Things To Do When Your WordPress Site Is Hacked

Generally, people think that hackers only attack new and weak websites but it not true their main attraction is old stablish and popular websites.

let’s first see how to identify the signs of a hacked site after it we look at what you should do if your site gets infiltrated.

Most incidents of hacking occur as a result of data breaches, where hackers are able to access the sensitive website or company information, such as passwords and usernames. Cybercriminals can gain entry through individuals or through software systems.

Indicators that your website is hacked

  • If you cant login to your website.
  • If suddenly the site traffic rate goes down.
  • If unwanted bad links appearing on the website, especially on the footer
  • If your site’s homepage is malformed.
  • If suspicious or unsolicited user accounts appear which may also hijack the admin role.
  • If your website gets slower than normal then normal speed.
  • If unknown scrips and code running on your server.
  • If you will face difficulties in send and receive emails.
  • If you will see unwanted scheduled tasks.
  • If Suspicious add appears in the popup.

If you will face any of the signs above, it means your website is hacked. It is easy to feel helpless, desperate and frustrated at this point, but you can remain calm and fix the problem.

You can try the bellow things to get over the hack.

Contact your hosting company

Generally, good hosting companies are helpful in such situations. Such has been released in the past with tech-savvy and experienced staff, and so they can help you quickly.

If your site is on a shared server then it is possible that the hacker can use another website on the server to access your site. In this case, the hosting company can help you with how the hacking started and spread. They can also tell you where your site’s weakness is.

To make sure your site is secure, and to ensure that your site has hacked then dont worry you have a supportive hosting team and they will help you.

If you’re not sure which hosting is good because they all offer different options at different costs, then our post will be helpful for you on the best WordPress hosting.

Hire a professional

If your site is hacked, you need to clean it up quickly and you dont know how to do that then you should consider contacting a professional for help. An infected site usually deteriorates as time progresses, which is why you should seek help from an expert to fix the problem and make the website secure.

Restore the site’s previous version

If you’re diligent about storing backups of your WordPress website (We highly recommend a backup of your site and store it on any vault services), you’ve had a chance to restore it. If you store site backups and suddenly got hacked then dont worry just use your backup and restore the site on the last version.

When restoring old backups always keep in mind that the entire site will revert to the last version. This means you will lose your earlier changes that you have made in the site like new images and gallery and post. However, an old and clean website is better than a hacked one.

After successfully restoring an older version of your site, remember that your site is not hack-proof yet. Therefore, you should move fast to add a layer of security and escalate potential malicious activity and common cybersecurity threats.

Check your site’s user permissions

You need to log into your website’s dashboard and you should check that all WordPress user’s permissions. Confirm that only you and your team can access the administrator accounts and no other one can interfere with your site. If you will find any suspicious user then immediately delete it.

If you want to monitor user access and behavior on your website, we have recently written about the WordPress Security Audit Log plugin and how it can improve user accountability on your WordPress site.

Change all passwords associated with your website

Make sure that you have changed all passwords that you used to access cPanel, WordPress dashboard, FTP client, MySQL database, and any others that you can give to an outsider on the website.

If you have changed passwords with new and secure words that will give headaches to some of the best hackers. To achieve this, consider using a password generator or a complete sentence with spaces, letters, symbols, and numbers as your password.

Final thought

Please try all the above suggestions to secure your website. Site security is the most important factor and difficult job as well. You need to always keep an eye on every point to secure the site.

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Ways To Increase Your WordPress Blog Traffic

In its early days, blogs were mostly used as a creative outlet, or an online diary of sorts. While they are still being used in this way by a large number of people, blogs are now also used to generate income for bloggers. Whether it’s income generated through ad revenue or sponsorships, blogging has become an additional revenue stream.

Making a living off of blogging however, is largely dependent on the amount of people visiting the blog regularly. Website traffic has now become directly correlated to the success of a person’s blog, which is why so many bloggers on WordPress are trying to increase it as much as they can.

Below are a few strategies to help you increase website traffic in your WordPress blog.

Generate quality content

One of the things that sets apart blogs that have a good amount of traffic from those that don’t  is the quality of the content. Writing great content for your WordPress blog is one of the ways to drive more traffic to your blog. Avoid generating content that does not provide value to your target audience, and make sure that the content you provide is not redundant. While you can tackle the same topic other bloggers may have tackled, make sure to provide your own voice and perspective to that topic. And most importantly, never plagiarize other bloggers’ content for the sake of getting more traffic.

Consider guest posting

You may have noticed that a lot of blogs nowadays feature content written by other people. And no, it’s not just the blogger being lazy. Rather, guest posting is a strategy used by many bloggers to help grow their WordPress blog traffic. Guest posting is a great SEO strategy, and it is a great way for you to drive people from other sites to your own blog. You can even do this the other way around. But if you don’t have a viable audience that will attract other bloggers, you can pay someone to write your blogs. Over time, your guest posts on other sites will attract audiences and other bloggers as well.

Use social media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are really great tools you can use to complement your strategy to increase WordPress blog traffic. For one, social media is free to use. Second, a lot of your potential readers are on social media already, so you can easily pop on over to Twitter or Instagram, and get people on social media to view your content on your WordPress blog. Social media can even be used to better your email marketing efforts if it’s properly integrated. If managing multiple accounts proves to be hectic, you can use marketing automation platforms such as Hootsuite to automate your blog postings. That way, you can focus more on creating great shareable content on your site.

Connect with others

When thinking of ways to increase the number of people who visit your WordPress blog, you may be thinking of implementing digital strategies. While they are perfectly fine and acceptable to use, going out in the real world and connecting with others can also be a way to increase website traffic. Being the creator of your own blog, you can also be the ambassador for it. Attend social functions where you can network with like-minded individuals, and work your website into your conversations.

Make functional improvements

It’s not enough to generate traffic using content and social media. Google’s search algorithm has been putting more emphasis on user experience. Websites that work well within user expectations are rewarded with higher search rankings. In this case, you want your website to be responsive and efficient for users. The best way to do that is to make sure it loads faster and it doesn’t make it difficult for users to jump from one page to another. Loading time plays a big role in the success of your website. Indeed, people want instant access to information, so you wouldn’t want to keep potential customers waiting. One way you can make your website load faster is to compress your images and review the plugins you have installed and see which ones to discard and which ones to keep.

Use the right plugins

Speaking of plugins, the success of your website will depend a lot on the kinds of plugins you have installed. And when it comes to increasing organic traffic, you need those plugins that can help you improve the searchability of your website content. Yoast, for one, can help you make sure your blogs are search-engine friendly. Once the plugin is installed, it will give you suggestions about the optimum frequency of your SEO keywords as well as suggestions for improving the readability of your content.

These are just a few ways to increase your WordPress blog’s traffic. Following these tips will surely net an increase in the number of people who visit your site regularly.

How To Start Your Own WordPress Site On A Budget? Get The Effective Guide!

More and more people face the need to create a site. Such a need is quite natural in modern conditions. After all, to be afloat you have to be present in the online space. But as soon as a person approaches closer to this issue, he meets with many nuances.

The first is the difficulty in creating the site yourself. The second is the high cost of using the services of professionals. But does this mean that it is impossible to cope with these two nuances on your own? Of course not. Today you will learn how to make a website on WordPress on a budget.

Learn Free WordPress Guidelines

To make your work on the site less costly, you have to devote your time to training. No, we are not talking about paid courses. There are a lot of methodological information and guides that are available for free on the Internet. Finding such information does not require much work. Start with the simplest. Watch training videos on YouTube, read articles.

Many professionals use free information rather than paid courses or manuals. Therefore, you should act in the same way. It is quite possible to squeeze the maximum of useful information from free sources. So all you need is desire and time.

Get a Hosting For a Price of a Cup of Coffee

This is one of the first things you will encounter and probably the most expensive in our guide. Although later you will realize that these costs will be equal to a cup of coffee.

WordPress does not provide its own domain like many other CRMs. But do not consider this as a drawback of this tool. For example, Wix provides its users with a domain, but then you will not be able to migrate the site to another one.

Therefore, all you need is just to choose a hosting provider that will offer favorable conditions. For example, GoDaddy will cost only 4.99 dollars. You can also consider BlueHost which requires a monthly fee starting at $3. SiteGround prices starting at $3,95 per year.

Now you see that hosting has affordable prices that simply will not affect your financial situation.

Create a Theme Like a Real Web Designer

WordPress is famous for its wide range of different themes in the field of design and pricing. If you have a limited budget, then there is no need to spend a lot of money on it. Many people mistakenly believe that it is possible to get amazing design only through financial investments. But in practice, this is far from the case!

You will be able to create a unique and attractive website at no special cost. All you need to do is spend a little of your time studying how you can customize the theme without extra money.

Moreover, WordPress allows extensive customization of themes in manual mode. So after you study the methodological information, you will not have any difficulties with this issue. Nothing prevents you from making design no worse than web designers can do on your own!

Graphic and Content Filling Yourself? It Is Quite Real!

Many beginners immediately rush for help to specialists who are responsible for the graphics and content without having tried to do it yourself. But in fact, it is quite possible and not as difficult as it might seem. Naturally, this will take time, but when the question is about dollars, it is better to sacrifice time. Since the cost of the services of designers and copywriters can cause a serious blow to your wallet.

Today there are many tools that allow you to make graphic elements for free and even without installing special applications. You can use a tool like Canva. Users note its ease of use and of course free features. Need a banner or graphic for your publications? No problem! Look at a couple of guides on working with this tool and try yourself in the role of a graphic designer, it is quite easy.

Content can be a little trickier, especially if you’ve never created content before. But you have a key advantage over experts. You know about your business like no other, which means you can make better and deeper articles. If your goal is to create a blog, then naturally, only you should create all the text material. Do not worry if you have difficulty writing content. There are many useful online tools to help you do this. Here are the main ones you need to pay attention to:

  • If you want to check grammar and punctuation, then use the online Grammarly tool. Moreover, free features will be enough for you to make the text literate and clear.
  • Be sure to check your text for uniqueness. Remember that non-unique content can drown your site. You can check the uniqueness of the text in Copyscape and Duplichecker.
  • If you do not know what to write about and need new ideas, then try using the Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator.

It is worth noting that you can use these tools for free. But to achieve maximum results, you may need to buy a premium version. If you do not have extra money for this, you can consider assistance from LendGenius. But you can squeeze the maximum even from free features in most cases.

Make Your Personal Brand to Get Recognized

To make your site look unique and recognizable, users need to come up with their own personal tips. This item will not require any financial investments if you give free rein to your creativity and imagination. Formulate your catchphrase, which will be appropriate for many publications. Think about creating a personal logo that you will use to promote on social networks. You can do this in the online tool Canva you already know. For the first time, this may not seem like an easy task. Nevertheless, this can increase the flow of users to your site, as something creative and original always attracts people’s attention.

Think About SEO Promotion

Many people think that working on SEO involves a daily effort. But in fact, you just need to think about it once and then everything will go smoothly for you. Therefore, there is a need for a well thought out site map. Create a clear site structure and then think through each individual page.

You also need to consider making your content SEO-optimized. Think about which keywords are most relevant to your site and publications and do not forget about them in your texts. Such words are quite able to attract traffic to your site.

The Final Thoughts

Now you see that creating a site on WordPress without significant financial costs is quite realistic. Of course, for full-fledged work and serious promotion, you need financial investments, but for the first time, there is no need to invest hundreds of dollars. Most of the work for which usually hire specialists you can do independently.

Think about what you can do yourself, and where you need special help. Try to start on your own, and after that, consider the help of experts. Modern technologies provide enough opportunities to make a good website cheap. So do not doubt your strength and make a unique website now. And maybe you will discover in yourself web design or SEO promotion talents.


Mónica Rodríguez is a writer, art historian, and editor located in the tropical island of Puerto Rico. She specializes in Art History, Art Conservation, Finance, Tech, History, Literature, Wellness, and Travel. In her free time, she’s usually roaming the halls of the museum or the local bookstore surrounded by stacks of books.

Programming Languages You Must Know For WordPress Development

WordPress is one of the go-to platforms for companies wanting to put up a website. It is easy to use and is something that most users are able to effectively work with. However, being great at WordPress requires a different level of knowledge and skill. With web development skills in such high demand, it’s easy to see why you might want to dedicate your efforts into honing your web development skills as well as to learn how to effectively use the many available web development tools that are part of the platform.

However, the sheer number of programming languages can easily make it seem like a daunting task, especially when you consider that there are many factors that would determine which programming language you need to use.

So, what are the programming languages that aspiring web developers need to learn in order to competently develop websites on WordPress?


While it’s true that HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is not a programming language, it is regarded as the skeleton of each and every website on the internet. At its most basic, HTML is responsible for what users see on your website. It holds some of the most basic concepts in web development, and not knowing these basics is one of the quickest ways to get rejected from a web development role.


Like HTML, CSS (cascading style sheet) is a mark-up language that puts a heavy focus on aesthetics. After all, one of the most important characteristics of a good website is that it should be pleasing to the eye. CSS allows developers to do just that by giving them the ability to move, stack, and shape web elements with a lot of precision. CSS works in conjunction with HTML to create many of the WordPress themes as well as many websites that you see.


This is a general purpose programming language that is widely used for web development. This is primarily because PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) can be easily embedded into HTML and this allows programmers to jump in and out of PHP mode. The best part about PHP is that it is simple enough for a beginner, but also packs a slew of advanced features and tools that experienced programmers would be able to put to good use.


Initially, JavaScript was created with an emphasis on front end development as well as user interaction. Through the years, it has grown in both popularity and in function in the sense that it has since been adopted by many website builders and it has also evolved into a complete programming language. This means that it is now used for both front-end and back-end web design.

WordPress Development Paths You Can Take

So, knowing about the different programming languages should definitely give you an idea of what to focus on, but in order to put these languages to optimal use, it’s also important to know what path you’re planning to take in regard to WordPress development. There are three paths you can take:

Theme Development

Theme development is the most common path that developers take because of the fact that it is the foundation of learning WordPress development. It is an excellent first step because it makes use of all three of the core development languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and it allows aspiring developers to get a holistic perspective of how all these components fit together.

Plugin Development

Once you’ve been able to get a good grasp of PHP, you might want to consider delving into plugin development. Not many beginners even attempt to delve into plugin development because of the fact that it involves a lot of problem-solving, and only those who have a good grasp of PHP are able to solve these problems. However, even though plugin development is a difficult aspect of WordPress development, the true appeal lies in the fact that there are almost no limitations to what you can do if you’re able to master plugin development.

Software Development

Now, if plugin development becomes a task that is too easy for you, you might want to delve deeper into the development of WordPress software. As you might already imagine, this requires a great deal of skill and PHP experience.

If you haven’t mastered these programming languages yet, there are many ways to learn them. You can choose from a multitude of courses and online classes that tackle the use of these tools and you can also bolster your knowledge in these topics by listening to a programming podcast. Whichever the case is, because so many businesses are opting to create an online presence, you’re bound to find clients as a web designer. This is especially true for businesses that have grown tired of using Shopify and they now opt to make a legitimate website for their brand. If you want to be a WordPress developer, now is the right time.

WordPress Food Blog Themes – AWPLIFE Blog

If you are a foodie or you like to cook then you probably looking for a great theme to share your cooking experience with the world. There are many themes available in the market so it may be difficult to choose the right theme for your food blog. So we will try to make it easy for you so let’s have look at the best food blog themes available in the market.

Why choose WordPress for your food/recipe blog?

If you are using WordPress for your recipe or food blog then it is the best decision by you because there are many reasons to use it. WordPress is the most popular CMS and you have many themes and plugin for especially based on the food industry. Some more benefits of using WordPress for your blog:

  • You can get themes designed specifically for the food industry
  • Lots of themes comes with with inbuilt recipe layouts
  • Ingredient post templates
  • Recipe plugin support

Lets have a look at these beautiful themes for your Food Blog/Website.

Keep your food fresh & make it last longer –

#1. Chia

Chia theme, with its fresh-looking mobile-friendly design, can make a perfect foundation for your food blog. It is optimized for the new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) and comes with a long list of pre-built patterns that you can add to any page or post using a simple drag and drop. Even if you’re new to WordPress, no worries, Chia is easy to set up and use. In the end, to avoid your visitors biting nails while the site loads we optimized Chia for super-fast loading.

– responsive & mobile-friendly design
– easy to use and customize
– fast loading & SEO friendly
– translation ready
– various blog layouts
– WooCommerce support

Buy Chia

#2. Kale

If you are looking free WordPress theme with a simple and elegant feature then you can try the kale theme. Kale comes with special front page that shows your latest post with a large slider that highlights your posts. Kale has 20,000+ active install on WordPress and 190+ 5 star rating.

Some feature of Kale theme

  • WordPress theme with WooCommerce integration
  • Posts slider in the header
  • RTL support
  • Multiple blog feed layouts
  • Fully Responsive

Download Kale
Buy Kale

#3. Florentine from Meridian

If you are serious for your food blog then you should go for the Florentine theme this theme is loaded full of features this theme is fully customizable and you have many color options. It has also account option so the visitor easily creates there account on-site for tracking their recipes.

Some feature of the Florentine theme

  • Fully customizable
  • 5-star rating and bookmarking system
  • 19 different modules to create a unique website
  • Printable recipes

Buy Florentine

#4. Neptune 

Neptune is the ideal theme if you love to share your food recipes. It has an option for search recipe ingredients. Users can review and rate the separate recipe. It has also 5 star average rating and their team provide free update and fast support. You can also try before buy they have full theme access and try all the feature before you make the decision.

Some feature of the Neptune theme

  • Searchable recipe ingredient
  • User can bookmark recipes
  • Option user registration & login
  • User can also submit there own recipes
  • 10 Layout for a recipe template
  • Mobile friendly & responsive

Buy Neptune

#5. Lahanna

The Lahanna theme is a great and unique food theme for WordPress that’s perfect for any foodie blogger. The theme has three different demo versions so you can pick and choose your preference. Each of the demos can be imported using the one-click import option and they come with large featured images that are perfect for showcasing your recipes. Lahanna comes with a powerful admin panel that allows you to customize every aspect. The theme was optimized for SEO and it loads fast so your visitors won’t have to wait around forever to get a recipe for their dinner.

Some feature of the Neptune theme

  • Three different demo versions
  • One-click import
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Translation ready
  • Responsive
  • Extensive documentation

Buy Lahanna

#6. Foodie Pro

Foodie pro is a high quality and SEO friendly theme. If you want a clean and minimal theme for your food blog then foodie pro is a great choice for you. Theme Build up your site with 3 homepage and 5 site-wide widget areas that you can customize to fit your needs.

Some feature of the Neptune theme

  • 6 types of layout options
  • Create a custom header with a brand logo 
  • Fully translatable 
  • Mobile Responsive

Buy Foodie Pro

I hope you like the post and we hope you will find a great foodie theme for your blog that fits your needs. After all, there are many themes out there you can also search some other free theme from WordPress and you can compare there active install, star rating, and customer feedback.

We advise you to try free themes first then go to for pro version. You can try many free themes from the WordPress Theme Directory

If you like our post then please let us know in the comment section below.
Thank you!

Most Common Problems Which Occur During WordPress Migration

When you decide to migrate your website to WordPress, you would imagine that it should be a painless process. As long as you follow the steps, you shouldn’t have any problem with it. You will start by exporting your database. The next step will be to import it and move your files to the new host. Once you have finished configuring everything, you will be ready to launch the new site.

However, there are many moments when things don’t go as planned. Many problems might appear, and you will end up with an unsuccessful site transfer. So, if you are thinking of migrating your website to WordPress right now, then you should read this article.

Losing Files

What can be worse than losing data during WordPress migration? This unfortunate event might mean that you have to go back to the latest saved version of your website. Therefore, you will lose not only money but also time. This problem can be easily prevented by doing a backup before starting the migration. You can do it in two ways. In case your host does backups automatically, then you can use it to save a copy of your website in case something goes wrong. Another option would be to do a backup yourself. Thus, you will make sure that you have all the files saved in a safe place. 

You can easily do a manual backup by creating backup files for both your website and database. All you have to do is go to the file manager on your host website, choose the home folder, and access the file with the name public_html. Compress it in a zip file and copy it to the place where you want to store the information. The final step will be to go to phpMyAdmin and export the database in a place where you want to save and easily access it. 

500 Internal Server Error

The 500 Internal Server Error is one of the most common errors that doesn’t tell too much to both users and developers. Fortunately, there are various methods you can use to troubleshoot this error. It appears because the new host is not able to access all your files. The solution, in this case, is to find the folder and give the necessary permission to the new host. Sometimes, this simple trick doesn’t work. 

Therefore, you can try to access the .htaccess file and rename it. Once you’ve changed its name, you can reload it to your website and check if the error appears again. In case this option doesn’t work, you can generate a new .htaccess file and refresh your site. If the problem is still not solved, you can try to delete the new file and restore the old .htaccess file. The next step would be to go to PHP settings and increase the memory’s limit. If all these solutions don’t work, you can deactivate and check all your WordPress plugins until you identify which of them is responsible for this problem. In the meantime, you can use an academic writing service to create an engaging text for your errors and convince your visitors to come back later to your website.

Photo by panumasnikhomkhai from Pexels

Some files take too much to upload and download

Even though this might seem a situation that is not very likely to happen, the reality has shown that many users faced it several times. Such cases appear when you have many multimedia files that should be transferred.

In many cases, people use FTP to download their data locally. Once the download is completed, they will upload the files to the new host. The entire process takes ages until it finishes. There are several methods that you can use to make your life easier.

You can make an archive that contains all your files and transfer them. You will discover that it is easier and faster to move one file, even though it’s big, instead of transferring many small files. The second option goes very well if you have SSH access to your new host. All you have to do is log in on your old host and download your files and transfer them to the new server. Therefore, you won’t have to download your files locally anymore through your download manager.


It is inevitable to face problems during your website migration to WordPress. The best thing that you can do is to take things one by one and try several methods to fix the problem. The internet is full of solutions that you can try to overcome any issues you might have during the migration. The most important thing that you can do is to create backups for all your files. Thus, the risk of losing your data is significantly lower.

Free Directory Plugins For Your WordPress Website

A website directory is one where related information of individuals or organizations are grouped like names, emails, contacts so they can be accessed from one location. Some examples of the directory are property listings, blood banks, restaurants, etc. Online directories make it easy for people to access the info of any listed service, and if you are using the WordPress for your website development, you might be familiar with the many directory plugins and themes that you can use on your website.

You can set up many revenue-generating streams with these WordPress directory websites. There are many ways to create revenues, from selling ads and listings to companies to charging users for access to content and setting up a booking site. You can make money with a WordPress directory website in different ways like sticky listings, private listings, featured listings, selling ad space, membership fees, and advertising service, etc.

If you want to manage a directory listing without using a WordPress plugin, it is possible but could be more difficult. There are lots of plugins available and designed to simplify tons of complicated tasks that involve managing a business and directory.  This includes category and sorting management, payment features, search and filtering options, and much more. We are sharing some of plugins for you to make your task easy.

1. Business Directory Plugin – Directories for WordPress

You can use this plugin for any kind of listing like free or paid, this plugin also supports receive payments via Stripe and PayFast Gateway. You can assign multiple fee plans to categories for posting. Or you can set higher fee plans for a featured / sticky listing. You can use widget for Latest and Random Listings, as well as for Search. It gives a fully customizable form feature and also offers a reCAPTCHA option that will prevent your site from spam registrations.

The search option is too advanced search that can show or hide fields too quickly. This plugin is responsive, SEO friendly and also supports WPML. You can easily integrate it with popular navigation plugins.

More Info

2. GeoDirectory – Business Directory Plugin

GeoDirectory comes with many powerful features so you can enable millions of listings and offer tons of customization options. This plugin is user-friendly, It gives you an easy to use interface for front-end where users get to register, login and submit entries as well as reviews. They can also search for listings based on zip codes or street addresses, and results are returned in proximity order.

The GeoDirectory plugin is fully responsive and compatible with multisite. It has a built-in review system, 15+ widgets (including Google Analytics Widget) and 12+ widget areas. It’s easy to import and export listings in bulk using the CSV format. It has many extensions so you can add additional features.

More Info

3. Connections Business Directory

The Connections Business Directory is a highly configurable plugin to create almost any kind of directory website because it comes with a custom field option. You can also set privacy levels on some custom fields like phone numbers, users and site admins. CSV import-export with of nesting level of categories and translation into 20+ languages are supported. The administrator dashboard can show important events notification like anniversaries, birthdays. you can give different slots for entries as their types – individual, organization, and family. It allows the grouping of individuals together with family type entries.

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4. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro plugin (ACADP) has no limit, you can put many kinds of directories togetherlike cars, real estate travel restaurants, reviews or yellow pages, the list will go too far. Also, ACADP gives the functionality to create listings across an endless amount of different categories and subcategories. You can also include form fields as much you went there are no boundaries. This WordPress directory plugin is to powerfull and versatile.

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5. Directorist – Business Directory Plugin

The Directorist is a specialized WordPress directory plugin for a wide variety of business purposes. With many wonderful and powerful features, it would be pure pleasure to put together with the Directorist on stage. Keeping in mind, thanks to regular updates, you can expect new features and amazing updates that you can take advantage of them. Your platform will easily stand in a small amount of time and it will always look fresh and modern.

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Wrapping Up

We are suggesting you these best directory plugins. You can create an advance directory website with any of them, all have some different features. We have listed according to their active install and popularity.

Step-By-Step Guide To Hosting A WordPress Website

If you are about to start with a blog or a website, WordPress is a great option for you. It is exceedingly easy to use, comes with an enormous number of premium quality free themes and plugins, which is great because your creativity could come on point. The price of hosting is very affordable and many hosts provide for easy one-click installation of WordPress. Why this is great? Nowadays, if you aren’t online – you don’t exist. Many entrepreneurs need a good, affordable website that is easy to use, but they do not know how to program in HTML, CSS, and PHP. WordPress is the best choice as it offers excellent customizability even if you are a complete newbie.

In this tutorial, we will try to help you to establish a functional and great WordPress site. Interface is very friendly and easy to use, and you don’t need to have prior experience in coding necessary (that can save you tons of money). So, ladies and gentlemen, here we go.

1.    Fist of all: Pick a name for your website

When creating a website picking a name is probably the most fun aspect of the whole process. But it’s not that easy – even if you’re free to choose whatever name you want there are still some things you need to think if you want success for your website.

Your domain is your brand, so for your domain name try to use some phrase or word that has already defined your work. That’s how people can easily connect the domain name with you and your business.

A domain name should be unique – easy to write and remember, and also simple to read. Also, it should link your site to your business and what’s visitors expect to see when they read the name. For example: if you are doing anything connected to jewelry, your domain name should include ‘jewelry’ because it will be more memorizable, and more connected to your business.

2.    Buy a domain name and hosting

When you create a domain name, choose a provider that will meet all your requirements. The domain registry must be affordable, reliable and a good option for your website. Usually, you can register a unique domain name at the same time while purchasing a hosting provider.

According to reviews, Hostinger is a perfect option for WordPress websites. It offers you both hosting and domain registration, with 24/7 support, enhanced security and 30-Day money-back guarantee in case of any problem.

3.    Install WordPress

Technically, you can install WordPress manually, but today many web host providers offer you 1 click installation, which is more practical, and easier. With installation via hosting provider, all you need to do is fill some simple form, go to a hosting control panel and, after entering your details that’s it. You don’t have to be a programmer to run a perfect WordPress website.

4.    Get familiar with WordPress User Panel

After login, you need to get familiar with all WordPress glory – User Panel. In one place you can find everything you need to know about running a website: how to set your website title and tagline, were to create a Welcome message, upload images, set permalinks, moderate comments, pages, and posts, etc.

5.    Creative process: pick and install a theme for your website

WordPress themes are easy to install, and then you can also change them in the future if you want to. Don’t worry – if you change the theme at some point, only your presentation will change, not the content of your website.

There’s a huge abundance of WordPress themes – for most users, free themes are a great option to start with. You can find impressive features and all you need to do is to pick the perfect for your presentation. You can also find a bunch of paid themes with more features, but if you are just about to start your own website, features of free themes are just enough.

You can check the themes and pick some to see how it would look. When you choose the perfect theme for you, you can run it by one click. And that’s it! We told you it’s simple.

6.    Customize the theme and create basic pages

It’s almost done! Now you should still do some basic customizations to make it fit your needs. The best thing about WordPress website is that you really can do everything all by yourself.

Go to Appearance → Customize. You’ll see the main WordPress Customizer interface. Here you can customize your homepage (change the background image, the title, etc.), ’About’, ’Contact’ section, add more pages, change typography, colors and everything you want.

7.    Set up plugins

Plugins usually run behind the scenes to keep the site safe and fully functional. WordPress already comes with plugins, but there are also some basic plugins you should add for security, cache, backup, and SEO. You can find them under the ’Plugin’ option of the menu.

Congratulations! You’ve just learned basic hosting for a WordPress website! Once you enter a WordPress dashboard you will discover enormous possibilities of customizing and playground for all your creativity that will help you to make your business more visible and better. Good luck!

Speed Up Your WordPress Website

There many things for speeding up a WordPress website but according to experts only 2 points are most important:

  1. SEO: The Google algorithm measures page load time as one of its many search ranking factors.
  2. User Experience: It’s well documented that slow loading websites create a poor user experience, increase bounce rates, and lower conversion rates.

For those reasons, Speed up a WordPress site is generally worth the time and effort, and here are a few simple steps that you can take to get speed up your WordPress site.

Measuring Page Speed

Speed is important for a site, but testing your speed can be tricky. There are many online tools and methods to check your load page speed, but most test your site with a unique method, and two different tools not check as the same way.

One solution: find good SEO tools, and then test some other WordPress sites (including your own) to get a sensible comparison. By comparing the SEO of your site against other WordPress sites, now you’re able to set a reasonable goal for your site.

Improving Page Speed

Caching is the best solution for improving page load times, serving page to traffic with stored cache is effective more than 1,000 times.

If you are not using cache on your site, it will take 1500 milliseconds to generate that page, if you are using cache on that same page than take 5 milliseconds in the page load. According to experts, you might be able to do 8 PHP requests in a second without caching, while you can do 8,000 requests in a second with using caching.

It is important to know that large and complex sites often have specific caching requirements, wherein your site some things need cache while other things don’t. This optimization is generally more resource-intensive. But, if your hosting team and platform can help to move 20% of your traffic to cache pages and additional capabilities.

Check Your Code

Your code and plugins also play an important role in your site. If your Sites code is not according to standard coming, it is not a good choice to using more hardware at the problem is neither an economically prudent, nor scalable, solution. You need to fix that code, and you also need a good hosting provider who can help and guide you.

Optimize Your Images

Maybe it is common knowledge that big images are slow down your site because it will take a long time to load:

Quick tips for images:

  • Use images with the smallest dimensions required by your design
  • Compress images then upload them to your site, dont use ant plugin for image optimizing, it will use extra scripts on your page.
  • Use the SVG format for graphics when possible

Upgrade Your Hosting

It is important to choose a good hosting service because hosting has the most important role in site loading. There are many hosting providers who use old hardware to provide low price hosting. These types of hosting providers not describe, making it hard to know where you stand.

you can’t compare your hosting with others if you don’t know which resorces and services are running for your project.

What To Look For In A WordPress Hosting

Transparency is key to review and compare you current hosting.

Your hosting server speed is depended on the infrastructure, so you need to check for a host with reputable technology partners.

You can go with the best well-known name in hosting like Amazon. Amazon powers major brands like GE, Expedia, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Dow Jones, Adobe, Pfizer, and even NASA by supporting with 64-bit machines in their data centers.

So, what kind of tools your hosting provider should have to keep your site running quickly?


The content delivery network means a distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. By serving content to a user from the closest location where they are, your site performs faster and loads better for each visitor.

For example, some of hosting providers have CDN, PressCDN, built specifically for WordPress and services clients across five continents, serving photos, images, and static assets from a global network of servers.

This means faster page load speeds for your visitors.

Web Server Full Page Cache

With a proper caching mechanism and material, the server will be cached at one or several points of presence (POP). This means high speed for every visitor.

Most of the hosting uses CACHE as a global WordPress acceleration system that works like a CDN but specifically designed to cache it and serve WordPress page output has been done. It makes your site instant loading for any device from anywhere.

PHP Stack Optimized For WordPress

There are several small PHP concepts that you can add and improve your site performance and speed. First, you need to tune PHP for WordPress, which usually has the right number of functions of PHP-FPM for hardware to limit overhead and reduce memory usage.

Second, stay up to date and use ewest version of PHP.

Last one, configuring the support infrastructure for maximum benefit, OPcache, and object cache.

Hardware Stack Optimized For WordPress

The hardware a host uses that all are not transparent about how configured, who their backbone provider is, etc. Generally, you want to separate resources, like site code, database, and backups. And there are benefits with database options, like data reliability and scaling.

The bottom line: Your host should have protocols and tools in place to earn your trust as a fast provider.

Wrapping Up

In easy words, if you need a fast WordPress site then Improve your code with using coding standard, use small and compressed images, use best hosting service which has new, fast hardware and also has an easy interface.