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Websites To Check Broken Links

The broken link is the dead link which only redirects to the 404 error page. Which are not good for SEO and needs to be removed. These broken links occur when the admin had done some changes on the site or removed the pages from the website. Having dead links on the website is bad for a site. These links need to removed properly from the site or replaced them with new links.

These links do negative effect on website performance and visitor of any website. To overcome these problems there many broken links checker website available online.

To provide you with best-broken link checker we did our own research and come up with top 10 websites who check for broken links in your website and can help you with your website audit.

1) Sitechecker

Sitechecker link checker - To Check Broken Links

The Sitechecker is one of the best-broken link checker tools. The tool uses its scanner to go through the whole website and check for any broken links as well as tell you how to fix them.

Sitechecker can check 100 web pages for free of cost. After the scan, it gives you the full report including broken links, redirect chains, orphan links, indexation errors. It also finds out any content error like meta tag issues and thin pages.

Website – Sitechecker

2) W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker - Check Broken Links

W3C Link Checker is a user-friendly broken link checker which give you many different options like if you want to hide the redirects, check only docs, display summary only and heading, etc.

Obtained results after scanning are displayed the actual status of the links and also listing any issues found during the session. It is the free broken link checker which is the part of Quality Web Tool and W3C’s Validators.

Website W3C Link Checker

3) Online Broken Link Checker

Online Broken Link Checker

The online validation tool which checks the web pages for broken links, missing links, authorizes and accounts bad hyperlinks if found any.

You can scan an unlimited number of web pages and works for both internal & external links. The checker also specifies the location of the broken link in the HTML code. The tool supports the windows, IOS, Linux and Mac OS as well.

We cannot say that this is entirely free tool because free version has restrictions of 3,000 pages which is good and bad as well.

Website – Online Broken Link Checker

4) Dead Link Checker

Dead Link Checker

The Dead Link Checker scans your website by systematically and finds the broken links that are harming your sites. The checker creates an HTML output for speedily viewing of the scanning result. It can detect multiple problems like Page not found, Timeout, Server error and more error which cause website crash.

The DLC uses the three different methods of detecting broken links i.e Site Check, Multi Check, Auto Check. The scanning process can be stopped and resumed anytime and it can simultaneously check multi-links at a time.

Website – Dead Link Checker

5) Dr. Link Check

Dr. Link Check

This is the specialized link checker which all the internal, external, linked images, en-queued style sheet and JavaScript files for missing links.

The Dr. Link Check do a full scan of the whole website including HTML and CSS code. The scans elements go through multiple tests to ensure that there is nothing left unchecked which reduce your site performance and loss of visitors.

Dr. Link Check can check 1000 links of your website for free and resultant gives you the summarized details of every threat like internal, external, and broken links. You can plan an automated check to scan your website for any broken links.

Website – Dr. Link Check

6) Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Xenu’s - To Check Broken Links On Your Website

Xenu’s Link Sleuth free to use open source tool to detect broken links for your website. Just paste your website link on the website and crawler automatically links to your site and start crawling the website.

The crawler starts detecting the broken links and link confirmation is also done on images, borders, plug-ins, backgrounds, style sheets, scripts, and Java applets. The results report can be created at any time the user wants to see.

The useful features you get is crawler can execute files lesser than 1 MB and it also supports SSL websites and sitemap as well.

Website – Xenu’s Link Sleuth

7) Integrity Link Checker

Integrity Link Checker

This tool depends upon the website area, this tool takes interval to complete the work report. The checker sort the results in various ways like it can only check bad links, by selecting an option on the report page.

Integrity Link Checker also injects the dead links from the comment forms. There are various different options like transferring the data, verification, multiple sites handling, generate sitemap, spell check are also ready to use in website check.

It works amazingly with the bigger websites without taking much time. Crawler also checks for broken images. Exports reports in the .pdf document.

Website – Integrity Link Checker

8) Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster is open source SEO tool that checks and maintains the performance of your website. The google needs authentication to access the content of your website.

The Google Webmaster lets you create new post and pages so that google crawler can scan and eliminate those contents which you don’t search engine handler to learn.

It allows you to optimize your website by keyword SEO. It also lets you access the valuable information which give boost to your advertising campaigns.

Website – Google Webmaster

9) WP Broken Link Status Checker

WP Broken Link Status Checker

The WordPress Link Checker works on the different method it authenticates the status of HTTP code of all your website content like links and images.

WP Broken Link Checker crawl through the website content while performing it’s like removing links and images and then look up for broken links, re-directions, empty links, etc. The crawling process does multiple scan check and generates its own results.

The crawler runs in the background so that you can continue with your work. WP Checker has sharp-edge filtering technology. Directly edit the content straightly from the crawler reports. The WP Checker also come with additional URL tools to perform any major changes.

Website – WP Broken Link Status Checker

10) Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

SEO Spider tool of Screaming Frog is quickly crawling and evaluating your website. The SEO tool supports both small and big websites scanning. The tool lets you review, check for error and filter the searched errors.

SEO tool also allows you to export elements like URL’s, titles, explanations, captions, etc. to Excel file so that you can simply use it as a reference for SEO.

Screaming Frog deeply examines the internal and external links of a site to improve the website’s performance. Custom searches can also be done if you are certain that you want to check the particular text.

Website – Screaming Frog

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