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10 Ways To Make A Living Online In 2019

As technology improves there are lots of things to do, both for good and for evil purposes. In this post, I would like to share with you 10 ways to make a living online in 2019, no matter where you live on earth.

These are tried and proven ways to earn money online, using legitimate ways. I personally use some of these ways to earn a living. Let’s now deep dive into this article head on.

1. Sell Products and Services for Others

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Others call it network marketing. Some of these methods involve multilevel marketing schemes of which I do not support for some genuine reasons. I would like to focus on legitimate affiliate programs such as Johnshalom Affiliate Program (JAP). Here you register as an affiliate, and soon begin to promote products and services. You get 10% sales commission for each sale you generate.

2. Sponsoring Other Affiliates

This is part of multilevel marketing, but with some differences. Here you don’t have to reach or meet certain levels or criteria in order to earn cash. All you need to do is to send a link to someone who then registers to become an affiliate. There is nothing like downline or upline in this business as found in others. Here you earn 10% for whatever your sponsored affiliates do. If they generate sales, you both earn 10% each. There are tons of affiliate programs available online for almost all kind of products and services. Even big brands like Amazon, running their affiliate programs. You can choose any product according to your interest. A well planned research is also required to maximize your profit. To make your research task easy, there is a tool called Amazon Sales Estimator, it lets you check a product’s monthly sales volume, product’s historical price and sales volume.

3. Refer Sellers/Vendors

The third way out of 10 ways to make a living online in 2019 is referring sellers or vendors. Vendors here refer to those who can sell their own products and services. They earn 75% for each sale they make on our website. Vendors however can’t sell software or other versions of documents apart from PDF files (on my website). We will soon or later make it possible for you to sell software, such as WordPress themes, WordPress plugins and much more.

4. Sell Your own Products and Services

Instead of referring other people to sell their products and services and then earn 10% commission, you can actually sell yours. If you sell your products and services you will earn 75% per a product. Sites like TripleClicks used to allow people to sell on their site some years back, but not now. Instead, they moved new applications to

5. Become a Self-published Author

The fifth way in my list of 10 ways to make a living online in 2019 is becoming a writer. There are all kinds of writers in the world today. There are those who write for others. These are known as freelance writers. I don’t write yet in this genre, at least not now. But there are many writers I have met online, who earn good money writing for others.

Some of them are in Kenya, such as Walter Akolo. But you can write to publish your own books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Learn more here

6. Become a Web Developer

Web design is one of the best ways to earn a living online in 2019. But it requires some technical knowledge. Many thanks to WordPress’ open source software. You don’t have to write a code in order to design beautiful websites. Also, you can make use of premium themes, such as Aneeq Premium to design your site without pain. I use the same theme on my site. Its support service is just excellent! You may need to try it out and see the results.

7. Publish Book for Others

Another way to earn a living online is to publish books for others. I do this business. It may take you some time to learn how to do it professionally. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform is one of the best out there. I recommend it for many good reasons. I have been self-publishing books for years, using KDP, CreateSpace and

8. Become a Software Developer

Apart from being a website designer, you can actually create WordPress plugins or themes, such as Daron Premium and earn cash by selling them. I never been doing this myself, but I think it is very possible to do with the help technology brings. You can watch YouTube videos on how to do almost anything in our day and age.

9. Become a Social Media Marketer

Besides selling your own products and service, you can market for others on social media. You can learn this skill by studying online for free. There are sites like Google Digital Skills and When you learn how to create effective ads, you may be hired to market a company and its products. I do this job for my own website. You can either boost posts or create targeted ads on Facebook, depending on the need.

10. Become a freelancer

As mentioned earlier, there are many works online today. You can become a freelance everything, depending on your career and talent. We mentioned web design and freelance writing before in this post. But you can also setup your own photo studio at home or roam around on the streets and become a freelance photographer to earn real money. People may come looking for you, when you are established in your career.


I am John shalom, I hope to hear what you think. You are free to add more thoughts. Just post a comment below. I am always ready to learn from you as well. You may join my self-publishing free courses on, if you wish to become a self-published author like me. I have been answering tons of questions related to self-publishing on sites like Quora. I am more of a nonfiction writer. I write to inform, instruct and to educate, possibly.

Good luck!

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