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9 Tips On Best Graphic Design For Beginners

Some of the mistakes that beginner graphic designers make when they start out could be easily avoided if the already established professionals shared their tips and tricks. This happens from time to time but it’s still not enough to keep them on the right track.

Some of the tips that graphic designers often give are to practice a lot, keep it clean and simple and work on your mistakes.

Here is a list of tips on best graphic design that you may find useful if you are a beginner in graphic design.

1. Find Inspiration

Inspiration always matters. You could take a look at what other designers are doing and see an element that you may like, see what other people are doing and how they are working on solutions on problems that often happen. Find designs that you like and that entice you to create. There are plenty of these resources online, especially on Pinterest.

2. Stay Organized

Organization is one of the problems that most creative types face. To eliminate this completely, create a schedule for yourself – make it work for you. Don’t just work on a whim since this could potentially be dangerous in terms of missing your deadlines. Purchase a planner and enter all of your deadlines and important dates.

3. Choose Compatible Fonts

Clarity is the key. Fonts that are hard to read may look good but they just add confusion to your design. Many guides state that you should explore fonts and use different types but this could be wrong. People have a hard time adjusting if there are more than two fonts in your design.

Use one for the main text and another for the subtext. Try to make them compatible as well.

However, don’t always use the same font – you should explore and find the perfect one for your project at hand.

4. Develop Your Own Style

This is an important step in the career of any graphic design creator. Having your own style will make you stand out on the market and help you get more assignments. Experiment in your free time and find options that appeal the most to you. Copy from other designers but always refine their work and put your own spin on it.

Display all of your best designs in your portfolio and assign catchy titles to them. There are companies that specialize in crafting these, if you need some assistance  – State Of Writing or Revieweal, to name a few.

5. Work On Your Skills A Lot

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Invest your time into improving your skills and developing a better approach to each element of your designs. As you get better, you’ll get better jobs.

‘Practicing really made me stand out. I was just a beginner when an expert told me to use all the free time I could spare to work on designing and see what works for me. This advice made me who I am today and that’s what I say to all the new designers.’ Says Dave Milton, a professional designer from Write My Australia.

6. Choose Quality Images

Images you add to your design improve the overall project. This is why you should focus on making them look good – quality images improve your design immensely. If you are using your own images, stay consistent and use just them since if you mix them with stock photos, the difference will be noticeable. The lightning and the alignment along with other elements will not be compatible and it will look bad.

7. Simplicity Is Sometimes The Best Solution

Think of your favorite designs – most of them are quite simple. Stick to a simple color palette and clear text. This goes a long way sometimes. A too busy design can be off-putting and the same thing could be said about a design that’s too dark or too light.

8. Get Feedback

Feedback is the best way to learn. See what your clients have to say and improve your skills based on the things that they said were not as good as the others in your design. Even though it can be hard to hear it sometimes, bad feedback is a lot more useful to you than the good one.

‘I hated bad reviews in the beginning. I would get so disappointed and sad that I did something wrong. But I realized that bad reviews make me work harder and now I hope for some criticism so I can improve and learn more. ‘says Melissa Green, a beginner designer from Best Australian Writers.

9. Keep Going No matter What

This is possibly the most important tip out there – don’t give up. If designing is your passion, don’t let anything drive you away from it. Learn, grow, improve and continue designing. Success never comes easy but some day you’ll be an expert – you just have to keep going.

Wrap Up

Being a beginner in any industry is never easy. However, with the help of seasoned professionals, you’ll be able to achieve greatness soon. Just remember to stay inspired, work hard on your skills and keep designing. The rewards will come along with your efforts.

Chloe Bennet is a social media manager of seven years now – she worked for a wide array of companies including UK Writings, a leading custom writing service. Chloe teaches social media marketing techniques and web design at Academized and Essayroo websites.

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