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How To check If Your VPN Is Functioning Properly

A Guide On How To check If Your VPN Is Functioning Properly

How to check if your VPN is working Search for IP address leaksSelect a VPN server to connect to by opening your VPNCheck for DNS leaksBe alert for leaks of WebRTCCheck if region-specific sites are affected by the change.Try taking a speed testIf something is wrong with your VPN, what can you do? Restart the desktop or mobile VPN softwareConsider switching off firewalls, antiviruses, and other security softwareChange your VPN server or tunnelling protocolContact the customer support of your VPNFind a new VPN service, if necessary By using a virtual private network (VPN), you can enhance your…

Microsoft Authenticator or Duo

Microsoft Authenticator or Duo: Which Should Be Considered?

Feature comparison between Duo and Microsoft AuthenticatorIntegration of application programming interfacesAspects of securityTechniques of authenticationRestore and backupPricingAdvantages and Drawbacks of Microsoft AuthenticatorDuo advantages and drawbacksIs Microsoft Authenticator or Duo the better choice for your company? Is Microsoft Authenticator inferior to Duo? Which is more secure to use? Learn more about…

What is Cyber Threat Hunting

What is Cyber Threat Hunting and How it Works

A cyber threat refers to a potential attack, devastation, or damage to a computer system that is initiated through a network. The process of searching for hidden cyber threats in a network is commonly known as "cyber threat hunting." Threat hunters can identify malicious actors who try to evade…

How To Protect Yourself Against Data Breach

How To Protect Yourself Against Data Breach

What is a data breach? A data breach is a security incident in which sensitive, confidential, or protected data is accessed, used, or disclosed without the authorization of the data owner. Data breaches can occur when cybercriminals hack into a computer system or network and steal data, or when…

How To Enhance The 2FA User Experience

How To Enhance The 2FA User Experience

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a tried-and-true way for strengthening the security of your website. Using a 2FA plugin can make your site more safe and resistant to assaults. The "issue" is that many sites do not make an effort to improve the WordPress 2FA user experience. Improving the user…

The Impact Of Internet Censorship On Society

The Impact Of Internet Censorship On Society

Countries censor the internet to prevent individuals from spreading things they deem improper for their citizens. Governments hope to avoid cybercrime by controlling the internet, preventing the spread of fake news, and protecting intellectual property. However, internet censorship may not always help the public. Enacting terms that restrict the…

Best AntiVirus Software

What Are The Top Three Anti-Virus Software For PC?

A virus is a type of computer software that replicates itself after being run by modifying other programs and inserting its code. Viruses can spread through networks, CDs, email attachments, and external storage devices such as USB sticks, in addition to networks. Because connections between machines were initially far…

8 Ways To Boost Site-to-Site VPN Security

8 Ways To Boost Site-to-Site VPN Security

Your company's security is ensured by virtual private networks. To protect your connections, they use encryption. When accessing an unprotected internet infrastructure, a VPN is required. It gives you anonymity and security, keeping hackers at bay. VPNs, however, are not impenetrable. They, like passwords, can always be compromised. Here…

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