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Rank Your Website Using Backlink Checker

As a search engine optimizer or webmaster, you might already know that the key to success for your website is SEO. Search engine optimization involves several tactics that assist a website in achieving a top rank on search engine result pages. Most of the internet users visit the websites that are displayed on the first page of Google or other search engines for the queries they enter in them. Therefore, it becomes essential for the SEOs to get their site on top or at least on the first page to get the desired results, i.e., the high website traffic and conversion rates.

Achieving a top position isn’t a piece of cake as there could be thousands of similar websites competing for the same rank. Hence, it’s essential to avoid black hat SEO tactics and implement white hat SEO strategies on your website. One of the most crucial SEO factors is backlinks that work as positive signals and earn the trustworthiness of search engines, which leads to improvement in a site’s ranking. Building high-quality backlinks is essential for websites, but what is even more important is to check backlinks with a backlink checker for monitoring the backlink profile.

Check Backlinks Profile & Make Improvements

These days, you can find hundreds of websites providing SEO tools that you can use for monitoring the SEO performance of your website. A backlink checker is one such tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of the backlink profile of any website. An advanced google backlink checker can not only check backlinks but can also provide the following details of a site:

•        Domain authority

•        Do-follow links

•        No-follow links

•        Referring domains

•        Referring IP’s

•        Anchor text

•        Backlinks URL

Besides checking backlinks, it is also crucial to know the other details provided by a backlink checker. After knowing these details, you can take essential steps for improving your backlink profile.

Check Backlinks of Competitors

You cannot make improvements to your backlink profile without analyzing the backlink profile of competitors. There is no need to worry as the good news is the backlink checker tools allow users to check backlinks of competitors as well. After conducting a backlink search on competitors’ sites, you can make a comparison with your own site. By doing this, you will be able to find out the main reason behind the lower rankings of your site’s pages as compared to the webpages of competitors’ sites.

White Hat Vs. Black Hat Link Building Strategies

With the availability of online backlink checker tools, it has become facile to check backlinks of any website. But, when it comes to making improvements, then the real difficulty starts. Now, you will have to find out what are the best link building strategies to follow according to the latest updates of Google and other search engines. Relax! Because we have got you covered within this post. Besides knowing the strategies that can boost your backlink profile, you must also know about the deadliest or black hat link building tactics. You might be unaware of their harmful effects on your site; therefore, let’s dig into them.

Bad Link Building

Google aims to provide the best information to the users for the search queries they enter in it. Therefore, it doesn’t provide a rank to the sites following black hat SEO tactics. You might be busy in buying and selling links, but that’s completely unacceptable by Google. In its guidelines, Google has clearly specified that the sites involved in buying and selling of links could face severe consequences, such as dropping in rank or getting deindexed from search results.

Furthermore, it is also essential to know that quality is a priority when it comes to building backlinks. It is essential to ensure that the site providing you a link is of your niche; or otherwise, the link will be considered low-quality, and it can hurt your SEO.

Best Tactics to Build Backlinks

SEO tools have made our lives too much simpler. Just like we can check backlinks with a backlink checker, we can also create backlinks with a backlink generator tool. This service helps a website in earning high-quality backlinks from the sites with high domain authority. But, above all, the best link building strategy is still guest blogging. All you have to do is find out the sites in your niche that accept guest blogs and provide them a high-quality blog.

Moreover, the other link building strategies involve the finding of broken backlinks. You will have to work on the sites from where you wish you could earn a backlink. The backlinks that aren’t working or broken on these websites could be used as an advantage and reported to the website owners. While reporting, you can provide them an alternative to provide a backlink to your site.

That’s it!

This is how a backlink checker can help you in improving your rank on SERP. Therefore, you should check backlinks from time to time to monitor your site’s backlink profile. By monitoring your links and following white hat link building strategies, your position will surely improve on search engines.

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