Free AMP Plugins For WordPress Website

AMP is the short form for Accelerated Mobile Page, there are lots AMP plugins for WordPress available which are specially designed to enable seamless website usability from any mobile user.

If you are integrating many features into your website and you want that the mobile user could use all the features of your website’s then you need the best AMP optimization. AMP is a Google-backed project that boosts your website’s speed for mobile. Here you will find the best AMP plugins for WordPress website.

What Is AMP? Should You Use It On WordPress?

AMP is an open-source project from Google that can give boost loading time of your site for mobile visitors.

For speeding up your website, AMP use stripped-down code frameworks and google caches

So, should you use AMP for your WordPress site?

Additionally, mobile visitors want fast page load times, and there is some evidence that moving to AMP can increase time on site and decrease bounce rate. For example –

  • 10% decrease in bounce rate
  • 6% increase in pages/session
  • 13% increase in average session duration
  • 100% increase in eCommerce conversion rate

It doesn’t work same for every one, you need to check manually it is working for you or not.

Best Free AMP Plugins

1. All In One SEO Pack

It is the best plugin who downloaded 60,813,462 times and it has 2 million plus active installs, developers provide updated every week.

All-in-one SEO is ideal plugin for any website, it uses google frameworks to provide best AMP for your site, it gives many option in free version.


All-in-one SEO pack has a 4.5-star rating and still holding it. It is really all in kind of SEO ready plugin as it’s name suggests and the interface is very easy, don’t need to learn any thing.

It comes with Google AMP support and automatically notifies any connected service if regarding changes and updates you can add them using XML sitemap support.

More Info

2. AMP

The creatively named AMP Mme this plugin add AMP functionality to your site and your site will be works fast for mobile users.

The AMP plugin is 100% free and super easiest in use – you need to just activate it and you will immediately get a working AMP site.


It will enable full-site AMP without the difficulty for the .

With this plugin you can set any template from three different template modes: Standard, Transitional, and Reader.

Transitional mode serve the entire site as AMP.

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3. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

It automatically adds Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP Project) functionality to your site and makes your website faster for Mobile visitors.

It also gives you an installation wizard that helps you configure important settings. You’ll get a detailed settings page where you can control the plugin’s features.


It has more control so you can set how your AMP content looks, you can check it with different themes.

You can Insert advertisements and tracking scripts with AMP.

Automatically redirection functionality so all visitors can see AMP content.

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4. Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

Yoast is a good plugin for SEO of site and if you will integrate AMP in Yoast it will be a best plugin.

With this Glue plugin, users take all the benefits of SEO integration and content optimization on any mobile viewing device and your site will be a search-engine-friendly website.


AMP Glue plugin have a easy customization option for AMP pages.

This plugin is for using fast and easy conjunction functions AMP for and SEO.

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5. Better AMP

Better AMP is a good option that goes a little further than the official AMP plugin but is not as detailed as something like AMP for WP or weeblrAMP.

Developers of better AMP says, it is the fasted plugin then others and also its supports all of features of AMP functionality.


You can change layouts for various parts of your AMP content, switch up colors and also support custom CSS or HTML

It supports Insert Google Analytics tracking.

It has a automatic redirect function for all mobile visitors

You can select where you want to use AMP on any page or post.

More Info

6. AMP Ninja

AMP Ninja is the best WordPress website for AMP monetization, marketing promotion, and multimedia. With this plugin, you can professionally manage and publish your content. This plugin has built-in functionality to lift heavy and standard plugins like WooCommerce, Google Analytics, and more.


AMP Ninja automatically integrate AMP to the website without add any code, you don’t need any codding knowledge.

You can add your own logo and favicon icon.

This plugin supports every post type like site pages, blog posts, custom post type, taxonomy, tags, and archive pages.

It’s also support of GIF image, Video, iframe and Audio tags.

More Info

Wrapping Up

We have listed the most useful and best plugin for an AMP, all plugins are best for AMP use, you can use any plugin from the list above. You must choose wisely according to your requirement.

How To Make Your WordPress Site More User-Friendly

Do you hesitate to launch a website due to the high cost required for its design, build, and maintenance? What about having a WordPress website? WordPress is a compelling yet free content management system (CMS) that provides a comprehensive range of features for building remarkable business websites.

Along with saving thousands of dollars, WordPress can benefit your website in numerous ways. You might be wondering where to start. It’s easy as starting a simple blog that can be about anything from cars, food, and the outdoors to something more niche-related such as women’s health and wellness. Let’s have a look at some of the perks of building WordPress websites.

Benefits Of Using WordPress Website

Cost Effective

Gone are those days when you needed thousands of dollars to create a website. With WordPress, designing and developing have become cost-effective. The maintenance expenses are also relatively cheap as you can yourself handle the back end.

Search Engine Optimization Ready

Search engines love WordPress because it is SEO friendly and the code is simple. This makes it easy for the search engines to read and index the content on the site. Moreover, it gives you the control to customize the SEO components, i.e., allowing you to decide which page you want to rank high in search engines.
It means that you can adjust your SEO campaigns according to the high converting pages. Also, there are various plugins available for WordPress which can prolong the website’s reach.

Responsive Web Design

With the increasing usage of smartphones and surpassing mobile traffic, responsive web design is not an option but a must. With WordPress, you automatically get the privilege of responsive web technology without having to put in extra effort to building separate websites to run on them.

Plugins for Customization

Plugins are the highlight of this platform. With the help of plugins, users can customize the site and add the required functionalities and features to it. All you need to do is install plugins to add a new feature. What’s more special about it is various plugins are available, and most of them are free of cost or fairly priced.

Perfect for Competitive Content Marketing

In this era of online marketing, where unique, fresh, and SEO-oriented content is required. With WordPress, you can update your website’s content in seconds and frequently, thus helping you and your business in building credibility in your niche. Along with that, you can also update your site’s design easily, making it an ideal platform for tactical campaigns.

These are some of the main perks of having a WordPress website. Now, it is important to understand how can you make your WordPress website user-friendly or in other words how to optimize the user’s experience on a website. Below are some of the tips, follow them and see your website do wonders.

Ways to Improve User Experience

Improve Page Load Speed

To provide your visitor with the best experience, it is recommended to check the page load speed of your website. On average, 2 seconds is the suitable page load time. It is beneficial to look for managed hosting services as you can get the most optimized configurations with WordPress. You may also get automated updates, automatic backups, and more high-level configurations to ensure security with WordPress.

Make Simple Navigation

For the end-user, navigating through your website should be effortless. They should easily discover what they are looking for. A list of things that are a must for an excellent user experience in a WordPress website:

  • A navigation bar
  • A categories list in your sidebar
  • A search box in the sidebar
  • An Archives page

Pro-tip: You can use WordPress’ powerful Custom Menus feature (Appearance > Menus in your sidebar) to arrange and name main pages. If you want to integrate breadcrumbs into your WordPress site, it is very easy. Just use the Internal Links feature included in WordPress SEO by Yoast. (Yoast is a commonly used Plugin)

It is also advisable to tap the services of firms that specialize in user experience design. They should be able to help you identify the important elements and organize them into a cohesive, user-friendly website.

Make Your Content Readable & Engaging and Identifiable (and Working) Links

Inducing great content is part of building a website, but how to make that content look engaging is what matters most. You can consider the following:

  • Use Sub Headers liberally and make them descriptive.
  • Use short words, short sentences, and concise paragraphs. It is easier for the user to read them.
  • Formatting plays a great role. Consider using Bold and Italics to emphasize certain words.
  • Use Images to add color and variety.
  • Consider using other graphical elements like block quotes, lists, tables, and anything else that will add a little spice to your content.

Common Mistakes While Building A WordPress Website

While building a WordPress website, many people make some common mistakes, avoid these mistakes for a user-friendly experience:

  • Installing needless, or broken plugins and not removing them. It can increase the load time of your website.
  • Not choosing a responsive theme. If a theme is not responsive, the mobile phone user will see something that doesn’t look inviting.
  • Ignoring SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important thing when you want to make sure your site is seen by your target audience. One of the useful plugins for SEO is Yoast SEO, consider installing it.
  • Using the wrong platform. Choosing the right platform depends on your requirements, so make sure you compare what each is offering to your WordPress hosting.

In today’s fast-forward world, user experience is vital. To make your business a success, follow the tips mentioned above and create a successful WordPress site setup.

Content Sliders In Web Design: How To Use Them

If you’ve visited a modern website recently, you’ve likely encountered content sliders. Also known as carousels, these are a great way to add some creativity and movement to your design. They’re ideal for showing off your best content, whether you’re directing users to new blog posts or service pages.

Not only are content sliders easy to use, but they’re also easy to install. If you’re using WordPress for your website design, there are a number of plugins that make using a content slider a breeze. In a world where it takes less than a second for users to have an impression about your website, you can’t waste any time.

However, finding the right slider that fits your web design can sometimes be a pain. Plus, you can’t forget that search engine ranking reigns supreme. You need to make sure your slider isn’t getting in the way of your website performance and negatively affecting your ranking. In this guide, we’ll talk all about these content sliders and how to use them to supercharge your web design.

Why Use A Content Slider?

First, let’s talk about why you might use a content slider in the first place. While they’re easy to add to just about any WordPress theme, you’ll want to make sure you’re using one for a good reason.

You shouldn’t add a new feature to your website just because you can. Frankly, your slider needs to serve some purpose.

What are the main reasons to use a content slider in your web design?

  • New content – The first reason is to show off your new content. Having your latest blog posts on a carousel will get them in front of your readers quickly.
  • Product features – Another reason to use a content slider is as a product showcase. If you’re selling products on your website, making sure those key products are exposed to your users is a big part of increasing your conversion rate. Sliders are super popular for eCommerce websites.
  • Photo gallery – In some cases, it might make sense to use a slider as a form of the photo gallery. This could be the case for travel websites, businesses, and any type of web design that relies on visuals to tell a story.
  • Online portfolio – If you’re using your website as an online portfolio, a content slider is an easy way to share your biggest accomplishments or projects without taking up a lot of space.
  • Text communication – Finally, you don’t have to limit yourself to images when it comes to your content slider. You can also share text snippets such as customer reviews, testimonials, or your mission.

Using A Content Slider With WordPress

Now that you know why you might consider a content slider, let’s talk about the best ways to do so successfully. Because WordPress is an open-source platform, it’s home to numerous third-party plugins that make the experience customizable and simple. You’ll easily find several WordPress responsive slider plugins, but there are a few things you need to look out for.

First, content sliders can become a problem for your website speed. Nowadays, the user experience matters above even your design aesthetic. If your website is slow to load or doesn’t function properly, you’ll lose vital trust with your visitors. In fact, a mere 1-second delay in page loading time reduces the number of views by 11%.

Content sliders are notoriously loaded heavy on websites. They can impact your page speed if you’re not careful. In addition, not all sliders transition easily to mobile, creating a problem when users access your site from a smaller device. Ultimately, you’ll need to be careful to make sure your website is still performing highly with your content slider.

You might be interested in – Free WordPress Slider Plugins

Choosing The Best WordPress Slider

Before you install your slider on WordPress, make sure you have the proper foundation. You’ll need to have a slider-friendly WordPress theme. A lot of WordPress themes, particularly paid themes, come with their own slider built-in or a recommended plugin. This is the best way to avoid problems with design compatibility.

When it comes time to download, the best option is the Slider Revolution plugin. This is the highest rated WordPress slider plugin, and it’s already built to be responsive.

WordPress theme with Slider Revolution plugin

Because it’s so easy to customize, you can ensure that your website isn’t negatively impacted in terms of page speed or style. This guide to the Slider Revolution plugin will get you up and running in minutes. From there, you’re ready to make your best content stand out!

Is A Slider Right For Your WordPress Site?

Sliders have made a huge impact on modern web design. With so much potential, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. For websites that have a lot of updates, eCommerce stores, and businesses that rely on storytelling, they can be an effective asset. If you’ve decided that a content slider is right for your WordPress website, why not install one today? See for yourself how it can take your WordPress design to the next level.

If you need professional web design in San Francisco, follow this link to get a list of some top web design companies and web designers – link

5 Form Builder Plugins For Your WordPress Website

Are you about to build your WordPress website? If yes, you must have to choose powerful themes and plugins for it. These are the necessary element for creating your WordPress website powerful. You can easily customize your site in a flexible way which enables you to create an attractive and compelling website.

For a powerful website, you must need a powerful form. And for powerful forms, you must need a powerful form builder plugin. You can get several plugins for a blog website from WordPress directories. But the long list brings you in confusion. So for your ease, today we came with 8 awesome form builder plugins beneficial for your website. All the below listed plugins are compatible with free WordPress themes as well.

Just go through it once, you will know why I have listed these among several others. So let’s get started:

Kali Forms

Here we started our list with Kali Forms which is one of the powerful free WordPress form plugin available for your WordPress website. It can easily be implemented to your site and also you can use it with easy access. As the plugin is created with user-friendly features, even a beginner can deal it very well. Here you can get attractive pre-designed template which you can implement on your site in just a few clicks.

Kali Forms allows you to build powerful and stunning contact form, payment forms, feedback forms, and many other forms. You can perform any task very easily with its interesting and flexible features. Its radio buttons, multi-page form, file upload technique are just wow, it is very helpful for making your forms powerful and elegant.

Moreover, the backend view of this form is really awesome and easy to use with drag and drop builder. It is built with React JS, hence, it is the fastest form builder plugin. You can create an unlimited number of forms including payment form via Kali Forms.


  • Easy to use and implement
  • Created with beginners friendly code and design
  • Pre-designed form template
  • Impressive loading speed
  • Coding knowledge is not required
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Versatile form fields

Details + Download

Contact Form 7

We all well-know about the importance of contact page on a website. A contact page is a place or media through which the readers can contact you. It should be attractive and powerful. Contact Form 7 is one of the best contact form plugin available for WordPress. The best part is, it is easy to install and use. Even beginners can deal with it very well. This plugin offers you multiple options to customize your contact page in a beautiful way.

The design and layout of the Contact form are just wow. You can customize your contact page with beautiful and elegant design and can attract more audience. The plugin offers add form fields like text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown menus, dates and many more. You can use it for making your forms stunning.


  • Offers you multiple contact form
  • Spam prevention
  • 5 million active installs
  • Prevent your site from spam
  • Customization according to your needs
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Translation ready
  • Monitor the downtime

Details + Download


WPForms, another best WordPress form builder plugin in our list is created with powerful and user-friendly features. With this, you are able to create any type of forms for your WordPress website and believe me those will be awesome. As the plugin needs no coding knowledge for its implementation, so even a beginner can use it with easy access. Not only that, but it also saves your time as it helps you to build any type of form in just a few minutes.

It has more than 2 million installs which clearly shows its popularity. It is available in both free and premium one so you can use any of it as per your requirement.


  • responsive layout
  • provides high performance
  • instant notification after every customization
  • Create a subscription form
  • Prevention from spam submission
  • Elegant survey add-on
  • Integrated with reCAPTCHA, Honeypot and custom captcha.

Details + Download

Everest Forms

Everest Forms is another powerful and attractive form builder plugin. Its user-friendly features give easy access to its user so they feel no difficulties to deal with it. You can get easy control your form in a proper way with its drag and drop builder. Everest form allows you to create unlimited form fields in a way you required.

Hence, Everest Forms is the best ever form builder plugin as it makes your contact page more friendly and secured. It makes your form more stylish and as a result, it will attract your audience.


  • 100% responsive
  • Integrated with reCAPTCHA for spam prevention
  • Shortcodes to place your form anywhere
  • translation ready
  • Unlimited number of form
  • Two option for the form template

Details + Download

Ultimate Form Builder

Last but not the least, Ultimate Form Builder is one of the awesome form builder plugins which is perfect for your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to build different forms like Contact us, Opt-in, Call-to-Action, Survey, Quotation, and Enquiry. If you are implementing this plugin to your site, you get a perfect contact page which looks great in all sizes of screen

Ultimate Form Builder is created with easy code and design. Even a beginner can deal with it with easy access. The plugin offers you drag and drop form builder which allow you to build any type of form for your site. Not only that but also you can apply its pre-existing form templates on your site which will provide an attractive design to your site. The best part is it required very few time. 

As the plugin offers you several captcha options, you can get secured forms for your site. It comes with 10 pre-designed form template which all have an elegant look.


  • Allow you to create unlimited forms
  • Provides single as well as multi-step support
  • compatible with conditional logic support
  • Created with a responsive layout
  • Offers you almost all HTML fields
  • Built with UI element

Details + Download

Wrapping Up

And we are done with our 8 best form builder plugins for a powerful website. From the above-described features, it is cleared that all of them are amazing. They help your site in SEO customization, speed optimization and provide better security. As all the plugins are beginner-friendly, even a layman can build an outstanding form with any issues.

Hope you get this article useful for you. You can send us your review and queries regarding these plugins. You are also free to ask your confusion if anything is troubling you while using these all. We make sure all of your queries are answered. Keep visiting our site for more such interesting plugin.

How To Create A Website That Will Suit Your Business?

The site does not only display your products and services, but also targets customers globally. Building a website is a necessary way to provide greater value to your customers, attract potential buyers, and reach larger audiences. Generally, an individual who finds the site creative, inviting, and responsive, is much more likely to buy from that business.

Are you thinking about where and how to start? We have prepared the fundamental factors to consider in building a website suitable for your business.

1. Identify The Needs

Before setting up a website, determine its purpose. What drives your business to launch a website? Answering this basic question will help you to identify the format and layout of your website. Should it be an e-commerce platform, an online showroom, a blog, an info page, a vanity card? Generally, you need a site to display your products and services.

Then you must also identify the needs of your customers that your website should satisfy. For example, I need someone to write my essay for me. What will I expect to find on your website? As a customer, I need to see a transparent process, price calculation, testimonials, guarantees, and an intuitive interface that won’t keep me wandering for too long.

If both your needs and the needs of your customers are met, you should be able to create responsive, interactive, and user-friendly website.

2. Choose A Website Builder

Business website builder software are important allies in developing a site from scratch. There are popular web builders in the market today such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Paperform, Squarespace, and many others.

You don’t need to worry about the programming languages since builders provide visual and intuitive drag-and-drop editing. Moreover, web builders have SEO and analytics features built-in which can help you to improve the ranking of your pages.

Some web builders have a possibility of adding different third-party plugins. Those can be used to fine-tune the website for your business needs – email newsletters, shopping, check-out, etc. You can check these best website builder reviews to find out more details.

3. Get A Domain Name And Hosting Agent

If you are a small company or an individual webpreneur, you might try having one of the subdomains that companies like Weebly, WordPress, and Wix offer for free. Yet custom domain name makes your URL unique and professional, so it’s worth the investment.

The best practice is to go for a clear domain name that contains short words, is easy to remember and not a pain to type in. The .com is the most popular domain to use since it’s known to many as a default. If your website name ends with .org or .net, there is a chance that customers will unwittingly replace it with .com trying to type it in. However, some companies get creative with .me, .ly, and .us, because they sound fresh can be integrated as a part of a brand name (,,

If you want to market your business faster, you should use a hosting agent. A hosting service helps the website operate smoothly without downtimes and crashes. If you are just starting with a website, you can do free trial runs or have a starter-level domain name and hosting service package for affordable cost.

4. Start Creating Your Content

Site builders offer a wide variety of customizable templates with a well-planned menu, dropdown lists and pages to display all the relevant information about your business (home, services or products, about us, contact us, FAQs, and more). All you have to do is to fill in the information about your business.

Choose a suitable template and make sure to customize the background, logo, favicon, social media pages and all those details that make your site look professional. You may also create a section with comments for testimonial purposes.

Create a simple and user-friendly interface to help customers with their research and inquiries. Drop everything that you don’t need, even if it looks nice – some templates do have superfluous stuff. However, don’t kill a customer query form. It is one of the most important features since it decreases the chance of spam (your business email isn’t exposed to the public).

You can have a blog integrated into your website where you can write guides about your products and services, post news about your business, announce sales and launching of new product lines. However, make sure that your blog offers useful information or at least some entertainment value to your customers. Don’t use it purely as an advertising platform, otherwise, no one will read it.

Before creating texts, titles, and tags take time to do keyword research for SEO purposes. If it’s difficult for you to start from scratch, hire a freelance SEO specialist to do the work for you and to teach you about the basics.

5. Run The Web And Mobile Tests

A website should be mobile-ready. Most of the people around the world use their smartphones to search for products and services. Putting together a design that will look equally appealing on every screen and in every medium is tricky, but it is mandatory. If you will set up this feature, it will ensure higher sales to your business.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and start testing out the web and mobile. Make sure all the plugins are working and the functionality runs smoothly. Test the emails, subscriptions, and autoresponder. Check the loading time and responsiveness of the site. Can it operate at high speed? You may also hire a freelance developer to run the tests of your site.

How WordPress Being Open Source Can Benefit You

Open source is a term used with software and means that the code is available to the public and anyone can use, modify, improve and share it. Source code isn’t commonly seen by us computer users; instead, it’s what developers work with to control how the software functions. The fact that WordPress is an open-source is beneficial to all of us, though, developer or layman.

The concept of open source goes beyond code. It also defines the values shared by developers: a collaborative, transparent approach to projects. For some, open source is about community, sharing and behind the initiatives that you believe in.

For others, it is attractive. Based on licensing (more on that later), developers may charge for the software they have changed and released. Or, they can charge for services and support – the software remains free, but they can make money by helping people install and use it

Open Source Licenses

Open source licenses, sometimes referred to as “copyleft” licenses (get it instead of “copyright”?), Can tell whoever modifies and releases the software and also can release its own version. Both the original source code and the new source code must be open source. You cannot charge a license fee for your version of the software.

The License operates a GNU public license: GPLv2 or later. There are many things in that license, one is that derivative works must also carry a GPL license. Some people feel that this means they can fulfill their little heart desires with WordPress plugins and themes. They can demand or steal plugins and themes due to freebie licensing. However, this is incorrect.

The “free” part doesn’t mean free cost. The “free” isn’t the monetary definition, it’s about freedom. There are no restrictions on the source code itself, but the additional software doesn’t have to be no-cost.

Let’s illustrate “free.”

Public places are free to the public, you can go into them anytime and also use them regardless of who you are – you don’t have to be an employee to see them. Restaurants may let you walk into their kitchen and they may even give you their recipes.

Open-source software is like a restaurant that lets you inside into the kitchen to chat with the chef and he can give you a recipe card so you can make that meal at your home. But you don’t get those things without at least ordering a soda or anything.

There’s also open-source software that doesn’t require you to pay a thing. That’s their choice, though. There’s nothing that says they have to give you their version of the software free of cost.

What the license does say is that once you have access to the software whether you pay for it or it’s given away for free, you will have access to the source code, and you can make any changes to it as you want.

Split Licenses

Some developers will have split licensing for their software. That means they’ve made changes to the software and want to release their own version. Part of the software remains under the GPL license, but the part doesn’t (like the CSS or media, for example). This is legal, but some frown upon it ethically.

If you come across a WordPress plugin or theme that is not based on GPL-license, you can’t ignore the current license because you know the license is invalid. You still have to follow the current license until WordPress enforces the correct licensing.

5 Benefits of Open Source Software for Developers and Users

There are a number of benefits of open source software for both developers and users:

1. Control Over the Software

Having control over the source code and the software means developers can add tweak in code to perform how they want. Even non-programmers can also get benefit from this. However they can use the software they want, and they are limited only by their capabilities, not licensing. For example, you can change your website to a membership site or market; add third-party integration; invite as many users as you want to contribute or manage your site.

Without access to the source code, you could end up stuck with a website that doesn’t look or work as you want. You may not have control on the layout, colors or fonts. If you don’t like an aspect of your website, you can not do much about it – you’ll have to live with it or find another theme and plugins to change looks and functionality.

2. Frequent Updates

The collaborative nature of open-source software means that it’s frequently updated by their community. Developers always use the latest trends and techniques to update the software code, and users benefit from these upgrades. With new updates, the code comes more options and functionality when building a website.

3. Improved Coding Skills

Beginner developers can improve skills by open-source software. The fact that it’s accessible by the public makes it easier to study and play with it. The coding can be shared with other developers who will then criticize and comment on it. This is a good way to uncover mistakes in your code.

There’s a large amount of give-and-take here. Developers of any skill level can take benefit from helping others. Explaining entry-level concepts can be a useful refresher for a beginner developer, and you never know when a new developer is going to hit on something creative.

4. Long-Term Stability

If you use open-source software for a long period of time, you don’t have to worry about that it’ll become unusable if the original authors quit working on it. If other developers are going to stop working on the software and release updates that they are using, there is not much they can do. It’s still better than being stuck with stale proprietary software that nobody can do anything about, though.

5. Better Security

This one’s a bit of a hot topic, but some peoples feel that open source software is more secure than other software. More people viewing the source code means more opportunities to spot errors. And since anyone can work on open-source software, you don’t need to get permission to make the necessary fixes.

A Little More About How Developers Utilize Open Source Software

When developers are able to access source code, they can improve it or fix it by adding useful features and tweaks or fixing bugs. The developer may:

  • Work with the original authors of the software in order to further develop and improve it.
  • Make the software more useful for their own use
  • Make the software more useful to other users who will pay for the upgraded software or support

Depending on how a developer uses open-source software, it can also be beneficial for their career. Open-source software allows developers to showcase their talent. Long-term, which can mean a well-rounded, impressive portfolio; Healthy competition with other developers; And praise from the tech world.

Viewable source code means that experts will know that how software work and the changes that improved or fixed it. People won’t just see what you did, but how you did it and why your way is so good.

It’s kind of like breaking a world record vs. setting a world record. Setting a world record is awesome because you were the first and single person who did it but beating a world record is Doubly awesome because someone already did it, so you need to do it better and you figured it out.

Wrapping Up

No matter how you’re using open-source software, the open-source nature of is beneficial for both developers and non-developers because of the freedom it allows. Freedom to make changes in the code, freedom to hire a developer to make changes for you and freedom to host it wherever you like. Open-source software doesn’t automatically make you capable of working with it, but it does put all control in your hands, however, you decide to use it.

WordPress Photo Gallery – Best Practices

The photography business centers around your marketing. When potential customers reaches to your site, they want to see your work on display immediately.

The photo gallery serves as a marketing tool to get visitors to focus on your awesome photos. It elevates your brand status and provide a high-quality experience. Yet, most photographers overlook optimizing their photo gallery to fit their specific needs.

Showcase your gorgeous photos in a positive light. Check out these photo gallery best practices for photography your websites below.

Use Photo Gallery Plugins

Think of your website like a car. A base model website only includes the industry standard essentials to help your photography business. To grow your business, you need to extend the functionality of your site. WordPress plugins make it possible to upgrade your site’s features.

Your beautiful photography should be center stage on your website. Explore using a plugin like “Portfolio Gallery Premium“. It offers clean, responsive, mobile-friendly galleries to exhibit your eye-appealing work. You also can organize your galleries into albums and sort them with tags.

Large, uncompressed images will definitely slow down your site speed. The slower your site, the less likely visitors will stay on your website to wait for your photos to appear. The solution is to compress your images with Imsanity. This plugin will automatically resize and reduce size of uploaded images to fit the display in a browser.

Plagiarism and theft is also a major issue in the business of photography . You can protect your precious work by adding a digital watermark to your images. Easy Watermark is a free watermark plugin to deter people from swiping your amazing work. It automatically adds your watermark to all uploaded photos in your media library.

Write Concise Captions

The photography business is more than just photos. It also requires writing skills to describe your work. When creating captions, use it as an opportunity to add to your brand’s storyline.

Your caption should provide your visitors with context or summery about the photo. You want them to understand why the photo matters in your collection. Photo captions are teasers of a larger story. They should complement your brand with a similar tone and voice.

Write your photo captions using one to two complete sentences in the present tense. You can extend the length to a third sentence if the object of the photo is complex.

Stay away from stating the obvious. For example, if the photo shows Michael eating an apple, you should describe the significance of his action.

“Make sure your caption completes your photo. A simple description of the action wouldn’t be enough, you need to give them something more they can’t see in the photo. It’s a great way to catch their attention and activate their curiosity,” writes Patricia Santos, a customer happiness specialist at Fusion.

Accuracy is key and very important factor when writing your photo captions, too. Double check to make sure you correctly identified and spelled the names of people and places.

Don’t feel obligated to use the first draft of your photo captions. Good writing takes time, so write several drafts before choosing the right one that fits each photo.

Highlight Photos with a Lightbox

A lightbox is a design effect giving your visitors a close-up look at your images. It opens the image with a centered overlay and darkens the rest of the page. A person can close the lightbox by clicking the visible “x” on the screen.

The purpose of a lightbox is to highlight specific images. It allows visitors to see an enlarged photo. Lightboxes also enhance the overall site experience. Rather than having an individual visit multiple pages, he or she can now stay on a single page.

Relying on browser navigation assumes the person will have time to click to the next page. Less page transitions mean customers can focus on your photos.

Lightboxes are interactive displays to tell your brand story. Get creative when personalizing your work of art. Use your lightbox as a centerpiece.

For instance, you may decide to spotlight specific images in your collection. You might produce multiple lightboxes with a “Spring Flowers Collection” or a “Monthly Local Favorites.”

Avoid Autoplay

Autoplaying anything on your website is a faux pas. It makes the assumption that a visitor wants you to control what they do when arriving to your site. Photo galleries with autoplay often annoy people and encourage them to leave your website without thinking twice.

Autoplay is a distraction for the visitor as well. When a new image appears, it forces the person to move their attention away from other important parts of your website. You could potentially miss out on a sale (or two).

“Many of the carousel’s biggest problems arise from the fact that they often advance automatically, without the user doing a thing. So there’s a simple fix: don’t autoplay,” says John Moore William, head of content strategy at Webflow.

Treat your visitors with more courtesy. Stay away from autoplay in your photo gallery. It’s an unproductive design that should remain a relic of the past.

Easy Navigation

Navigation is probably the last thing on your mind for your photography business. However, it’s critical to the success of your photo gallery.

Poor navigation negatively impacts the visitor’s experience. It interrupts their normal browsing habits and could increase your site’s bounce rates.

A photo gallery with arrows works well to help potential customers advance to the next image or move back. They can be placed on the slides, or either above or below them. More importantly, the arrows should move in the direction they point.

Photo Gallery Premium offers user-friendly navigation. Visitors can switch to the next photo by clicking thumbnail images.

This option uses red frame to direct your visitors. The red frame around thumbnail means a user is viewing the current slide.

Showcase Your Work with a Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is your secret weapon for engaging your customers. Use it to exhibit your jaw-dropping photos and to drive more revenue to your photography business.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Free WordPress Theme Setup

Cryptocurrency-exchange is a free WordPress theme with very fine-tuned design, typography, and color used for all types of cryptocurrency-related business. Cryptocurrency theme is useful for all type of websites like cryptocurrency blog, news, market, exchanges, coins, hardware, mining, algorithm, business, or even cryptocurrency live update website. You can easily set up and configure the theme the same as the demo.

How to setup Cryptocurrency-Exchange free WordPress theme?

We are explaining everything with detailed guidelines below, follow and set up the Cryptocurrency-exchange theme on your website.

Main Steps

1. Download and Activate
2. Adding Navigation Menu
3. Setup Homepage
4. Enable Slider Section on Homepage
5. Enable Service Section on Homepage
6. Enable Portfolio Section on Homepage
7. Enable Blog Section on Homepage
8. Enable Testimonial Section on Homepage
9. Enable Email & Icon Settings Section on Homepage
10. Import demo data using XML file

1) Download and Activate

Login into your WordPress website admin dashboard. Simply, Go to the Appearance > Themes > Add New

Check the highlighted area into the screenshot

On Add Themes page type the “cryptocurrency-exchange” into the Search box, WordPress will display the cryptocurrency-exchange theme into a search result and click on the Install button

After the theme installation finished click on the Activate button to activate the theme on the website.

The cryptocurrency-exchange theme has been activated on the website. You can visit the site with the newly activated theme.

Your website will look like this:


2. Adding Navigation Menu

The first step is to create a navigation menu for your website. But, before creating a navigation menu, you need to create some pages which will be used in your navigation menu. You can make some sample pages like Home, About, Service, Blog, etc.

Simply, Go to dashboard Appearance > Menu and follow the screenshot.

A) Write a Menu Name as “Primary Menu”, you can name it according to you.

B) Select the pages to add to the menu

C) Set the menu pages position by drag and drop option

D) Click on Create Menu button

After creating the menu it will show Menu Setting, this setting allows you to choose the menu display position on the homepage like Primary, Header, and Footer. The location feature depending on themes character, some themes provide multiple menus location for it.

The site navigation has been added successfully, check the navigation preview on the homepage.

3. Setup Homepage

Currently, the homepage will show the post with right sidebar page. Now open the theme customizer to set up the homepage and click on the Customize button at the top bar.

Set the Homepage Settings tab into the customizer.

A) simply, Set Your Homepage Display – A static page

B) Choose Homepage – Home (Home is a page, which is created during navigation menu creation)

C) Set Posts page – Blog (Blog is a page, which is created during navigation menu creation)

D) Click- on the Publish button.

4. Enable Slider Section on Homepage

After activating cryptocurrency-exchange homepage, you will see first setting tab  HomePage Slider Settings.

Here at Home Page Slider Setting or Slider Section, Make it Active to enable the slider on the homepage. Now, you can change the Title for the slide, Slider Description, Button-Link, and Button Text. You can add three slides to the slider section. and the premium version can add multiple slides without any limit.

5. Enable Service Section On Homepage

Move back to your customizer settings and select the HomePage Service Settings setting tab.

In HomePage Service Setting Select Service Section – Active to enable the service on the homepage. Now, you can change the section title, description service icon, service title, service description. You can add up to Three services in that section. In premium version can add multiple services without any limit.

6. Enable Portfolio Section On Homepage

Step back in customizer settings and select the HomePage Portfolio Settings setting tab.

In HomePage Portfolio Setting Select Portfolio Section – Active to enable the portfolio on the homepage. Now, you can change the section title, Section Description Upload Portfolio Image, Project Title, Description. You can add up to Three portfolios in that section. In premium version can add multiple portfolios without any limit.

7. Enable Blog Section On Homepage

Step back into customizer settings and select the HomePage Blog Settings setting tab.

In HomePage Blog Setting, select Blog Section, and make it Active to enable the blog on the homepage. Now, you can simply change the blog title, blog description. In premium version can add configure blog section features settings like column layout and blog page layout.

8. Enable Testimonial Section On Homepage

Step back in customizer settings and select the HomePage Testimonial Settings setting tab.

In Home Page Testimonial Setting select Testimonial Section  – Active to enable the Testimonial on the homepage. Now, you can change the  Section Title, Section Description, client Image, Client Description, Client Name, Designation. In premium version can add multiple testimonials without any limit.

9. Email & Icon Settings Section On Homepage

Step back in customizer settings and select the Email & Icon Settings tab.

In Email & Icon Setting enables the homepage. Now, you can type your email, and enable social media icons on the top menu.

The Final Preview Of Cryptocurrency-Exchange Theme

10. Import Demo Data Using XML File

Go admin menu Tools > Import and brose the XML file downloaded using the below link.

Finally, we have completed the tutorial about cryptocurrency-exchange free WordPress theme setup on a website. Hopefully, you will find this theme setup tutorial easy-going and useful. Your feedback and support questions about the cryptocurrency exchange theme are really appreciated in the comment section.

5 Writing And Proofreading Tips For WordPress Bloggers

Why WordPress Bloggers Need Perfect Writing

WordPress bloggers must carry interest to deliver best-quality content to the target readers. Imagine this: one day you start writing worse content without proofreading and text proficiency. Then imagine yourself as a reader that starts seeing this content thinking “Well, enough of this blog, the articles have become so much worse.” The role of every WordPress blogger is to always stay in shape, monitor competitors, and align the level of quality to the highest level on the web. It’s all about retention and respect to readers.

Below you’ll find 5 writing tips for WordPress bloggers to perform consistent writing and proofreading.

Fresh Perspective Matters: Review Your Content Tomorrow

Even the most talented WordPress creators get burned out of writing. People need to relax sometimes, without a doubt. It does not mean that you should write only under the glimpse of inspiration, just schedule proofreading on the next day, let the brain vent off the intelligence heat. Either WordPress blogger is a morning person or more of an owl, always throw a glance over content written yesterday. New angles and space for rewriting are likely to appear. However, the services that work under write my essay banner usually help to save time and review your work today, not tomorrow.

Stay Recognizable with the Voice That People Will Hear

To stay a relevant and productive blogger, WordPress authors need to write about subjects they’re deeply passionate about. It works like ABC. Writers just pick the topic to their liking, and let the miracles flow from under the pen. The article will be vibrant and vivacious only if you encode voice, tone, and sense of presence inside the text. For such a result, a blogger should not be distracted for the research of basics around the article’s topic. Any write my essay service would tell you that in recommendations. Cheapest essay writing services sometimes do that mistake assigning inexperienced writers, but don’t do that.

Commas & Dots Should Be All Right

People get distracted with chaotic punctuation, they do not consume the message clearly. WordPress bloggers must never neglect correctness of punctuation in the articles; typical college essay writing service can teach you a lesson in that. They follow strict terms of punctuation in the academic context, yet web writing allows some frivolities in this department. General web standards do not favor such signs as semicolons and hyphens. Just remember to use commas and dots the right moment to structure the ideas in the sentence correctly. Still, do not neglect the rules of English grammar entirely, they exist in nature for a reason.

Simple Format For Ease Of Perception

Blog writers who adore long reads on WordPress, pay attention to this point. Your draft in Google Docs won’t have even a distant look compared to what should be on the blog page. Precise work with text formatting lies ahead, especially if it’s more than 2,000 words long. Split paragraphs into smaller sections to emphasize parts of the message. Another good tactic is to add headings into the mix to make the article navigable. Puzzled how that should look on practice? Visit home blogs of any legit essay writing service and see how they format the articles with useful tips and tricks.

Kill The Flaws, Proofread And Rewrite

Every writer has quirks that are following blogger’s path like small lucky charms. Except people are not going to like them as much as you do. Web wants the author’s refined style, not strange petty flaws. WordPress blogging is alike to any custom essay writing service. Re-read your writing several times when the draft is ready. Avoid redundant writing like using “there is” and clauses like “It’s only natural to notice that in this particular regard….”. Bloggers of any kind consider that a vague practice, and so should you. Keep your writing simple, understandable, and scannable. Remember the mantra that says people do not read websites but scan them? Curate content in this direction and see traffic increases on your blog article in the organic way.

Wrap Up

WordPress bloggers write on the whole galaxy of various topics. It does not really matter what topic you’re going to pick. Ensure making it alive on the pages of the blog. What matters is consistency and aesthetics of writing. Modern readers have grown used to the content that is easily pickable and memorable. Every blogger must hit the balance between those two characteristics of writing. Polish the content the day after it was written, let people hear your inner self, set right sectioning, and wash down any redundancy. Follow modern web standards and read what competitors do, no need to invent the wheel. The best writing is closer than you think, push shyness aside to borrow some inspiration.

ONE Membership by TemplateMonster Review: The Ultimate Kit for Web Development

ONE by TemplateMonster is a membership, which opens access to the countless number of HTML templates, WordPress themes, as well as various plugins and many other web development tools. I do think that this subscription service is one of the greatest deals on the web design market so far, since it provides you with, no exaggeration, a huge number of quite cool web design tools for an affordable price. So let me tell you more about my experience with ONE membership.

What Is ONE?

As I have already mentioned, ONE subscription is the very service that will provide you with literally thousands of various web design products such as web templates and themes, must-have plugins, and many other quite useful tools. To be more precise, this very membership will equip you with more than 2000 fully functional E-commerce templates, over 2000 fancy E-commerce templates, and 40 useful plugins. And last but not least, you can download any items as many times as you want and need as long as your subscription is active.

Who Will Definitely Benefit from ONE Membership?

Everything about ONE is great, however, unfortunately, it might not work for everybody. So let’s figure out which particular groups will benefit from having this subscription service the most. Well, ONE membership will perfectly work for:

  • Bloggers who need lovely WordPress themes for their blogs;
  • Web developers who need various templates, themes, and other tools for their projects;
  • Website owners who want to have fancy fully functional themes on their websites;
  • Entrepreneurs who have to launch several websites for their business.

In general, this subscription service will be pretty useful for everybody whose job of activity is connected with web design, e-commerce, and internet as a whole.

How Much Does It Cost?

ONE is quite an affordable subscription service. The membership has only one pricing plan, which is $19 per month or $229 per year. Besides, pretty often TemplateMonster makes generous discounts on this very service, so you can get it for really ridiculous money, which is awesome.

Moreover, you will not have to worry about money transaction issues, since the company uses secure payment policy. So you can easily pay with Mastercard, Visa, or PayPal without worrying about losing your money.

At the same time, if for any reason you are not satisfied with ONE membership, you can always cancel your subscription and get a full money refund. However, note that you will only get your money back, if you did not download anything from ONE library.

What Exactly Will ONE Membership Provide You with?

ONE Web Development Kit Membership opens its subscribers access to such items as:

  • 139 WooCommerce themes;
  • 804 WordPress themes;
  • 101 Elementor templates;
  • 28 PrestaShop modules;
  • 13 WordPress plugins;
  • 480 Magento themes;
  • 608 PrestaShop themes;
  • 457 OpenCart templates;
  • 275 Shopify themes;
  • 3020 PSD templates;
  • 221 VirtueMart templates;
  • 14 PowerPoint templates;
  • 1476 CMS templates;
  • 209 Landing Page templates.

Well, I guess you see that this subscription service has a truly decent library, which contains pretty much everything one might ever need for creating a fancy website.

ONE Licensing

ONE membership has a very simple and easy to comprehend yearly license. But, what is more important for you, is that fact that ONE license is unlimited. In other words, you can use the items from the ONE library as many times as you need, which is awesome, isn’t it? Well, now let’s look through some licensing key points:

  • You have access to an unlimited number of items during one year since your purchase;
  • Your clients can only use the products from the subscription service as parts of end-products;
  • You cannot use the items from ONE library after your license expires;
  • You cannot claim any rights for any products within the subscription;
  • You cannot share, resale, or distribute the products from ONE library.

Once your license expires, you do not have the access to ONE library anymore, however, your end-products will still work properly and get regular updates. Besides, you can always prolong your subscription and continue using the items from the library.

ONE Subscription Service User Experience

ONE is, in my opinion, a user-friendly service. Once you signed up and logged in, you can easily find all the items you need in a super easy to navigate ONE library.

Besides, downloading the items from the library is really easy and fast. You just press the ‘Download’ button, select your installation options and that is pretty much it. Easy as it is. Then you open a zip file, which you just downloaded, and start working with the item you got.

Moreover, you will also have a list with all the items you downloaded in chronological order, so if you need a particular item again, you can easily find it there.

Furthermore, ONE subscribers get regular discounts and deals on TemplateMonster’s bestsellers, which is also pretty great, isn’t it?

ONE vs the Competitors

ONE membership is not the cheapest subscription service in the web design marketplace. At the same time, this very subscription service offers the most. If you compare the number of items ONE provides you with the amount of items other similar services offer, you will see that ONE has way more items and products than its competitors. Just have a look at this comparison chart to make sure that ONE indeed is the most beneficial subscription service.

ONE Cons and Pros


  • Unlimited license;
  • Affordable price;
  • Secure payment policy;
  • A huge number of items in the library;
  • The end-products work after the expiration of the license.


  • A rather small number of plugins.

Final Word

ONE membership by TemplateMonster has really impressed me. This very subscription service has a simply crazy amount of useful web development tools for just $19 bucks a month. I daresay that ONE membership will equip you with literally everything you might ever need for building a countless number of fully functional and fancy websites.

Certainly, despite the fact that ONE is not the cheapest option, its price is a huge advantage, since you get a tremendous number of items just for $229 per year. So I do think that this is the most beneficial subscription service, especially for those of you who create lots of websites.

So will I prolong my ONE subscription once it expires? Yes! Do I recommend ONE to all the web developers out there? Absolutely!