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3 Ways To Get High-Quality Backlinks To Your WordPress Site

The modern trend is naturalness, quality, and diversity. It is necessary to use different sources of links, to monitor the quality of the near-link text and, if possible, refuse to purchase links.

Link promotion itself in an isolated form is no longer considered. It works best in conjunction with other processes on the site: internal optimization, creating high-quality content, convenient functionality, etc.

Search engine algorithms in ranking sites consider many factors, most of which are still not clear to ordinary people. This is what you can do to get backlinks:

  • Ask buyers to write reviews and post them on a site. If they come up with some kind of incentive or contest, they’ll agree much more willingly.
  • Place reviews on their own under the guise of customers and buyers, participate in staged discussions, advertise their product or company (forums), find ready-made discussions and discussions on the topic and make themselves known.
  • Publish materials on third-party platforms (interviews, reviews, informative articles on different topics related to your business).
  • To register in catalogs, Google maps, regional directories of the companies, etc.
  • Create blogs on different platforms, including large thematic ones, for the purpose of further PR of your company.
  • Use a partner program. If you pay users to attract new customers, they themselves will post links to your resource.

It is desirable to use a variety of ways to get links while focusing on the goals and objectives of your business. Let us dwell on some points in more detail.


Catalogs of sites and articles still exist and can be published in them. Only now you need to take not quantity, but quality. And the number of quality catalogs – miserable.

In general, registration in catalogs – a thankless thing. You can find a good base, but for it will probably have to pay. If you look for yourself, you can waste a lot of time.

The easiest option – to register in the most famous and visited catalogs. You will need to write a good text (for each directory – your own) and fill in all the necessary information about the company.

Guest Blog

There’s been a change of approach to guest blogging. Previously the blogs were filled with a lot of free, but completely useless content.

Guest blogging, in principle, is similar to external content marketing. Platforms for external content marketing accept third-party texts on a permanent basis and have certain rules to follow when publishing.

Be prepared for the fact that your theme may not coincide with the theme of most available sites. It is important to find intersection points here. For example, on you can in one way or another advertise any company, whatever you do. Just write about your business processes, and add a link.

Guest Blog

But you should not limit yourself to the most popular sites. Probably in your niche you can find large sites that host guest posts. There is a very useful utility that will help you quickly find new opportunities for guest posting.

You can look for similar sites (not competitors) and offer them cooperation, even if they have never published someone else’s material. These can be information portals, online magazines, blogs and sites where the owners do not offer their services.

The main skill required when placing on third-party resources is the ability to negotiate. And for this purpose, first of all, it is necessary to make a correct letter with your proposal (outreach).

Imagine how many letters daily get into the box owners of large portals. Half of them are probably sent to the basket without even reading. You need to make a letter so that it is not only opened and read but also agreed to cooperate. But even if you do it perfectly, no one guarantees success. If you offer a good article that will bring visitors from the search and answer their questions, there is a chance that it will be published for free.

You can offer mutually beneficial cooperation to sites that have contacted you before but on a different occasion. It is important to keep in mind that when interacting with lesser-known publications and blogs, your link may be deleted over time. This also happens frequently. Therefore, it is desirable to select more or less known and reliable sites or, to offer a mutually beneficial exchange. It is not necessary to exchange articles.

Links from social networks

Social networks do not pass the link weight to sites because they use redirection and/or nofollow attribute.

However, the so-called social signals also affect the ranking of the site, only as one of many factors. In addition, they lead to the targeted traffic (crowd marketing in social networks), help to diversify the reference mass and accelerate the indexing of pages.

Links from social networks

In terms of ranking is interesting an experiment of Tasty Placement, in which sites with activity in social networks showed a certain growth in Google search engine output – from 2% to 14%, depending on the type of activity.


Linkbuilding today is much more than the automated process of purchasing links. You can turn to for qualitative links. Optimizers are faced with increasingly complex tasks, so they have to look more and more towards integrated promotion. It can be stated unequivocally that reference promotion should not be considered in isolation but in combination with other methods used in digital.

Marie Barnes is a writer for LinksManagement and  Bestforacar. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. She shares her insights through blogging. Follow her on Medium.

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