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10 WordPress Built-In Options Everyone Should Know

WordPress is a platform where anyone can kick start their blogs or websites with the click of a button. Since its release, it’s one of the leading platforms for the industry.

But what ‘exactly’ is a built-in option? There features are built into the website to make navigating and using the platform easier for you; but some of these features aren’t immediately obvious, so here’s a list of the most important features that WordPress offers.

Pin it!

Pin a post so it comes first in your timeline.

Click EDIT, then the VISIBILITY section, there should be an option STICK THIS POST, all you have to do it tick the option.

Pinning a post means that whoever clicks on your website, this will be the first post they see. It highlights this specific post to the readers, and shows importance.

There are a range of reasons for pinning a post, that depends on what you want to reader to see. It could be a showcase of your best work, an announcement, a sample of your skills, your most popular posts, or a welcome post.

Make a Schedule

Sometimes you make plans, but you also have an important post to upload onto your website. So having WordPress automatically publish your posts can be lifesaver.

In the post editor, click PUBLISH and EDIT. From here you can set the date and time of the post. Click OK, and finally SCHEDULE.

This gives you room to do other things, make plans or relax at home. Consistent posting shows your readers you are both dedicated and it maximises your engagement.

Change URL

The URL is up in the search bar, and it’s all the numbers and letters that make up your specific link.

You can change this in SETTINGS and PERMALINKS.

You can choose the standard option, or make your own. Remember keep it relevant to your website name, but also use certain keywords together than make your URL unique. Not only will this boost the visibility of your website, but also make it easier to find for third parties.

Assign Roles

Managing a website by yourself isn’t always easy; but you can always do it as a team. Assign roles to each member to spread the work, while still maintaining the security by restricting access to other options.

To start, select USER and ADD NEW; and set assigned roles in ADDITIONAL SCREENSSETTINGSGENERAL

There are the roles offered at WordPress:

  • The Super Admin have access to the administration and other features.
  • The Administrator have access to the administration features.
  • Editor manage the posts from other users.
  • Authors can only manage their own posts.
  • Contributors manage their own posts, but cannot publish them
  • The Subscriber can only manage their profile

Having different roles can make the whole group run smoothly.

Import and Export Content

You might have been making content on other platforms before changing over to WordPress, and now you want to transfer them over. Import moves the post, as well as the comments, pages, and other relevant content.


You can also ‘export’ posts from WordPress to another website. Just select the EXPORT option, ready to import onto another site.

Theme customizer

You can customise your theme without turning to a third party, and without all the hassle. The WordPress Theme Customizer can help you make a theme quickly.

It can be found in APPEREANCE and CUSTOMIZE within the sidebar.

The theme adds to the overall look and feel of your website. This can include a colour scheme, a specific layout or style elements. It’s a way to represent and showcase your brand to the reader. The design has to leave the reader with a good impression of your content, and even makes them come back wanting more.

Customize Menu

As above, the customize menu allows you to change and alter the menus, submenus, and buttons on your website.

You can adjust the order, change the name, add new options, and configure its location.

Menus will not just help you navigate your own website, but make it easier for another user to move around and explore your website too.


The ‘Press This’ tool is a bookmark, you drag and drop on your browser. It creates a bookmark on an interesting page you discovered – a blog post, a new article – and from there you can create a link, along with a short commentary directly to your website.

In TOOLS, AVAILABLE TOOLS and PRESS THIS. Access on mobiles using the OPEN PRESS THIS button as you would with another bookmark.

It is an easy way for you to showcase other content to your readers, and show them you are interested in sharing relevant content with them.

Edit code

This is an easy option for anyone who understands basic coding; but this is not a necessary step for beginners on the website.

Every post you upload is automatically on the visual editor, to change the code, click TEXT tab in the draft to revert to editor.

Coding can help you programme the website to behave as you want it to, using the coding option allows you to have the page laid out a certain way; and may help you in the long-run.


Shortcuts can make navigating, editing and writing a much easier experience. They save time, and can be used easily for anyone who doesn’t understand coding.

Here are a few shortcuts:

  • 1) to start a numbered list
  • ALT + Shift + A to insert a link
  • ALT + Shift + W for distraction free writing-mode
  • CTRL + Z is undo

There are plenty more to discover.

That’s just a few of WordPress’ built in functions. Use them to help you navigate the website, make your own easier to find, and create a more enjoyable experience.

Regina Wheeler is a lead journalist at Academic Brits. She gained a degree in earth science from the University of Glasgow followed by a M.Sci by Research at the University of Lund.

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