Top Amazon Seller Marketing Strategies

Top Amazon Seller Marketing Strategies for 2019

When you plan to buy a product online then the first marketplace comes in your mind, that is Amazon. In the global eCommerce market, Amazon is at the forefront. Almost any product that you can imagine you can buy it on Amazon. Amazon has a high supply chain, fast delivery ( one or two days) and strong customer relationship.

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. If you want to become a seller on Amazon, keep reading…


Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) is a program that allows the seller to sell there product without any stress. Amazon will pickup your item, pack, and ship your orders for you.


Do Research To Find What Is Already Selling On Amazon
This is an important thing for research on the product that is already sold on amazon you can check on the bestseller list of amazon Amazon Best Seller List you can check by any categories best seller. And the private labeling on the product is more change to success in your business. some point that you should keep in mind before you decide to sell a product.

You can also use Amazon research tool like AMZScout.

1. The product should be in a small size that may big impact on product shipping cost.
2. Choose a product that won’t easily break or not have any complications that can cause the refund
3. Choose a product to sell on Amazon that you are interested in it or you are passionate about it.


When customers search for any product the first thing they saw in a product that is an image of the product. it is really important to take professional photos of your product. You should have multiple, fresh photos to show off the items you are selling. Professional photos help to build trust with the customer and its shows you are a professional seller.
Some most important thing that should in your product image

Pictures say more than a thousand words.

  1. The image should be a core product only.
  2. The image have a white background (it helps to enhance your product details)
  3. Accessories and packaging.
  4. You should attach more images as much as you can.


Positive reviews can boost your product sales. Some people just ignore the reviews and they think reviews are not important they just spend there time with product research and marketing and advertisement but reviews have real power. Some customers first see the reviews of users what they experience with that particular product so positive reviews mean more sells.


Amazon offers various types of ads that can be displayed in search results and on product pages of the Amazon website by using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).
Amazon charges in two types from adds

Amazon Media Group

The Amazon Media Group (AMG) is Amazon’s advertising program. All the various services in the field of advertising come together here. AMG also offers complete implementation of advertising activities across multiple channels. This includes the advertising formats of AMS and AAP as part of an AMG package. Further advertising options are e.g.

  • You have choices for display advertising on the Amazon homepage
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Advertise on Amazon Devices (such as Kindle Fire or Fire TV)
  • Flyers in parcels
  • Custom solutions


Different types of discount promotions are available for both vendors and sellers conducting online marketing with Amazon. Some of the promotions are free; others are liable to a charge.

Sale Price
A time-limited offers, reduced price offer is one of the most manageable actions. On the product, the customer sees the regular price as a strikethrough price.


Amazon Seller uses a variety of promotion tools to inform customers about sales or special discounts:

  • Percentage-off: The item price will be decreased by an amount or percentage of your choice. Discounts can be applied on a single product, on a specific number of products.
  • Free Shipping: With this promotion, the shipping is free for your customers. You take over the costs instead.
  • Buy one, get one free: The buyer receives a free product for every purchased product.
  • Giveaway: To create competitions. You can set individual prizes and conditions for each sweepstake promotion.
  • Social Media Promo Codes: Promotions with a percentage-off discount. you can share through social media or other channels.


Amazon is the largest global marketplace if you want to start selling on Amazon, that would be beneficial for you so take your time and do some research on every point mentioned above. We hope you would become a successful Amazon seller.

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