Why You Should Outsource Your E-Commerce Business Marketing

Why You Should Outsource Your E-Commerce Business’ Marketing

Managing the marketing for e-commerce sales is far more complicated and time-consuming than most people realize. Whether you’re purchasing advertising on Amazon’s advertising network or across several ad platforms on Google, Facebook, or Bing, the more it grows, the greater the challenge. Pretty soon, managing e-commerce marketing grows steadily…

10 Ways To Make A Living Online In 2019

10 Ways To Make A Living Online In 2019

As technology improves there are lots of things to do, both for good and for evil purposes. In this post, I would like to share with you 10 ways to make a living online in 2019, no matter where you live on earth. These are tried and proven ways…


The Ten Most Valuable Startups in the Fintech Industry

The ten most valuable startups in the Fintech industry include Kabbage, Robinhood, Avidxchange, Coinbase, and Apttus. The other five are Avant, Oscar, Credit Karma, SoFi, and Stripe. The valuation of companies exceeds $1 billion. That is a remarkable achievement for these startups because the Fintech industry is relatively new.…

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