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10 Ways To Make A Living Online In 2019

10 Ways To Make A Living Online In 2019

As technology improves there are lots of things to do, both for good and for evil purposes. In this post, I would like to share with you 10 ways to make a living online in 2019, no matter where you live on earth. These are tried and proven ways…

Top code editor 2019

Top Code Editors 2019

If you want to become an effective and good programmer then you need definitely a great code editor tool. A code editor allows you to create and modify programming language source code. In the code editor, programs are written by human-readable form.  After completing the coding programme, other programmes make…


Top 12 Live Chat Software For Website

Online Chat is an effective communication medium for engaging customers. This can be done easily with the help of professionally trained agents using some of the many Live Chat tools available. However, picking out the best one is a bit confusing. Hence, we have put up a list of…

8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2019

8 Best WP Backup Plugins in 2019

The news of website hacking and data loss by hackers or through other malicious software is very common nowadays. That is why the most trending discussion in Information Technologies world is Web Security. Do you know 96% of applications we are using have vulnerabilities which can result in your…

Top 10 PHP CMS 2019

Top 10 PHP CMS 2019

If you want to attract more visitors to your website or blog and you want them to engage or spend more time with your content, then you need very attractive content: Texts, pictures, videos, and graphics etc. Good content not only meaning just posting these stuff, but also maintaining…

Top 5 Gallery Plugin On Mojo Marketplace

Top 5 Gallery Plugin On Mojo Marketplace

In the plugins market, there are many plugins to choose from different categories and it's really hard to find out the best one. We made it easy for you to choose to from various gallery plugins. Here are the best-featured top 5 gallery plugins on Mojo Marketplace which are fully customizable…

Explore 20 WordPress themes for Effective Instagram Blogging

20 WordPress Themes for a Powerful Instagram Blog

With the rapid growth of e-Commerce, businesses are forced to look for the most efficient ways of staying in touch with customers and promoting their businesses. As time has shown, right now social networks have proven to be amazingly successful for empowering businesses. Instagram (IG) with all its billion…