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5 Simple Tips For Writing Great Content For Your WordPress Blog

Writing a blog can seem easy to an objective observer, but as a writer, you know that that is not the case. The way you construct and present your content will affect the overall success of your blog. Great content is the one that offers real value to the readers but also entertains.

It takes a lot of work, thoughtful ideas, and strategies to create content that really wows the audience. What can help is knowing some tips and trick that can direct your writing in the right way.

The following simple tips can help you to improve your blog’s content and turn visitors into loyal users.

1. Express Yourself

In the sea of generic content, produce something that is original and authentic. There is no specific recipe on how to be original, the only thing you need to do is to find your voice and express it.

What holds back many writers is comparing their writing to others. Don’t do that. If you need some inspiration and motivation feel free to look at the work to other writers. The moment you start comparing yourself to them is the moment you need to stop.

Readers will appreciate if you have something new to offer even if it sounds crazy to some. Let your creativity go wild and find a writing style that will be only yours.

A simple trick you can apply to make your original content effective is to use power words.

According to SmartBlogger, there are 7 types of power words:

  1. Fear power words (agony, beware, panic, etc.)
  2. Encouragement power words (breathtaking, mind-blowing, power-up, etc.)
  3. Lust power words (crave, ecstasy, satisfy, etc.)
  4. Anger power words (barbaric, demolish, ravage, etc.)
  5. Greed power words (cheap, free, triple, etc.)
  6. Safety power words (certified, lifetime, risk-free, etc.)
  7. Forbidden power words (controversial, underground, never seen before, etc.)

Depending on the type of effect you want your content to have, incorporate appropriate power words into your writing.

2. Provide Value

Besides being original, you need to create content that can actually benefit your readers. Relevant content which has value is crucial when it comes to high-quality writing.

What does relevant content refer to?

It means that you need to write about things that matter to your audience and that are related to the theme of your blog.

Let’s say that you have a blog about fishing and of naturally, fishing enthusiasts will be the ones who will read your blog. If you include a post that is not even slightly related to the subject such as the best local shops for dresses, you’ll lose a certain number of readers.

Another important element of relevant content is to back up your claims with credible sources. In case you are talking about statistics or data, always include a reference.

There is a chance that some of you aren’t the best researchers so in that case you can resort to writing services such as TrustMyPaper and rely on fellow writers to help you out with that part.

3. Ask And Answer Questions

Questions are great for attracting attention. You can address a burning question or ask your audience to share their opinion.

When people want to search for something they usually type a concerning question. If they find a headline or content description that matches their concerns they will choose that post.

Think about all the questions that interest you and do some research. Write about your findings and if your blog type allows it, include your personal perception.

Personal opinions that intrigue readers will help with attracting their attention.

At the end of your post, ask the readers a question. Show that you care about what they have to say. It will help you to build a relationship with them.

What you can do, for example, is to ask them a question about a different but related topic at the end of a post and then write a follow-up post that will answer that question. Include their answers in the follow-up and express your thoughts as well. The readers will be thrilled to see their own contribution to your content.

4. Show Consistency

Writers’ goal is to be memorized by the audience. The way to achieve that is consistency.

Once you decide on your writing style, try to keep that same style or at least a similar one throughout your posts. This will make people remember you by your specific way of expression.

If you haven’t already decided on an optimal post length, it is high time that you do that. Keeping a certain content length will depict a level of commitment you have to your audience.

Of course, different topics demand sometimes short and sometimes long elaboration. What you can do is set up a boundary for both options.

For example, if you want your blog to feature both shorter and longer posts, then decide to keep a limit of 1,000 words for longer posts, and 400 words for a shorter one.

5. Include Visuals

While this may not be a writing tip, it is a tip that will improve the effectiveness of your written content.

Images and even videos have become very popular lately. Thanks to social media platforms, people tend to prefer visuals over text.

The visual sense is one of our strongest senses. While people will remember only 10% of information that they heard if you ask them three days later, if that information is backed up with a relevant image, they will remember 65% after the same amount of time.

Pair your content with images or videos to make it more memorable and effective.

Nowadays, it is very easy to organize your website with both text and visuals because you can use tools like DragDropr and design content for your website with a simple drag and drop function.

You can use any type of images from GIFs to landscapes, as long as it matches your style and content.

Final Thoughts

Running a blog is a demanding job. That is why everyone can benefit from useful information that will inspire their writing.

These five tips will help you to master your content and provide your audience exactly what they need. Better yet, they will help you to create the type of content that brings real results and users’ loyalty.

About Author
Diana Nadim is a writer and editor who has a Master degree in Marketing. She combines her passion for writing with her interest in research and creates thought-provoking content in various fields. Diana also runs her own 3to5Marketing blog. What inspires her the most in her writing is traveling and meeting new people. Follow her on Twitter.

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