6 WordPress Download Manager Plugins Compared

Do you want to edit and control file downloads in WordPress Website? Perhaps you would like to keep a record of how many times a file is downloaded. Or maybe you want to protect content so only registered users or clients can access it.

In this article, we’ll analyze some of the best WordPress download manager plugins to track and manage file downloads.

What to Look For in a Download Manager Plugin

There are various different reasons why you want to use a WordPress download manager plugin. You may need to do all of the following:

  • Lock a file so only listed users with a specific role can access it
  • Lock a file so only paying clients can access it
  • Rearrange and tag files in WordPress
  • Prevent spammers from repeatedly downloading your files
  • Track how many times a particular file is downloaded
  • Track how many times a group of files is downloaded
  • Provide downloadable data as part of a more general product.

It’s difficult to find a single plugin that can do everything above, but depending on the usage case, you may not need all these settings.

We’ve picked the most useful WordPress download manager plugins to cover all the various summaries and use-cases.

1. MemberPress

 is the most beneficial WordPress membership plugin on the market. It lets you quickly sell digital downloads. You can also use it to sell subscriptions, secure content on your site so that only members can access it, and many more.

The MemberPress Downloads addon gives you advanced download control capabilities. It lets you upload many files, tag or categorize them, and record them using a shortcode.

You can use MemberPress to protect files as well as posts & pages. You can secure files so that only users with the right level of access can view them.

One great feature is that you can protect files by category and tag, too. You can set up a rule to protect all files that you’ve assigned to a specific category or tag. This makes it easy to restrict files based on the user’s subscription level.

You can also list your files by their category and tag, using MemberPress’ shortcodes system. If you’re offering a lot of different downloads, then this makes it really easy to organize them for your users.

MemberPress gives you plenty of flexibility, too. It even integrates with email marketing services like Constant Contact, ConvertKit, and AWeber.

2. LearnDash

 is a very popular LMS (learning management system) plugin for WordPress. It’s easy to use and comes with many powerful features.

LearnDash lets you charge a one-time fee for your product or set up a recurring subscription. You can easily insert video and audio files into your course, making it a great way to sell these types of files.

Aside from using LearnDash to lock the content on your site, you can use it to accept payments, create online courses, make assignments and quizzes, and more. There are also dynamic forums built into LearnDash where your users can interact with one another.

LearnDash works well on its own for taking payments and offering protected content. You can also integrate it with several of the other tools on this list, including MemberPress, WordPress Download Manager, and WooCommerce.

3. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights, the beneficial Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It’s the best choice if you want to track which files on your site are being downloaded the most. This is necessary if you offer a lot of free downloads and need to know which ones are proving popular with your users.

You can choose which types of files to track, such as images, zip files, PDFs, and so on.

You can also label your different files so MonsterInsights can show which categories are being downloaded the most. For instance, you could track “Free Reports” separately from “Printable Worksheets” in MonsterInsights.

You can view the file downloads report in your WordPress dashboard along with Monster-Insight’s other user analytics report.

MonsterInsights seamlessly integrates with all the plugins mentioned in this list, and we recommend installing it alongside any file download manager plugin that you use. The free version of MonsterInsights also comes with file tracking, but you can upgrade to the Pro version to unlock other powerful features.

Alternatively, you can use MonsterInsights by itself too. Simply upload your files in the WordPress media library, embed the link to the files anywhere in your posts, pages, menus, etc.

4. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a famous eCommerce plugin for WordPress. You can use it to sell digitals and physical products.

If you want to sell digital downloads, you can simply designate your download as a product in WooCommerce, so the customer only receives access after paying for it.

You can also use WooCommerce plugins to add more features to your online store. For instance, you can use smart coupons features to run sales and promotions more easily.

It offers many different download methods and types of protection for your files. You can choose which suits your site best. Just like regular WooCommerce products, your downloads can have variations, too.

You can also use WooCommerce to create a product that has both a physical component and downloadable. For instance, you might provide an online video course that comes with a physical workbook.

5. Easy Digital Downloads

As the name suggests, Easy Digital Downloads makes it simple for you to sell digital products on your site. You can also use it to provide and track free downloads.

Your files will be automatically protected by the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. You can track the date and IP address of all purchases and free downloads.

You can restrict how many times a customer can download their files. You can also set the download link to expire after a certain period of time. These are both good ways to prevent customers from sharing their files with others.

You can integrate Easy Digital Downloads with lots of other services, including email marketing services like ConvertKit and AWeber. You can even integrate it with AffiliateWP to create a referral program.

Easy Digital Downloads has a built-in shopping cart system that lets customers buy several digital products at once. You can easily create a customer account page where logged-in customers can see a list of everything they’ve purchased.

6. File Manager

File Manager is a really useful FTP like a file manager. You can use it to edit files through your WordPress dashboard, rather than using FTP to move them between locations.

We always advise using an FTP client or your hosting file manager where possible. However, there may be times when you want to quickly manage files through your WordPress dashboard.

File Manager lets you place your files into the media library, too. It creates thumbnails for all types of image files. It also has search functionality, making it easy to find your files.

With the Pro Edition of File Manager, you can also create private folders. You can set these so specific user roles or even specific users have access.

You can also use the Pro Edition to control what types of files can be uploaded and downloaded. You can even set up email notifications so that you get an email whenever a file is downloaded.

We hope this article guide you to learn about the best download manager plugins for WordPress.

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Top Most Popular and Useful WordPress Plugins In 2019

Incorporating the right plugins on your WordPress site is one of the key recipes for creating a functional, efficient and aesthetic space for yourself and the visitors. But with so many plugins in the market right now, it can be quite a daunting task to spot the best options that match your site needs. In fact, it is not uncommon to find and fall for plugins that have bad coding, bugs, and other negative aspects, which end up ruining the user experience.

So to help you make the right decision in 2019, we’ve compiled a list of most lightweight and super functional plugins that you need to check out:

1. Contact Form 7

If you’ve been scouting for a plugin that simplifies the process of creating and managing multiple contact forms, then Contact Form 7 is the right pick. The plugin also uses reCaptcha verification, making filtering of spammy submissions with Askimet both quicker and more seamless.

In addition, Contact Form 7 doesn’t come with extra codings like most plugins in the similar category do. That allows you to create and publish amazing contact forms, through which readers or visitors can effortlessly contact you. Making it your top choice in 2019 can definitely pay off in improving contact for users’ experience.

2. Broken Link Checker

Just as its name suggests, Broken Link Checker is designed to help you scan through your blog or website for any broken links. Upon identifying one, you’ll receive a notification prompting you to fix the dead link. Broken Link Checker typically starts parsing all the posts, bookmarks, and other content, immediately it’s installed.

Getting this plugin should be one of your top priorities as a site owner, because, with broken links, the interface can become complicated. And when the search engine notices that, your SEO rankings might drop while affecting readers’ experience too.

The Broken Link Checker plugin basically performs the functions highlighted below:

  • Monitoring links in your pages, posts, comments and blogroll
  • Detecting dead links plus missing images and re-directs
  • Notifying you about these issues via the Dashboard or through email
  • Helping you search and filer links by anchor text, URL and more
  • Allowing you to directly edit broken links from the plugin’s page, without having to update each post

3. Smuch Image Compression & Optimization

What this plugin does is simple. It scans your website for previously uploaded and soon-to-be-added images and optimizes them by decreasing the file size, adjusting the format or resizing the image. With Smush, the optimization process is automated, something that makes work easier for you.

Large image sizes are the number one culprit for a slow website. With slow load times, potential readers are obviously going to be frustrated. And it will affect your search engine rankings too. So if you want clean and lightweight images on your site this year, Smush can do just the trick.

4. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget

This plugin is for websites that deal in or share content about cryptocurrencies and/or trading online. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker widget basically employs the CoinMarketCap API in displaying different cryptocurrency prices either as a widget on the sidebar or in the site’s content, with a shortcode.

The plugin supports up to 50 of the top cryptocurrencies while still offering the option of displaying up to 32 different fiat currencies. The premium version of the plugin offers more functionality in the form of more styles, more currencies, historical prices, and real-time price updates.

5. WordFence Security

With the countless cyber attacks and website hacks witnessed in 2018, it is without question that website security should be a top priority in 2019. And WordFence offers convenient plugin options, both free and paid, which you can work with. The plugin ideally proffers a number of tools that can do the following:

  • Verify the integrity and repair WordPress core file
  • Perform backdoor, malware and virus scanning
  • Form a firewall that can block fake Google Crawlers, whistle list IPs, and block IPs and more
  • Generate email alerts of warnings as well as critical problems
  • Protect against brute force hacking
  • Ensure real-time traffic with Google crawlers, RSS feed readers and more.

6. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a plugin that deserves a place on your website for many reasons. It not only allows you to plan, promote and execute your marketing strategy with ease, but it also makes it easier to organize everything, including scheduled projects, in one place.

With its thoughtful editorial calendar, you can plan and assign an article to writers, all while seamlessly collaborating on blog posts and promoting them after publication. If you are a multi-author blog owner, then this tool might really come in handy for you in 2019.

7. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup

Making a faulty update or a coding fluke as a webmaster of the site may mean losing all the data and content achieve through hard work. Now, that can be downright frustrating. But with UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup plugin, you can enjoy scheduled backup that ensures everything runs smoothly when working on the backend. All backed up data basically goes into the cloud.

8. Revive Old Posts

This plugin allows you to chare older blog posts on all the social networks you’re connected to. For instance, if there’s a quality post you shared a while ago and can no longer be seen by readers, the plugin can revive it from the archives and share it with new people on such social media sites as Facebook, Twitter and more. This is something that can excite new readers and even generate more traffic to your website.

These are by far the best plugins for WordPress sites for 2019 and they are as lightweight and functional as they come. Just give any of them a try and experience the results for yourself.

9. Responsive Menu

Responsive Menu Plugin provides your website with a responsive mobile-friendly version of the main menu. It is a highly customizable plugin allowing you to make the most use of your website’s surface area and make it attractive and easy to navigate to the visitors.

Some of the Responsive Menu Plugin’s feature are :

  • Desktop and Mega Menu Support
  • Add custom Header Bar to your website
  • Seamless control with Touch Gestures and Keyboard Commands for navigation within the Menu
  • Comes with 20+ Awesome Button Animations to choose from
  • Supports Multilingual Sites as it comes with WPML and Polylang integration.
  • 600+ Font Icons Supported from FontAwesome and Glyphlcon.

And that’s not it, you can also install pre-made themes from the Responsive Menu to enhance the overall look of your websites. We would highly recommend trying its 7-day free trial and you can get it cancelled anytime within the said period.

5 Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins

We have recently published a post regarding “5 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins“, in that blog we have told about WordPress Cache Plugins that makes Site fast, so have thought that publish a new blog regarding “5 Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins“. Cache plugins are normally used to save cache for a site, when any user come to your site then your site will be load faster.

We are suggesting you top 5 best Free WordPress cache plugins:

1. WP Super Cache –

This plugin works on a special code who generate a static HTML file for your website after an HTML file generated web server will serve your site extremely fast.


99% of your visitor will serve that static HTML file, who generated by WP Super Cache. this plugin serves 3 types of static HTML cache files.

  1. Expert    2. Simple    3. WP-Cache caching.

If you don’t want to change PHP files then you can use Simple mode and it is also very easy and fast to set up. With this plugin, you can generate cache files for your posts, page and for your all of content.

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2. W3 Total Cache –

W3 Total Cache is a very nice plugin by its performance. it manages your sites caches and also improves your sites SEO.

Improve your site experience for your visitors, without change your theme or any plugin. you will see many benefits after installing it like :

  • It will improve your sites SEO ranking.
  • Instant caching for any browser.
  • Reduce page load time and the visitor will view more pages.
  • It will save bandwidth up to 70-80%.
  • It will minify your Post and pages to load fast.

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3. Wp Fastest Cache –

Set up of WP Fastest Cache is very easy. you dont need to make changes in your htaccess file, it will be automatically modified by the plugin.

This plugin is also working on static HTML files. PHP and MySQL are used when a page is presented. Therefore, the system requires RAM and CPU, If many visitors come to the site, then the system uses a lot of RAM and CPU, so the page takes time to load. W3 cache plugin generates a static cache file so your server will not us RAM and CPU again and again.

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4. Autoptimize –

Optimize your site in a really easy way with autoptimize. it can minify your CSS and scripts.

Autoptimize store caches for your site it also injects your alls CSS into the page header and JS scripts into the page footer so your page will load really fast. it can really improve your site to load very fast.

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5. LiteSpeed Cache –

LiteSpeed cache is an All-in-one plugin for your site acceleration.


It Includes a special server-level cache and a collection of customization features. It is compatible will all plugins and it also supports multisite. LiteSpeed Cache is also very easy in use anyone can use it.

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These all 5 plugins are best to optimization and caches, please use the best plugin that will you find easy and suitable for your sites.

Thanks for reading our post, hope it will be helpful for all of you.


Free 11 Security Plugin For Your WordPress Website

WordPress is the very most popular management Content system on the web. There are so many frees of cost plugins. by using these all free plugins you can protect your website.
Here is a Perfect list of security plugins for you. There are many plugins for firewalls,  anti spam plugins, and many more.

1. Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

Wordfence is a most popular security plugin with over 2 million downloads on WordPress. This WordPress plugin provides you with the best protection for your websites.
The plugin firewall will stop you from getting hacked by traffic.
before they can try to access your websites, Its automatically update your rules that protect you from all the latest threat.

into the Premium version, you get country blocking, real-time updates and many more.
Also, It has a Monitor traffic in real time, blocking robots and humans, login and logout and 404 errors.

2All In One WP Security & Firewall

The WordPress Plugin All In One Security will take your website security to a new level.
This WordPress plugin is design and written by plugin experts. Also, this plugin is very easy to customize and use for WordPress User.

This WordPress plugin doesn’t slow down your website.
You can add advanced security feature into user accounts, sign-in, and log-in. Ban users by IP Address or user agents. Block force attackers.
This plugin may collect your IP address for security reason. The collected information is stored on your server. No information is transmitted to the third party.

3. Sucuri Security – Security Hardening

Sucuri plugin for WordPress is a tool-set for security, log-in, and security hardening.

Monitor all of your security related events into your WordPress site. Access all multiple blacklist engine for your brand reputation and website.
Also, Get help on what to do if your site is compromised. And access Cloud-Proxy, an enterprise-grade firewall.

It’s a globally recognized authority in all matters related to your website with WordPress Security.
This Security WordPress plugin is free for all WordPress users. It is a security suit means to your existing security posture. It offers there users a set of security features for their website, all designs have a positive effect on their security posture.

4. i-Themes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

It offers more than thirty ways to lock down WordPress in an easy-to-use security plugin.

With this Security WordPress two-factor authentication, users are required to enter both a password and a secondary code sent to a mobile device, smartphone or tablet.
Also, Limit the numbers of failed log-in attempts allowed per user. Make your WordPress dashboard in-accessible certain hours.
database backups and have them emailed to you. Also, Assess the security of your WordPress user account at one time or take action on them.

i-Themes Security gives you many ways to secure your WordPress site. On average, 40,000 new websites are hacked each day. WordPress sites can be an easy target for attacks because of a plugin, weak passwords, and software.

5. Shield Security for WordPress

There is no good reason for WordPress security plugins to be so complicated.
A shield is the easy security plugin to setup. you simply activate it. Then a beautiful, step-by-step wizard will walk you the basic customization.
And you can find deeper.
shield allows you for No more manual IP Blacklist. This plugin handles the blocking of IP address for the host that is naughty.
Also, A very Powerful free security protection.

6. Google Authenticator

It has a Two Factor Authentication adds and the second layer of security to your WordPress accounts.
It protects your website from hacks and unknown login attempt.

Secure your WordPress site log-in with an additional security from us.
The setup takes minimum minutes, then protect your sites forever.
This plugin provides two-factor authentication during login to your site.
If you are looking for one-time password Verification of users during Registration so use this plugin.
Two Factor Authentication allows authentication on log-in pages itself for Google Authentication & mini-Orange Soft Token.
Google Authentication, Push Notification, Soft Token, and Security Questions.

7. Acunetix WP Security

Acunetix WP Security plugin is a free security tool that helps you secure your WordPress website installation.
Safeguard passwords, protect database security, hide versions, file permission, admin protection, and many more.

The solution features are easy for database backup and disaster recovery, allows hiding dashboard info from non-admin, live-traffic to monitor the activity of your website.
This WP Security plugin is a free security tool that helps you to secure your WordPress websites. WP Security checks your WordPress website for security and suggests corrective actions.

8. WP Antivirus Site Protection

WP Antivirus Site Protection is a security plugin to prevent, detect, and remove viruses and suspicious codes.
It detects backdoor, rootkits, Trojan horses, fraud tools, spyware, hidden links and more.

WP Antivirus Site Protection scan not only for theme files, but also overall files of your WordPress website. Get alerts by email, and view security report online.

8. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL automatically detects your all settings and configure your website to run over HTTPS server.
To keep it light-weight, the options are kept to a minimum. All of the incoming requests are redirected to a server.
Also, The site URL & home URL are changed to HTTPS at free of cost.

Its Really Simple and automatically detects your settings.

9. Security Ninja

This is the more popular products out there, it’s certainly one of my favorites.
This is a top product which takes plenty of action to make sure that there is no chance for compromise.
You might be experiencing a slight slow down while the test is being run. but that takes less than a minute.

It looks for a potential problem, 0-day exploits, the software actually running on your server.
Security Ninja plugin will just give you the test results and suggest with precise instruction

10. Secu-Press Free

SecuPress is a new security plugin on the market. it’s definitely one that’s growing rapidly.

It’s actually developed by Julio. one of the co-founders of WP Media, as they develop Imagify and WP Rocket.
There are a free version and premium version (both) which include a lot of features.
Protect your WordPress with malware scans, block with bots and suspicious IP. this free WordPress security plugin is a great choice.

11. Jetpack by WordPress.com

Most of the people who use WordPress are familiar with the Jetpack plugin, and it’s because the plugin has many features.
but it’s also because the plugins is made by the people from WordPress.com website.

It is filled with your social media and spam protection, site speed. There are many features in it that it’s worth.
Also, Stop worrying about your data losses and hacking it helps you fully protected.

Since it’s services which are provided and hosted by WordPress. Also, WordPress.com account is required for the Jet-pack plugin to function.

CSS HERO – Customizing Your WordPress Website

Introducing The CSS Hero 3 – A Plugin For Customizing Your WordPress Website

If you’re new to WordPress, the thought of tinkering with its code can be a daunting one. But in reality, there are many simple things you can do in order to customize the look and feel of your site without risking disaster. Continue reading “CSS HERO – Customizing Your WordPress Website”