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Going International With Your Website

If you want to export your products to other countries or want to provide services globally and reach out to the global audience then you need to research the international buyers and make a potential target for your business. Before you expand overseas, however, the first course of action is to consider how specific international orders will go through your system.

In simple words, shipping costs and delivery schedules need to be established for maximum clarity. If you will not mention anything about additional costs on your site, it means there is no intention to collect additional custom tax from your customers. Additionally, if you are giving the national same-day delivery option for national customers then you must hold the same delivery options for your international customers. Think about some international brands they have big warehouses; they have many customers but some times they wait several weeks for their order. If you want success in the global market then ensure that your international audience gets the same benefits as anyone in the national market.

You can spend a lot of time and money building a permanent delivery system for your business but what about the other practical issues, they still existing in the digital community. In the world of the Internet, every site appears in English and many users are not comfortable with the English language. In fact, you need to give your website an international twist with the multilanguage option for a wider audience.

Cover the basics with a plugin

Online retailer businesses can still survive even if they do not provide the translation of their sites in the local language because the site design encourages navigation and browse more and buy products even if buyers are not good in English. In fact, eCommerce practices are similar worldwide, so all users are already understood how to proceed in the transaction arena. However, depending on the products you offer, it may be helpful to provide on-the-go transactions with multi-language plugins. But if they can read technical descriptions in their own language, it can benefit from translation, as it will help customers make the right choice. A multi-language plugin can work on your existing site, you does not need to create a new website to target your international audience. This is an ideal solution for a tight budget. You need to be clear about plugin’s functionality that will work for you because every plugin is not suitable for translating your posts, your product descriptions or even your metadata, which may affect your global SEO ranking. If you cannot afford subdirectories or sub-domains then a plugin is an easy option.

One website only

If you want to work with one website, it offers both advantages and inconveniences. With only one site, you can manage your SEO strategy in one place and on the other hand, you need to be able to customize the site to fit each country. If SEO is your priority then you need a subdirectory for every separate language. You have an option to set up your international domain architecture for an SEO perspective, such as gTLD (global top-level domain) like followed by a country subdirectory, such as uk.domain. before com, or replacing gTLD with a country-code TLD such as Unfortunately, some TLDs implements are too costly and require a local presence. Additionally, while the gTLD receives SEO credit from the main site, the ccTLD ( country code top-level domain ) needs to start their SEO strategy from the start point.

You might require a new domain.

Normally, webmasters suggest a subdirectory according to an SEO point of view. Maybe, you have indicated by your market research to different strategies. So, you will need to ensure with the website design that subdirectories also look like the main site, It will give professional look to your brand. Now, you need to work closely with local resources to establish the site and language and your technical SEO factors will remain the same in your online presence. In fact, If you have them design functionality so it ensures that all sites are equally crawlable and accessible to search engines. You can hire expert content creators to develop SEO meta tags relevant to the international site.

Should you translate your blog?

There is a new question for every site that is evolving globally, “continue to blogs or not” because the many readers belongs to different countries and they have their own languages so they are not perfect in English. Professional translators can help you create meaningful content for each international field because every group of the audience has different interests. You need to be sure that your international customer will care or not about some things as your local customers. I think it’s not possible because they have different interests. Professional marketing content writers can make a significant difference in launching your global blog because they understand the local and global audiences.

Do I need to hire international experts?

Yes, you cant go global without an international expert but you also need a national expert because you have to create content for national and international customers. So this is a best idea to have a team with local and international experts. this team will be helpful for you in blogging, marketing and sales.

Wrapping up

If you want to go global then it will be a long and challenging journey. There are many options so you cant find which one is the best solution for your exception. It will depend on your audience and market to define the right translation, team, and domain.

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