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A list Of Top 11 Image Search Engines For Visual Content

What are the top search engines for images? You can find any kind of image imaginable using these top 11 tools.

Today’s humble image search is no longer so humble. With the tools at your disposal, you can find almost any type of image imaginable. To use on your website or in a future marketing campaign, do you need a high-resolution, high-quality image?

In order to find what you need and use it without worrying about violating someone else’s copyright, today’s tools all have advanced image search filters that can help you weed out the incorrect sizes, orientations, colors, and even usage rights.

Do you want to buy a license to use an image? There are image search engines that can help you find and buy what you need. Do you need to know where an image came from? Carry out a reverse image search.

Are you merely looking for desktop decoration or inspiration? Are you curious about a particular subject (such as Van Gogh’s paintings) or something’s appearance (such as the eastern bluebird)?

These requirements are also well-served by image search engines. The best image search engines are listed below, in no particular order.

#1. Google Images

Google Images

For basic image searches, Google Images is unrivaled. Simply enter a keyword and you’re ready to go. There are numerous filters available for searching that is more in-depth. Search for [blue bird], for example. It has the ability to restrict photos to only cartoons, clipart drawings, illustrations, or logo designs. Finding the exact kind of image you need and royalty-free images is incredibly simple with the help of this.

Search Reverse Images on Google

Search Reverse Images on Google

Reverse image search is another feature provided by Google Images. Click the camera icon in the search box to get there.

#2. Reverse image search engine TinEye

Reverse image search engine TinEye

TinEye is a reverse image search engine that aids in image sourcing and identifies the locations of images online. This tool allows you to search for URLs as well as uploaded images.

To find out where an image appears online, simply click the arrow icon in front of the search box and upload any image from your computer. Additionally, TinEye provides browser add-ons for quicker reverse image searches directly from any website. Through these, you can use TinEye’s technology to right-click any image and perform a search.

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera extensions are available.

#3. Image Search on Bing

Looking for Google’s substitute?

Bing Image Search’s layout and features are still very similar to Google’s, and you’ll get similar results:

The People filter is an intriguing feature that allows you to select photos of people based on how they were photographed (just faces or heads and shoulders).

Image Search on Bing

Isn’t it quite useful?

Image Search on Bing 2

#4. Image Search on Yahoo

Image Search on Yahoo

Yahoo Image Search is yet another choice for image search engines. Although this tool has a similar appearance to Google Images, the outcomes differ slightly.

#5. Pinterest

Pinterest has its own visual search tool, did you know? Given that it is an image-based platform, it makes sense.

It is comparatively easy to use:

  • Access your Pinterest account.
  • Click on any of the pins in your home feed (or on any profile or board).
  • To access the icon, click the pinned image’s bottom-right corner.

When you search for an image, the tool will return results that are visually similar.

Due to user-generated pins, Pinterest has a sizable image database that you shouldn’t discount when looking for a specific image.

Pinterest 2

#6. Openverse

Looking for an image search engine that returns more interesting search results? Try out Openverse (formerly known as Creative Commons Search). The open-source WordPress project includes this tool.

Basically, this search engine indexes “openly licensed images from the internet.” In other words, they are unrestricted, in the public domain, or covered by a Creative Commons license.


The results won’t be as precise as those from Google, Bing, or Yahoo, but if you don’t require that, this could be a useful tool for locating intriguing images that broadly match your keyword.

Filters can also help you narrow down your search based on the type of usage license or whether you intend to modify/adapt the image or use it commercially.

#7. Flickr

Flickr is a unique image search engine because the images are contributed by amateur and professional photographers who share their work on the platform.


This is the place to go if you enjoy browsing and looking for beautiful photos.

Flickr 2

Make sure to filter your searches by the proper usage license if you’re looking for images to use in marketing or commercial projects.

#8. Getty Images

Getty Images is a great source for lovely stock photos.

Getty Images

Simply select “Search by image or video” from the search box to conduct an image or video search or a keyword search.

Search by image or video

The auto-suggest feature has some useful options to help you focus your search if you use keywords as your search criteria.

You will undoubtedly find the precise kind of image you’re looking for because Getty Images has such a huge selection of search filters.

Getty Images

Just remember that whichever photo you choose to use, a royalty-free license will cost money. Getty Images provides this licensing on an image-by-image basis, or you can buy photo packs for a set price.

#9. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is an additional, more affordable image search engine for stock photos with no watermarks. Their search filters are just as detailed, and their image library is just as extensive as Getty Images.


Prepaid image packs and annual plans are both available from Shutterstock. Their most popular plan costs $169 per month and offers 350 image downloads per month. Another excellent choice for marketers on a budget is to pay $49 for a pack of any five royalty-free images.

#10. The NYPL Digital Collections

Are you looking for high-definition scans of historical documents, such as books, maps, papers, sketchbooks, ledgers, and photographs?

There is a sizable collection of public domain images in the NYPL(New York Public Library) Digital Collections, which means you are free to use and reuse them however you see fit.

The NYPL Digital Collections

Finding original photos is made easy with this image search engine. It’s enjoyable to explore the various digitized items once you start searching.

#11. Yandex Image Search and Related Images

Yandex’s search engine provides several options for finding and browsing images. Yandex Images allows you to search for image collections by topic. When you click through, you’ll be taken to a powerful image search where you can filter and sort by size, orientation, image type, file format, and more.

Yandex Image Search and Related Images

Similar Images is another Yandex image tool that can help you find items that are similar to your current one, such as products with similar features.

Image Search Engines Are Overflowing With Possibilities

What is the most important takeaway from this list?

Dare to explore the other image search tools that are currently available by stepping outside of your Google bubble. Don’t limit yourself to using just one image search tool; there are tools available for all kinds of image searches. Last but not least, don’t forget to experiment with various keyword variations and search filters to uncover those hidden gems. No matter where you go, you never know what you might find.

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