose from Canva’s vast library of free elements to add to the logo template with the simple-to-use drag-and-drop feature. you can also download your design with different formate as a PNG, JPG, or PDF. Use the site to create letterheads, business cards, and more using your free logo.

The only downside is that other people can use the same templates, so you might see similar designs floating around online. With a little creativity, it does not take too long to give these free logo designs your own unique touch and get a professional-looking logo at no cost.


#3. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design makes your cost-free logo easy. Simply type in your business name, choose from many different categories, the application will preview thousands of free logo templates. Make your custom changes to the colour, shape, and font, and download your design free. If you decide later to invest into your logo a bit, you can download a high-resolution version of your logo for $59.

Free Logo Design

#4. Designhill Logo Maker

DesignHill offers unique and intuitive designs that make your logo extra informative and different from other logos.

First, pick your five favorite design styles. Next, their system will generate several specific templates. Edit your favorite one to make a stunning brand face for your business, changing anything from layout to icons to build the perfect logo.


You can get a logo for a one-time fee of $7. This would be a basic resolution logo file. For a higher resolution with more distinct versions, they will charge you $21. If you have a bigger company and want more add-ons, get a $63 enterprise level package.


#5. Shopify

Shopify is one of the top free logo makers on this list.

It enables users to generate logos within seconds, without the need for any technical expertise.

The tool is mostly preferred by online entrepreneurs and small businesses that are just starting out. Shopify comes with incredible stock imagery as well as a huge library of options.


#6. Logo Garden


Logo Garden has a pretty basic UI. It has limited customization, but it’s great for creating a basic logo. It’s also an excellent place to test different combinations when figuring out the right sketch of your logo.

Logo Garden is a free logo maker popular website. You can access this tool for $0.

Logo Garden

#7. Colorcinch

If you’re looking for a straightforward and easy-to-use design tool, Colorcinch is your go-to tool. Thanks to its very intuitive interface, anyone -even non-designers can craft stunning logos, business cards, banners, and graphics for their blog and social media profiles.

The tool comes with a wide library of graphics & icons, frames, masks, and overlays. Take your own photo and upload it to the platform -add watermarks, texts, or drawings and play around with the tool’s library of creative assets to design a unique, personalized logo. Colorcinch is free and you can upgrade to its premium plan anytime at $4.99/month.


There are many other free and paid logo maker sites available on the internet and it’s up to you what you want to make that suits your business you can experiment with logo design no matter what your budget is.

The logo design can cost $5 to $5000. So if you have a very low budget then these free logo maker site helps you a lot. you can make really great logos with your creativity and experience.

We hope you like our post and you will find some useful information about logo making.

Best Open-Source Software For Web Professionals

Being a web professional means your day is filled with software that does creative things from cutting screencaps into small pieces to streaming videos on a secondary monitor. Because of the huge number of apps we use over the course of a work-week, the best move we can make is using as much open-source software as possible. Mainly, because it’s free to use, but also because it has no often-included harmful malware and spyware corporate software bundles in.

Thanks to awesome communities like GitHub, the quality and quantity of open-source apps has increased dramatically over the years to the point where right now, you can run almost entirely off open-source software.


GIMP is an open-source alternative to well known image editing software Adobe Photoshop. Powerful enough for heavy design use by professionals, GIMP packs a lot of power in its open-source framework. While some consider the UI hard to use, the fact of the matter is that it’s simply different from what many users and professionals are used to — the Adobe or Affinity standards. If you’re web pro who needs image editing or manipulation that Preview or MS Paint can’t handle, GIMP can save you a lot of money. It can do generally everything what Adobe Photoshop can do, but without spending a single penny.

More open-source image editing you must try: Paint.NET and Inkscape are more than worth your consideration as well.


Blender is probably the most important piece of open-source software for the 3D artists, freelance animators, and video creators. It is close to being the standard in the field and can stand up in pretty much every way to the corporate software it competes with. Licensed as GNU, Blender is free in the most liberal way possible. You can take the code and do whatever you want to with it, package it back up, and it’s yours. The same for your work created with Blender, too. There can be a learning curve to Blender but the internet is rife with tutorials and documentation videos that can help ease you into creation, no matter your experience level with this kind of software.


Mozilla Firefox comes in two versions: standard and developer editions. Nowadays, Google Chrome is the standard and well liked web browser, displaying the vast majority of internet content. Firefox, however, is in second place for good reasons. Firefox is fast, lightweight, and has a focus on privacy of user that Google Chrome simply can’t compete with. The dev tools are robust (especially in the dev edition), and the extension marketplace is every bit as useful very much like Chrome’s. You might run into hurdles occasionally with websites being Chrome-exclusive, but in that case, you also have the option of the open-source Chromium.


You might use LastPass or 1Password already, but take a look at KeePass if you want a stable, open-source (OSI certified), password manager that you can use without actually having to install anything. Fully secured using encryption keys that you keep with you, using SHA-256 encryption, KeePass is worth using if you don’t want to have to install apps and extensions or keep your passwords in the cloud. You’re the one who controls KeePass, and that means a lot in the world of digital security.


Audacity is the gold standard of open-source DAWs (digital audio workstations) from years. While there are other audio related apps, platforms, and programs that many people use, the most highly recommended and downloaded is Audacity. That’s because it’s easy and accessible. It’s also very powerful. If you’re a web professional who has a podcast on the side, needs to edit some audio for your client, or anything that doesn’t require a mixing board for, Audacity is very likely to be all you need. It can not compete with powerful as Adobe Audition, Apple Logic Pro, or Avid Pro Tools, Audacity more than serves its purpose for the vast majority of users.


Take the already-great OpenOffice software and make it even better and more user-friendly, and you have LibreOffice. A direct competitor with MS Office, Libre includes correlatives to Word (Writer), PowerPoint (Impress), Excel (Calc), Access (Base), and Publisher (Draw), as well as a charts creator and formulas editor to make your task easier. Many people have migrated to Google Drive as an office suite already, but if you want a powerful office suite that runs on your local system and has all the bells and whistles you’re used to in MS Office, LibreOffice is your best bet.

Visual Studio Code

VS Code is an open-source and a powerful code editor that is backed by Microsoft, but developed by the community. Extensions are now abundant, and you will have a difficult time to find a feature or add-on that isn’t available for it. Since its debut, VS Code has quickly become favorite code editor for many professional developers. Simply put: if you do text editing or coding, Visual Studio Code needs to be on your local computer.


If you’re aware of Microsoft as an open-source curator, Atom might be the next-best-thing for you. Take everything we told you about Visual Studio Code, take away the Microsoft, and you kind of have Atom. It’s a little heavier and slower than Visual Studio Code on occasion, but the extensibility it has may even exceed Microsoft’s entry. Now, Atom started as a GitHub-supported project, and GitHub is now owned by Microsoft. But the Atom project is still going on its own, and the community there is dedicated to making this one of the best open-source software apps available online.


HandBrake is a great software and has been around for years. And we’ve used it for years. Because when it comes down to video transcoders, HandBrake might just be the simplest and quickest to get it done for you. Need an MP4 to be a MOV or any other format? Easy. The app is also an easy way to encode video and break it into chapters for physical media like DVD and Blu-ray. It’s not a replacement for Adobe Premiere or its other competitors, but keeping this one around for those moments when a client needs a video to be something else than the file they provide, HandBrake is a lifesaver.


SnagIt is one of your most-used tools and everyone know what it is . Greenshot is a great open-source alternative to SnagIt, and it’s pretty solid on its own. Screen capture, annotation, and so on is very easy and just a few button presses and clicks away. Crop, paste, point, and number your tutorials with this open-source software. It’s a lot better than simply pressing Print Screen and editing image in Paint.


We have tried to put together a list of the best open source software to make your work easy and same your precious time. There are just too many that are too good to pick. But we think these will make your work life simpler, cheaper, and overall it will definitely save you from spyware and unwanted lines of code.

ONE Membership by TemplateMonster Review: The Ultimate Kit for Web Development

ONE by TemplateMonster is a membership, which opens access to the countless number of HTML templates, WordPress themes, as well as various plugins and many other web development tools. I do think that this subscription service is one of the greatest deals on the web design market so far, since it provides you with, no exaggeration, a huge number of quite cool web design tools for an affordable price. So let me tell you more about my experience with ONE membership.

What Is ONE?

As I have already mentioned, ONE subscription is the very service that will provide you with literally thousands of various web design products such as web templates and themes, must-have plugins, and many other quite useful tools. To be more precise, this very membership will equip you with more than 2000 fully functional E-commerce templates, over 2000 fancy E-commerce templates, and 40 useful plugins. And last but not least, you can download any items as many times as you want and need as long as your subscription is active.

Who Will Definitely Benefit from ONE Membership?

Everything about ONE is great, however, unfortunately, it might not work for everybody. So let’s figure out which particular groups will benefit from having this subscription service the most. Well, ONE membership will perfectly work for:

  • Bloggers who need lovely WordPress themes for their blogs;
  • Web developers who need various templates, themes, and other tools for their projects;
  • Website owners who want to have fancy fully functional themes on their websites;
  • Entrepreneurs who have to launch several websites for their business.

In general, this subscription service will be pretty useful for everybody whose job of activity is connected with web design, e-commerce, and internet as a whole.

How Much Does It Cost?

ONE is quite an affordable subscription service. The membership has only one pricing plan, which is $19 per month or $229 per year. Besides, pretty often TemplateMonster makes generous discounts on this very service, so you can get it for really ridiculous money, which is awesome.

Moreover, you will not have to worry about money transaction issues, since the company uses secure payment policy. So you can easily pay with Mastercard, Visa, or PayPal without worrying about losing your money.

At the same time, if for any reason you are not satisfied with ONE membership, you can always cancel your subscription and get a full money refund. However, note that you will only get your money back, if you did not download anything from ONE library.

What Exactly Will ONE Membership Provide You with?

ONE Web Development Kit Membership opens its subscribers access to such items as:

  • 139 WooCommerce themes;
  • 804 WordPress themes;
  • 101 Elementor templates;
  • 28 PrestaShop modules;
  • 13 WordPress plugins;
  • 480 Magento themes;
  • 608 PrestaShop themes;
  • 457 OpenCart templates;
  • 275 Shopify themes;
  • 3020 PSD templates;
  • 221 VirtueMart templates;
  • 14 PowerPoint templates;
  • 1476 CMS templates;
  • 209 Landing Page templates.

Well, I guess you see that this subscription service has a truly decent library, which contains pretty much everything one might ever need for creating a fancy website.

ONE Licensing

ONE membership has a very simple and easy to comprehend yearly license. But, what is more important for you, is that fact that ONE license is unlimited. In other words, you can use the items from the ONE library as many times as you need, which is awesome, isn’t it? Well, now let’s look through some licensing key points:

  • You have access to an unlimited number of items during one year since your purchase;
  • Your clients can only use the products from the subscription service as parts of end-products;
  • You cannot use the items from ONE library after your license expires;
  • You cannot claim any rights for any products within the subscription;
  • You cannot share, resale, or distribute the products from ONE library.

Once your license expires, you do not have the access to ONE library anymore, however, your end-products will still work properly and get regular updates. Besides, you can always prolong your subscription and continue using the items from the library.

ONE Subscription Service User Experience

ONE is, in my opinion, a user-friendly service. Once you signed up and logged in, you can easily find all the items you need in a super easy to navigate ONE library.

Besides, downloading the items from the library is really easy and fast. You just press the ‘Download’ button, select your installation options and that is pretty much it. Easy as it is. Then you open a zip file, which you just downloaded, and start working with the item you got.

Moreover, you will also have a list with all the items you downloaded in chronological order, so if you need a particular item again, you can easily find it there.

Furthermore, ONE subscribers get regular discounts and deals on TemplateMonster’s bestsellers, which is also pretty great, isn’t it?

ONE vs the Competitors

ONE membership is not the cheapest subscription service in the web design marketplace. At the same time, this very subscription service offers the most. If you compare the number of items ONE provides you with the amount of items other similar services offer, you will see that ONE has way more items and products than its competitors. Just have a look at this comparison chart to make sure that ONE indeed is the most beneficial subscription service.

ONE Cons and Pros


  • Unlimited license;
  • Affordable price;
  • Secure payment policy;
  • A huge number of items in the library;
  • The end-products work after the expiration of the license.


  • A rather small number of plugins.

Final Word

ONE membership by TemplateMonster has really impressed me. This very subscription service has a simply crazy amount of useful web development tools for just $19 bucks a month. I daresay that ONE membership will equip you with literally everything you might ever need for building a countless number of fully functional and fancy websites.

Certainly, despite the fact that ONE is not the cheapest option, its price is a huge advantage, since you get a tremendous number of items just for $229 per year. So I do think that this is the most beneficial subscription service, especially for those of you who create lots of websites.

So will I prolong my ONE subscription once it expires? Yes! Do I recommend ONE to all the web developers out there? Absolutely!

7 Web Design Tools To Use In 2019

I know how difficult it must be trying to figure out how to design your website. There are so many things to look into, from making your website look good, down to the SEO-friendliness of it. Fortunately, there are various tools you can invest in or free ones to install, so you can save a lot of time trying to design it yourself.

But with the many types of web design tools to invest in, which one is the best for you? Read on as I show you the seven web design tools to use in 2019 to help you out!

Seven Web Design Tools to Use In 2019

Did you know that there are a ton of web design tools to choose from today? To know which one’s right for you, check out these top seven ones based on ease of use, an abundance of control, and types of designs:

Startup 3

For those who like Bootstrap themes and Designmodo, then you’ll like Startup. It’s an online app that comes with built-in themes and templates, based on the Bootstrap 4 that has a 12-column grid.

You can build your website through dragging and dropping your options. That way, you can put it all together without the need to code. I really like how easy it is to use since it comes with all the options you need, just drag your chosen option and you’re done!

However, you’ll need to ensure that you understand the basics of both CSS and HTML so you can complete the site-making process. That way, the startup would export your JS, CSS, and HTML files to upload to the hosting provider.


It is actually an unofficial plugin system for the Figma software. Figma allows you to download or install third-party plugins from Figma UI. So not only can you install the Figma UI tools in Windows Figma desktops, but in Mac devices or the Chrome browser as well.

The software was originally used to create and share various plugins. However, Figma includes 11 new and useful plugins to play with when you get the system. This includes web design, with good interface beginners, will understand. As the community grows and creates new plugins to share, you can expect even more web design features and useful plugins for your website!


Sidedoor isn’t an app to help with web design directly, but it does help web designers looking for jobs! If you’re tired of recruiters and the costs it takes for them to get you jobs, Sidedoor makes things easier.

The interface is an alternative to looking for web design projects, connecting you with companies and engineers. Not only do they provide the connections, but they make sure that they put you in touch with people that fit your criteria.

Basing on your conversation (and your experience), the referrer will decide if they want you in their company. This gives both you and the company more understanding and can help decide if the position is good for you.


Another great software is Interplay, which offers more flexibility in how you want to design your website. It’s a prototyping system to help you plan layouts to even out your design system. What’s great is that you can work either on their online software or their desktop app, with changes in either software saved to a cloud for better collaborative workflow.

Besides this, the software offers component-creation tools and is compatible with many design software and systems. You’re able to import your files from Interplay to places like Figma, Sketch, InVision Studio, as well as synchronize it with different code components. Again, it’s very flexible and versatile for improved designs!

UserGuiding 2.0

If you aren’t a fan of coding, then I highly recommend UserGuiding as you can make interactive user manuals for products without the need to write codes!

With their fantastic designs and templates, you can attract and retain your product’s users. The customizable designs available make it easy for users to understand how your app works and how you use it. These manuals can be for user’s on boarding, to update your employees or anything else between!

Through its understandable interface, you can communicate with your users efficiently. This results in lessened support costs and improved conversions. Besides this, there are a ton of more features to take advantage of for both employees and users.

Found Color

One of the biggest challenges people face has to create an attractive color palette. We can get inspiration from different photos online or outside, but the options are endless, getting confusing! That’s where Found Color comes along, which isn’t software, but a website for easier access to all.

This website gets dominant hues from photos you upload or sample pictures that look pleasing from its colors. That way, you can get a lot of color combinations to get inspiration for better web design. It gets the color palette results based on naturally-occurring colors that aren’t made by algorithms or rules, and they don’t need to follow the color theory, too!


One of the best ways to get attention on your website is through CSS animations. It also makes your website easier to use for many! However, creating such animations for your website can seem intimidating.

With CSSFX, you won’t need to get through the intimidating coding and details, as you can choose between different small animations. All you need to do is to choose the ones you want and need for your website, and just copy the CSS code.

Fortunately, they’re fully open source. That way, you can use them for as long and as much as you need.

Wrapping It Up

Web design and layouts can be quite a tedious task, and not many website owners can afford to spend time and money either designing it on their own or hiring a designer. With the right type of tools, you won’t need to spend a ton of money.

I hope this article on the seven web design tools to use in 2019 gave you an idea of what to get for your site’s layouts. So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these tools now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences on these web design tools, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.