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Four Digital Tools Every Business Needs in 2020

There is no doubt that the digital age has brought with it untold benefits for the world of business. From enabling paperless filing systems to conference calls and communications around the globe, it’s been truly revolutionary for the way we work. And during this time of the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s even more apparent that digital tools have enhanced our ability to perform excellent work from anywhere in the world – not just the office. In this guide, you’ll learn four of the top tech tools to leverage for your company in 2020 and beyond.

Centralized Systems

When you’re thinking about how to improve the IT infrastructure in your company, you should look no further than the ways in which you can centralize your business processes through a range of software packages. There are many examples of these, including:

  • Central systems for communications, like Slack and other providers
  • Systems that enable co-working on online documents that are stored and edited on the cloud
  • Processes by which your employees are able to assign and assume tasks remotely

There are also similar software packages aimed at supporting specific teams within your company. For instance, courtesy of XCD, you can onboard an HR system replete with some of the finest features – such as payroll programs and communications channels – to help your HR team work remotely and effectively in times of crisis. These can be incredibly helpful in keeping your whole team on the same page week after week.

Cybersecurity Options

The techniques hackers are using are getting more sophisticated every day. In fact, it’s because of these various threats that you’ll find some of the most expensive, yet worthwhile, software programs are sold in the realm of cybersecurity and online protection. As you’ll know, cyber-threats encompass:

  • Hacks that throw your servers into disarray
  • Data breaches and leaks that will break state and federal data protection laws
  • Malware and viruses that can send your systems into meltdown
  • Phishing and other financial scams that can cost your company money

In order to avoid all of these outcomes, you need to find a cybersecurity system that works for your company. And with remote working a growing phenomenon, it’s more important than ever that your team understands the risks on the internet, too.

Big Data Collection

The world of data is expanding at an exponential rate. For businesses, this is both exciting and confusing, as they’re coming to realize that all of the information that they collect and store is worth a considerable sum of money if used correctly. Big data can help you:

  • Refine your business processes
  • Understand your target consumer demographics
  • Comprehend how well your sales and marketing teams are operating
  • Account for your finances with a greater degree of detail
  • Establish an understanding of where your workflow is most effective and least effective

As you’ll see, then, big data is one of the most important tools to be able to leverage in the digital age – and the programs and professionals who can help you do this, by throwing all of your data into an algorithmic program in order to deliver key insights to your managers – will have a huge effect on where you invest resources, and how you make other business decisions, in the future.

Automated Services

Finally, the biggest push in the modern business world is towards automation – not in terms of robotic factory machines and voicemail messages, but in the sense of the ‘next generation’ of AI and machine learning. These programs, algorithms, and software packages promise to liberate your workers from the more mundane and unimaginative jobs in their working week, leaving them free to establish better relationships with clients, or to imagine grand and exciting marketing campaigns. Automation saves you from:

  • The cost of human labor, which is slower than automated processes
  • Those costly human errors that can lead to poor customer service
  • Customer service team numbers, with queries dealt with automatically
  • Lagging behind more dynamic competitors, who are already using automation to streamline business processes

All of these benefits should be understood not as the future of your business, but as a potential present. You should be prepared to go through a period of upheaval this year in order to make 2020 the year in which you modernize all of your business actions, leaving your staff free to do the most creative, exciting work. Talk with an IT vendor to get this process off the ground for your business in 2020 perhaps an outsourced IT provider.

Tech tools are set to dominate the business landscape for years to come, so it’s more important than ever that your company uses the best-in-class solutions to help your workers shine in 2020.

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