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Speed Up Your WordPress Website

There many things for speeding up a WordPress website but according to experts only 2 points are most important:

  1. SEO: The Google algorithm measures page load time as one of its many search ranking factors.
  2. User Experience: It’s well documented that slow loading websites create a poor user experience, increase bounce rates, and lower conversion rates.

For those reasons, Speed up a WordPress site is generally worth the time and effort, and here are a few simple steps that you can take to get speed up your WordPress site.

Measuring Page Speed

Speed is important for a site, but testing your speed can be tricky. There are many online tools and methods to check your load page speed, but most test your site with a unique method, and two different tools not check as the same way.

One solution: find good SEO tools, and then test some other WordPress sites (including your own) to get a sensible comparison. By comparing the SEO of your site against other WordPress sites, now you’re able to set a reasonable goal for your site.

Improving Page Speed

Caching is the best solution for improving page load times, serving page to traffic with stored cache is effective more than 1,000 times.

If you are not using cache on your site, it will take 1500 milliseconds to generate that page, if you are using cache on that same page than take 5 milliseconds in the page load. According to experts, you might be able to do 8 PHP requests in a second without caching, while you can do 8,000 requests in a second with using caching.

It is important to know that large and complex sites often have specific caching requirements, wherein your site some things need cache while other things don’t. This optimization is generally more resource-intensive. But, if your hosting team and platform can help to move 20% of your traffic to cache pages and additional capabilities.

Check Your Code

Your code and plugins also play an important role in your site. If your Sites code is not according to standard coming, it is not a good choice to using more hardware at the problem is neither an economically prudent, nor scalable, solution. You need to fix that code, and you also need a good hosting provider who can help and guide you.

Optimize Your Images

Maybe it is common knowledge that big images are slow down your site because it will take a long time to load:

Quick tips for images:

  • Use images with the smallest dimensions required by your design
  • Compress images then upload them to your site, dont use ant plugin for image optimizing, it will use extra scripts on your page.
  • Use the SVG format for graphics when possible
Optimize Your Images

Upgrade Your Hosting

It is important to choose a good hosting service because hosting has the most important role in site loading. There are many hosting providers who use old hardware to provide low price hosting. These types of hosting providers not describe, making it hard to know where you stand.

you can’t compare your hosting with others if you don’t know which resorces and services are running for your project.

What To Look For In A WordPress Hosting

Transparency is key to review and compare you current hosting.

Your hosting server speed is depended on the infrastructure, so you need to check for a host with reputable technology partners.

You can go with the best well-known name in hosting like Amazon. Amazon powers major brands like GE, Expedia, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Dow Jones, Adobe, Pfizer, and even NASA by supporting with 64-bit machines in their data centers.

So, what kind of tools your hosting provider should have to keep your site running quickly?


The content delivery network means a distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. By serving content to a user from the closest location where they are, your site performs faster and loads better for each visitor.

For example, some of hosting providers have CDN, PressCDN, built specifically for WordPress and services clients across five continents, serving photos, images, and static assets from a global network of servers.

This means faster page load speeds for your visitors.

Web Server Full Page Cache

With a proper caching mechanism and material, the server will be cached at one or several points of presence (POP). This means high speed for every visitor.

Most of the hosting uses CACHE as a global WordPress acceleration system that works like a CDN but specifically designed to cache it and serve WordPress page output has been done. It makes your site instant loading for any device from anywhere.

PHP Stack Optimized For WordPress

There are several small PHP concepts that you can add and improve your site performance and speed. First, you need to tune PHP for WordPress, which usually has the right number of functions of PHP-FPM for hardware to limit overhead and reduce memory usage.

Second, stay up to date and use newest version of PHP.

Last one, configuring the support infrastructure for maximum benefit, OPcache, and object cache.

Hardware Stack Optimized For WordPress

The hardware a host uses that all are not transparent about how configured, who their backbone provider is, etc. Generally, you want to separate resources, like site code, database, and backups. And there are benefits with database options, like data reliability and scaling.

The bottom line: Your host should have protocols and tools in place to earn your trust as a fast provider.

Wrapping Up

In easy words, if you need a fast WordPress site then Improve your code with using coding standard, use small and compressed images, use best hosting service which has new, fast hardware and also has an easy interface.

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