Google Maps URL
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How To Get Google Maps URL?

How To Get Google Maps URL

How To Get Google Maps URL


Step 1. first, go to the google maps.

Step 2. When you will go on google maps, you will see something like this.


               Now search for your location.


Step 3. When you will find your location. you will see a sidebar with many options.

               Now click on the share button.



Step 4. Now you will see a pop over a box. you have to click on “embed map” button.

             After this, copy the iframe from the highlighted part.



Step 5. Now paste the copied code into a text file.

             And remove the extra part of this video.

             Please see below video.

          At last, you see a highlighted part this is the “Google Maps URL”


           Thanks for reading our tutorial.

           A WP Life


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