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The 5 Best Analytics Options For Your WordPress Site

For people with new websites, constantly wondering about its functionality is very common. You often wonder if your site has enough traffic, where visitors to the site are coming from, and which pages perform better. The volume of your analytics data can be very overwhelming, which is why you need to get an analytics plugin for your WordPress site. 

Best Analytics Options for Your WordPress Site

Having analytic plugins for your site enables you to manage your site’s data, insights, and metrics without exiting its Dashboard. Most WordPress users use Google Analytics, which is a powerful option. However, other options available to those who find the amount of data available on Google Analytics intimidating or the interface of the G.A. tool bulky.

1. MonsterInsights Google Analytics

Monster Insights is the best Google Analytics Plugin for your WordPress Site. Monster Insights has amazing features that rank it highly as a powerful and user-friendly analytics plugin. With this tool, you can set up universal website tracking across campaigns and different devices without the need for any code. 

Monster Insights has an enhanced Ecommerce Tracking and a page-level analysis to guide you in getting statistical details about your pages and posts’ popularity. With this analytic option on your WordPress Site, you get real-time statistics, and you can automatically track clicks on banner ads and your affiliate links using the MonsterInsight link tracking feature.

MonsterInsight is E.U. compliant and GDPR friendly, so you don’t have to worry about compliance with any privacy regulations. This analytics option helps you set up a seamless tracking Integration for your favorite Plugins in categories, tags, authors, users, custom post types, and other events using a single click. 

With MonsterInsight, you can enjoy such advanced features as adjusting speed and the sample rate and enabling Google Optimization for A/B testing.

2. W.P. Statistics

W.P. Statistics is the perfect analytics option to access your WordPress Site’s statistics without necessarily sending out your user’s data, thus ensuring privacy. With WP Statistics, you are able to know exactly how much traffic you have on your site, the visitors, and page tracking as well. This analytics plugin has stunning graphs and visual statistics, as well as visitor’s location recognition.

W.P. Statistics is particularly excellent in content reports and geographical data. With WP Statistics, you get Real-Time statistics based on categories, writers, tags, and advanced premium features that allow for more advanced statistical reports. W.P. Statistics is also GDPR compliant and interface intuitive.

3. Woopra

This option is perfect if you are looking for something more functional than W.P. Statistics and MonsterInsight. This end to end customer journey analytics tool is built for teams to enable them to unify the customer data on the platform. It has amazing features that allow analyzing, optimization, and engaging across each customer’s touchpoint using customer profiles and analytics.

Woopra has automation and powerful triggers that send messages to users depending on their engagement history. The AppConnect feature has more than 40 one-click integrations to combine data from your chat, CRM, email, and other support tools.

4. Stat Counter

The Official Stat Counter WordPress Plugin enables you to connect your WordPress Site to the StatCounter service offering basic website statistics information. This cloud-based website provides easy to follow stats and reports on your site’s traffic sources, visitor locations, browsers, and more. 

This plugin is easy to use, but it lacks advanced features found in other analytics options such as affiliate link tracking, eCommerce tracking, and goals and event tracking. Among the features included in this option are configurable summary stats, keyword analysis, recent activity, recent page activity, ISP, Browser, O.S., Resolution, and State stats. Stat Counter also allows for Multiple Site Management and user access management.

5. Jetpack

Jetpack analytics plugin ensures always-on security for your WordPress site by providing real-time backups on every change you make. It automatically blocks spam from your site’s comments and forms and has malware scanning to keep your site protected from all security threats. 

Jetpack has a built-in performance which enables faster loading of pages and statistic files using a site accelerator and its code-free customization. It ensures delivery of seamlessly embedded content with ad-free experiences. 

This way, your visitors take a shorter time to find what they want on the site, and happy readers mean more improved sales. For your WordPress site’s effortless growth, Jetpack automatically tracks your visitors and prospective customers and leads. It’s the perfect way to keep your visitors interested by sending scheduled promotions of your newest pages, products, and posts before publishing.

Final Thoughts

Most analytics plugin options are specialized for certain tasks, so you may want to choose more than one option depending on your intended purpose for having an analytics plugin. Some are specialized in privacy, reliability, and speed, while others are designed with inclusive premium versions to bring the power of Google Analytics into your Dashboard!

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