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Why Should I Use Automated Testing

Creating software means you are building a program that could make someone’s working or home life just that little bit easier – but are you using all the tools that are available to you, and ensuring that you’re working as efficiently as you can? If not, then you could be spending additional time and money on one project that could be used on your next venture instead.

There are plenty of areas where you could find improvements in your working processes, but one of the most important areas for you might be during the testing phase. This is an area that could greatly benefit from automation, but if you’re not sure, keep reading. These are some of the reasons why you should consider automated testing when developing software.

It’s more efficient

Testing takes up a large portion of the application development life cycle, so even the smallest improvement in efficiency can make a huge difference to the time frame of your project. So, you could run tests 24/7 that don’t need manual intervention, which will then lead to better quality checks.

Automated tests take a shorter amount of time to set up, too. An increase in test coverage means you produce a higher-quality item and with more features.

You’ll have lower business costs

Although you might have to spend money to invest in QA automation tools initially, automated testing can save you business costs because the amount of time you need for this phase will be reduced. Since it will also contribute to better quality work, there will be less of a need to fix any problems, which will cut the cost of the project.

There’s improved information security

The effectiveness of your QA automation testing will depend on the quality of the data that you use. Creating good data manually will take time, and so your testing will take place on copies of live databases.

However, automated solutions will aid you in creating a testing database, as well as protecting and manipulating it. This also means that you can reuse your data time.

It increases correctness

It increases correctness

With manual testing, a tester can make a mistake during this phase, but automated testing means the same steps of the test are repeated every time. This also means it’s accurate.

It will help with testing complex applications

Automated testing will help you if your web application has millions of users interacting with each other. Creating that many users for testing will be difficult – or even impossible – if you’re using manual testing. So you may wish to consider using load automation testing so you can create virtual users; then, you can look at the load capacity of your application.

You get motivated testers

If your testers use manual testing, they don’t get any new tools and will have to use manual tricks to test the software, so they won’t be motivated, which will affect their efficiency. Yet, if you use automated testing, your testers will work with different tools that will make them work more efficiently.

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