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What is Original Content and Why Is It Important

Google rankings depend on the quality of the content. The presence of fresh and useful content that is well-liked by virtual users is vital for any website. The SEO audit focuses on content quality to a great extent.

However, in the virtual platform, many websites steal content from other well-known sites to gain popularity. There are also quite a few low-quality websites that use substandard content.

The deliberate misuse of content is a crime. However, Google sometimes penalizes the original site because of duplicate content floating on the web. It is vital to employ anti-plagiarism software to check website content to prevent the website rank from going down due to plagiarism by other sites.

There are numerous free tools available online, like the paraphrasing tool, that allow individuals to spin the same content in different ways. Taking content from a website and spinning it falls under plagiarism.


Safeguard Content with a Plagiarism Detector

The website owner needs to safeguard the content on the site by using a good-quality plagiarism detection tool. This type of device separates plagiarized content from original content by highlighting the copied text.

It is simple to use a free plagiarism checker. Copy the text in the plagiarism scanning window to find a plagiarized text. Files can also be uploaded, and URLs can be typed in the search box to check content for plagiarism.

Enhancing Content with an AI Humanizer

The use of an AI humanizer is becoming popular in the content creation process these days. Beyond the essential functions of plagiarism detection, AI humanizers are designed to refine and elevate the quality of content. These advanced AI systems are trained to infuse a more authentic and engaging human touch into text, making it resonate better with readers. By assessing language nuances and emotional tone, AI humanizers can transform generic, flat content into vibrant and compelling narratives. This not only helps in avoiding the pitfalls of duplicated content but also in creating articles that truly engage and retain the audience’s interest, thereby significantly boosting SEO rankings through enhanced user interaction.

How to create original content?

A freelance writer has to create original content. But due to the enormous quantity of content that is continuously created and posted on the virtual medium, it becomes quite challenging to attest a piece of content as original.

The algorithm of search engines determines the results that are to be shown to the user. When the same content is featured in multiple places, Google chooses to display the most relevant option out of the same results. Hence, search engines often face the problem of duplicate content while compiling search results.

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Google Ranking Factor Depends Largely On the Creation of Unique Content

The same content issue is not always a case of intentional plagiarism. Product descriptions and syndicated content also lead to duplicate content. Internal duplication creates duplicate content for a website. Therefore, content marketing strategies require an unwavering focus on the creation of original content.

To frame original content, a person needs to focus on making unique sentences and project new ideas. Overt reliance on references can be overwhelming. It is, therefore, sensible to enhance one’s writing skills and vocabulary to make unique content.

Grammar checking application is quite useful to remove errors from the content, but plagiarism checking is necessary to ensure that the content is entirely original. Hence, using an originality checker helps in detecting Google SEO plagiarism.

Significance of original content

The popularity of content on the online medium depends on different factors. Its originality is the most significant factor; the engagement of users with the writeup is the next vital aspect. The lack of engaging and fresh content decreases traffic inflow to the website.

Less traffic prompts search engines to revise the ranking of the website. The website that gets maximum traffic, usually, gets a favorable position on the results page. Therefore, original content is essential for a website/social page.

But manually checking website content for unauthorized copy-pasting on the internet is an impossible task. Thus, it is prudent to employ a content checker plagiarism tool to scan the content for copyright infringement problems.

The Google copy checker is present to scan content for duplication automatically. Leaving duplicate content on the website or not checking the website content for attempted content scraping will hurt the reputation of the site in the long run.

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Scrap Content Can Ruin the Reputation of a Website

Not addressing duplicate content issues can lead to the popularity of websites that have scraped content.

There is the apparent need to post original content, but there is also a growing need to safeguard that original content. We know there is no dearth of content stealers on the internet. The problem of copyright infringement is steadily increasing. Disable download options and protect website content from direct copying.

However, these measures are not enough to stop the stealing of content. Automatic and periodic scanning of original content against multiple online sources is essential. Use tools that search terms to check results and find websites that have copied content. Quality tools provide alerts to convey the copying of content by other sites.


It is vital to upload original content to maintain the SEO rank. Check the content with an online plagiarism checker to avoid plagiarized content. Google SEO plagiarism checker helps to conduct a thorough plagiarism test. Hence it is best to use plagiarism detecting software to solve the issues caused by (un)intentional plagiarism.

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