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Why Mobile App Is Important For Your Business

One of the most important reasons to using a mobile app for your business is customer loyalty. A mobile app allows a business to directly communicate with its customer and users. On the other hand, ads and promotions have a greater impact on the customer as compared to roadside banners, social media ads, and email marketing.

The mobile app is an easy and fast way for a customer to purchase goods and services. Most of the people spend their time on mobile as compared to other devices.

How many of us sit in front of our computers and laptops if we are not into any kind of online business? Maybe just 40% or even lesser. That too we just go through our social media profile, online shopping, watch TV or play some games. But how many of us use our mobile despite being in business, student, housewives, freelancers, job or any other, the answer is almost 95%.

Mobile App Is Important

We will discuss some benefits of using the App for your business

#1. Increase Growth

Increase Growth

A mobile app can be really beneficial for your business it can increase your visibility to your customer. With the promotion, discount and bonus push notifications, you can encourage customers to purchase from you. You can directly handle all the users who have installed your app. If your customer needs any kind of support you can fix their issues in a batter way. If your visibility increased with your customer then your profit growth will be increased. Also read – How Mobile Solutions can Increase ROI

#2. Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are critical to the business. A returning customer is much more profitable than the new one customer.

Mobile apps can help you deliver your products and services in a much more effective and in a small time limit. Highlight and promote the most aspects of your product or services through your app and increase their effectiveness with great options and features.

There are many ways to make a strong customer relationship with your business

  • A loyalty program that offers different ways to earn rewards is proven to have more active members participate in. You can also win real loyalty by developing a lot of interactions other than just making a purchase. Motivate your customers to continue to earn rewards through the app.
  • You can Remind your customers outside your app with Push Notification. Push notification is the most powerful to communicate with your customers by sending real-time messages to their devices, which is hard to ignore. 

#3. Advertisement 


It’s important that you find how to get your application found in the rare app marketplaces. You should optimize and increase the visibility of your application through app store which has placed your application on the higher order of the application store. 

There is some way to optimize your app in the app market place

  • Targeted Keywords – Having a list of target keywords is very important.
  • Title or App Name – It is important for your app and it is the first thing that a user sees in your app
  • Description – Clearly describe features of your app
  • Icon & Screenshots – Icon and screenshots should be meaningful and show what your app is all about
  • Reviews – Learn from customer feedback, and improve your app.

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#4. Know your customer

Know your customer

By running a mobile app, you can collect a lot of useful information for further analysis. You can check which products your customers buy the most or which products customers didn’t like. As well as, how much time they spend on the app. Or even, which functions are the most used and which are the least popular?

#5. Increasing The Sales

Increasing the Sales

If you run a business building a mobile application for your business is more beneficial to a regular website. More and more customers are shopping online, via smartphone. Therefore, building a mobile app can be the right move for you!

Some ways to sell more with mobile app

  • Push Notification
  • Enable multiple payment Mode
  • Reward your customers
  • Better service
  • Keep your customers informed

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#6. Boost Your Website Traffic

Boost Your Website Traffic

Usually, app stores receive millions of hits every day. If your app is properly optimized for the app store, not only can you attract more customers, but also route highly-targeted traffic to your site and get backlinks from downloads. There are an art and a science to app store optimization. When you plan to launch your app and forget about its maintenance, the key to using the mobile marketplace to boost website traffic requires time to time maintenance of your app.

#7. Prepare For The Future

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About 179 billion mobile applications downloaded per year, mobile development is certainly one of the innovative and actively growing sectors. Google is key player of mobile application market and dominated the market by offering widest range of apps. Some famous apps are: Google apps (Gmail, Maps, Search), Social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube) and Gaming apps (Angry Birds, Temple Run). Some big brands are using mobile applications for branding like Walmart, Bank of America and Amazon. They are improving customer engagement, direct marketing though apps. Small and midsize businesses are also following mobile apps. Mobile apps an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website. Mobile application development is driven by advancements in technology which requires businesses to have a vision for the next few years.

Using a mobile app now would prepare you for the future enhancements and technologies that will be built or added to the platform.

If you want to develop a mobile app for your business is a small investment. It is a powerful promotional channel, client base, catalog, online-shop. it is important that you stay up-to-date with your competitors. Mobile apps can also provide a way to increase visibility to your customers. Make sure to learn more about app development companies in the Ramotion blog.

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