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SEO Copywriting 5 Steps To Make Sure Your Content Ranks In Google

You’ve been writing blog posts, but the best you can get is 30 views from time to time? It feels unfair as you’ve spent hours to work on the material, make it interesting, and the results aren’t even close to what you’ve expected.

Being a writer myself, I know all the pitfalls of composing process. That is why, when you don’t get feedback, it’s extremely difficult to keep your chin up.

Don’t worry, though, as we’re here to help you write the content that will attract the readers. So get comfy and enjoy the 5 steps that can ensure that your blog post will reach the top.

1.  Make Sure You Choose Your Content Smart

Whether you’ve already chosen the topic you’re writing about, or still deciding on what to select, you need to do it smart. By this we mean, it’s not enough to just write about what you like or what interests you. If people don’t look for such information, your content won’t be ranked high in search results. Basically, because there will be no search results for such a topic.

That is why, the easiest thing you can do is compare the blogs of your competitors and see what they’re writing about. What is more, you can select some terms from your topic and enter them in various Keywords Explorers or Keywords Tools. This is how you’ll see what are the top topics your potential readers are searching for.

2.  Search for Keywords in Your Niche

Another thing you should definitely do is analyze and search for keywords related to your topic. Needless to say that no matter how great and informational content may be, if it doesn’t have keywords, search engine won’t be able to recognize and rank your text.

There’s one essential thing to keep in mind! When you’ll be choosing keywords for your blog, make sure they have informational intent. To learn more on this subject, we really recommend watching the video “How to Do Keyword Research: Go Beyond Search Volume”.

3.  Examine Your Chances to Rank

It’s vital to analyze the compatibility of the keywords you’re going to use. In other words, you need to find out how difficult it is to make it to the top using particular keywords. There’s an easy-to-use Ahrefs Keywords Explorer tool. With its help you can examine the so-called keywords difficulty. The lower it is, the easier it is to reach the top ranking if you’re just a beginner.

In addition to that, check whether your keywords have informational intent (we’ve already mentioned that it’s essential). Google aims at providing users with the most suitable info. For instance, if you choose the keyword that is used in sales pages, it will be hardly possible to get your informational content to the top.

4.  Organize the Writing Procedure

As it’s called SEO Copywriting, it’s high time to talk about writing itself. First and foremost, always remember to organize and structure your writing (when it comes both to time management and the composing process itself). Secondly, always write an outline when you’re working on posts. This is how you’ll avoid the daunting feeling of staring blankly at the screen not knowing what to write about. Thirdly, make sure you use various composing tricks like convincing techniques. It’s crucial to create an eye-catching introduction, for example. Otherwise, you’ll lose the reader at the very beginning. Finally, write from your target audience perspective, not yours. Show that you understand how they feel.

5.  Proofread and Polish

For some this last piece of advice may seem not as useful as the one mentioned before. However, through years of experience, we can assure you that it’s as important as anything else. Always proofread your texts. “When you’re caught at the moment, trying to explain yourself, using mind-blowing metaphors, you can easily misspell the word, or even use the wrong grammar (not because you don’t know, but because you were paying attention to other things). For this reason, it’s essential to check your writing for grammar and spelling mistakes. What is more, we would advise you to let some time pass by before the editing process. This is how you’ll have a fresh eye, and it will be easier to notice the lines worth polishing”, explains Adam Simon, a professional copywriter and owner of the LegitWritingServices blog.

Hope this information was useful and now you’ve got a better grasp of how to make your content reach the top in Google. Now what are you waiting for? It’s high time to go for it and make your blog rock!

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