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The Top Five Ways to Rank Your WordPress Blog in Search

As a blogger, you take pride in creating quality, compelling content on a beautifully presented website. You can invest time and money into eye-catching web design, but you know who doesn’t care? Google, or any other search platform.

Search engines look at data such as keywords, tags, and file names to determine where you will rank. The more you understand how search engines rank your content, the more you can use those outlets to your advantage. Implement these tips on your WordPress blog to help your content show up in search and reach your target audience.

1. Optimize Your Content

Implementing SEO research into your content is the best way to improve your rank in search results. Invest some time into researching keywords that are relevant to your niche and build your content around them. Don’t be spammy with the keywords but integrate them naturally into your content. The key is to choose keywords that have a high volume of search but a low competition rate. As a blogger, learning the basics of SEO is essential for your content to be successful.

2. Utilize WordPress SEO tools

WordPress offers a variety of themes that are SEO optimized. They may not be the funkiest designs, but they are specifically built to work well with Google bots. How do these themes differ from other WordPress themes? The themes have optimized coding andboost the average speed of your website, which both lead to a higher ranking.

Utilize some of the fantastic SEO plugins available through WordPress. Some of the most useful plugins include Yoast and All in One SEO. Even if you’re familiar with SEO, these plugins will make the process much more straightforward. They will help you create an XML sitemap and encourages you to add keywords into every possible place both in the front and back end.

3. Link-Building

Link-building is essential to building authority for your blog. The more websites that link your content, the higher you will rank in search. If you can get linked to significant publications by influencers or websites with high traffic, you will quickly move up in search results. But how can you encourage others to post your link? It can take a lot of time to do outreach and locate those willing to include your links. Many fantastic link building services will do this for you while you sit back and watch your blog grow in rank.


4. Create High-Quality, Original Content

Google hates plagiarism. Copying content from someone else is an easy way to get your blog moved to the bottom of the pile. Even if you are writing content from scratch, run it through a plagiarism checker to ensure it’s unique.

Google also hates typos and grammar errors. Spelling mistakes or poor-quality writing will not likely rank in search. Always read over your work and use trusted editing software to ensure it’s perfect before posting.

5. Make Your Content Shareable

Social Media is an incredible tool to help your WordPress blog rank in search. By creating shareable content, you’ll boost your reach from audience shares. On top of that, you can share your content through your social channels and encourage re-posts. Platforms like Pinterest are blowing up for bloggers. Create an eye-catching Pinterest graphic and use relevant tags to gain traction. Also, don’t forget to include links to your socials on your WordPress site as the Google algorithm seems to like those.

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