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Tools For Automated Software Testing

Tools For Automated Software Testing

Automated testing can help you increase the efficiency of your testing efforts and accelerate the release of your product. Choosing the right automated software testing solution, on the other hand, is critical to ensure that automated testing generates the greatest results. These technologies make certain that the benefits of…

How To Create Your Own Chrome Extension

How To Create Your Own Chrome Extension

What if you could get the most out of your browsing? Learn how to make Google Chrome Extensions of your own. Have you ever been dissatisfied with the functions provided by your web browser? Even if you've spent hours exploring the Google Online Store, it's not always as simple…

Best Speech To Text Tools

Tools Suggestion – Speech To Text Tools

Writing is a necessary skill that everyone is obliged to perform in their professional lives. However, the actual act of writing anything is far slower than the brain's processing speed. That indicates there is some time lost between thinking and writing. Introducing Speech to Text Software Fortunately, technology has…

Best Reverse Proxy Services

Reverse Proxy Services – Top Picks

Using a proxy, you can access content and websites that are blocked on the web. Any country can force online content providers to remove content or remove results by blocking domain names, filtering and blocking specific keywords, blocking a particular IP address, or tampering with the DNS. Commercial software…

7 Best Web Push Notification Software

7+ Web Push Notification Software – Our Picks

You can connect with your visitors after they leave your website using web push notifications. By sending targeted messages to your users, you can increase traffic, conversions, and sales. Our article shares our picks for the best web push notification software. Why Push Notifications Are a Powerful Tool for…

What Are Cloud-Based Call Centers

What Are Cloud-Based Call Centers?

As you probably know, a call center is a centralized department that handles both inbound and outbound phone calls.  It plays a vital role to communicate with customers and provide customer service, support, selling products, or performing other functions. In the past, all call centers were on-premise and were…

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