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Top 5 SEO Mistakes And Ways To Resolve It

SEO is here to stay and expand with every passing day! According to the latest research, the industry is about to reach $79 billion by 2020. Though it might appear to be a significant amount of money, it completely justifies the ample tasks which business owners and SEO agencies need to work on. From maintaining the recent crop of consumers to generating multiple business profiles in the A-listed local directories, the SEO task-list is enormous.

That is not all! From time to time, there are technical SEO problems that are essential to address and remedy. If that doesn’t get done, the online presence of a brand or business can suffer immensely. For this, it is essential to join hands with an expert SEO agency. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Social Market Way SEO Company.

Do you want to stop customer loss? Do you wish that your online business has a sustainable growth? If yes, then it is essential to locate and solve the crucial technical SEO issues. The relevant ones are:

Take note of website speed issues

It is not unknown that your website rank in the SERPs depends on the site speed. If you have a fast website speed, the user experience is better! On the other hand, a slow website usually gets penalized and records fewer rankings. Google brings down the crawlers on a slow website, which doesn’t allow the page to get indexed properly.

Are you searching for the best solution to this? If yes, then check Google Page Speed Insights and evaluate your website performance. You can check the way your website loads on a mobile device and a desktop, as well. There are alerts sent to web pages that don’t get optimized correctly. This tool also provides useful descriptions for resolving an issue.

Are you a WordPress user? If yes, then you can check with your hosting provider for assistance. You should select a stable WordPress hosting service that gets tested for the speed and uptime. Also, when you optimize the image on the web page, you can make the most of browser caching. Leverage minifying the JavaScript and CSS to get the best outcomes. It will help to enhance the speed and improve your technical SEO.

The reduced ratio for Text-to-HTML

When the ratio for text-to-HTML is low, it can signify technical SEO errors. The low ratio suggests:

  • Excess flash and inline styling
  • Website loading at a reduced speed because of excess and dirty code
  • Hidden texts that are a red flag for the search bots

It is essential to have good know-how about JavaScript! When you don’t have adequate knowledge, it can lead to reduced website speed and performance. If you want to remedy this, you can add essential on-page text where it’s crucial. Also, you can eliminate the unnecessary code and shift the inline scripts to another file.

There are broken links

Does your website have several web pages? If yes, then a couple of broken links gets considered normal. But just in case the count of broken links keeps increasing, it will create a problem. It results in the following issues:

  • Users have a negative perception of your website quality
  • It can affect the crawl budget immensely. When the search bots come across excess broken links, they move onto other websites. And this result in making your site remains un-indexed and un-crawled.
  • The website authority gets affected negatively.

Here you simply need to go to the Google Search Console and opt-in for the “Crawl Errors” to check the web pages that are getting converted to 404 responses. All these mistakes need to get replaced at the earliest so that it doesn’t affect your visitors and direct them to other website parts and sometimes to another website as well. That will increase the bounce rate.

Issues with language declarations

Websites that have an international audience needs to pay heed to language declarations. It helps to ensure that the search engine can identify every language. It is crucial for text-to-speech conversion, and it helps to improve the overall user experience as well. It is because the translators successfully read the web content in the exact dialect in the chosen native language. Also, there are other geo-location and other global SEO advantages.

Most of the time, sites make use of incorrect language codes! It gets referred to as the HTML Language Code Reference list for selecting the best system. You need to know that language declaration is essential for webpage relevance that enhances SEO. The other issue is with the return tag issues that you can resolve using the Google Search Console.

The poor-quality mobile experience

It is one of the most crucial mistakes that you need to check and resolve. Since 2018 and even a year before that, Google has been speaking about the relevance of a mobile responsive website. The search engine giant, today ranks website, based on how well it can operate from mobile devices and tablets. A website should be mobile-ready today to minimize the SEO issues. But till date several sites are lagging.

Is the same issue your website it witnessing? If yes, you need to remedy this at the earliest. Consider the percentage of mobile usage, and you will know that it’s high. A few years back, the total Smartphone user base was 224 million in the U.S. If you combine a global estimate for the same today, the number has increased manifold.

About 40% of the online audience will move past your website if it’s not mobile responsive. To get there, you need to avert flash content and opt-in for the cross-device conversions. There’s no need to do away with CSS, images, and JavaScript. It’s because Google search bots count on these aspects for content categorization. Design your website in such a way that all kinds of Smartphone users can tap on the click buttons and navigate comfortably.

These are the top five technical SEO mistakes that you need to stay aware of and resolve. Count on an expert SEO agency to guide you on these and other technical SEO issues as well.

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