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Six Ways To Increase Content Popularity And Site Traffic

High-quality content and steady traffic are the frontrunners of content marketing. Even though some might say it is no longer relevant, selecting the right keywords and SEO defines the types of content. Content ideas do not generate thousands of visitors on their own. Without promotional campaigns and good ranking, it will go unnoticed by potential customers.

Brand identity determines the unique aspects of the content marketing strategy. Inadequate methods will result in poor quality content, low traffic, and negative user experience. Figuring a way to prevent it from happening is a complex challenge but not an impossible one. The pre-planning phase determines the purpose and target audience of your content strategy.

Let’s have a look at six tips to get you started.

Understanding your audience

The development of online shopping and social media channels evolved the customer persona from a passive buyer into an active and engaged consumer. The prevalence of self-service or pre-purchase online research generates a challenge to optimize and personalize the tone and style of language in your written content.

On the other hand, it also presents marketers with new and exciting opportunities for customer acquisition.

If you’re looking for creative ways to engage with your audience, consider incorporating quiz ideas into your marketing strategy. Marketing tools, such as questionnaires, surveys, quizzes, are essential for audience research. Customers’ voice is the greatest source of opinions on relevant content they want to see and consume. Not to mention that directly engaging with customers increases brand relevance and creates opportunities to monitor reactions to the produced type of content. 

Website analysis

A website is a display of the brand’s personality and a source of information online. The effectiveness of a website is critical in generating traffic. Declining traffic might be a signal of poor web design. Web design should be unique and stand apart from the competition. To rank in the highest search engine pages, you need fitting headlines and non-copy elements. Research into the competition gives you insight into SEO tactics and content ideas that already have a high ranking. For the pages designed to bring in traffic such as pillar posts, searching for your prime keyword becomes essential for a better on-page SEO. Targeting specific classes of keywords that correspond with your niche can propel a website and its content to a higher search engine results page. It is the trickiest part of the creation of written content.

Targeting already ranking keywords is a useful technique for blog content ideas and guest posts. Keywords represent the brand’s content for the SEO and a gateway for your audience to discover that content. Use of long-tail keywords is now an industry-standard more than a short-tail but use them sporadically across your written content for better readability.

Although it makes sense to stick with your niche’s content, if you expand your topics, you might reach a wider audience. Creating guest posts with permitted links to your website is a great way to bring traffic.

The sporadic use of internal linking adds to better performance ranking. Add to it usefulness, and you have a winning combination. Not only that but it also naturally helps with the time customers spend on your website. 

The information position is important, as well. In general, people expect all the need to know information about the brand, product, or service to be on top. A strong CTA triggers engagement and elicits a response.

It is vital to have the highest possible technical SEO – responsive, simple to navigate, and consistent website. A growing number of online shoppers use mobile devices, so having a fast loading and optimized website is crucial.

Social proof or testimonials are an excellent opportunity to highlight your mission statement and build your brand’s trustworthiness and credibility. Clearly display what you are selling or promoting and give a concise reason why customers should buy your products instead of competitors. It will only increase your unique value proposition to prospects.

Generating organic search traffic through a website and backings holds a more significant value than paid traffic. It adds credibility and authenticity to your brand and outshines the competition. Keeping this in mind is key if you want to make money online.

Content boosters

types of off-page marketing

Experimenting with various rich media content or the right program provides opportunities for spreading your message and brand awareness across the digital landscape.

How and where you present your content is crucial as the competition is at an all-time high. The key to success is consistency.

Let’s have a look at four types of off-page marketing:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social Media marketing
  • Influencers
  • Rewards program

Affiliate marketing

Budget constraints are a concern of numerous business owners. Affiliate marketing is one of the least expensive initiatives that result in high traffic, better ranking, and brand awareness. It is a type of digital marketing where an external partner can promote products, services, or content through affiliate networks and earn a commission based on sales. The commission rate depends on the agreement between the marketer and the affiliate. Additionally, many good resources, such as Authority Hacker and The Affiliate Lab Review, are readily available online to help you become well-versed in this type of marketing.

Crafting the right affiliate marketing strategy starts with a clear program structure.

  • Set upon an affiliate platform

Creating a self-hosted platform is a possibility but troublesome when starting with affiliate marketing. Choosing a third-party platform is a better choice for affiliate beginners. Joining an already established affiliate program gives your business a more prominent exposure and makes the process of attracting other affiliate partners much more effortless. Try different affiliate programs before setting up.

  • Product Research

Always know what you’re promoting. Whether the affiliate material is digital, physical, or service, test it before publishing a review. Customers rely on real-life testimonies rather than reviewers that have no personal experience with the product.

  • Be honest with your audience.

Building trust through affiliate marketing is only possible through honesty. Your audience will lose trust in your brand if the review or recommendation is not genuine.

Social Media Marketing

Social medias’ traffic potential lies in its diversity. Each platform provides a different opportunity: Instagram or Pinterest offers content through visuals to more informative and formal ones such as Twitter or Linkedin. The benefit of using social media depends on your niche, but the brand’s identity should be consistent across all platforms.

Social media is one of the best ways to take an active approach to your content promotion. You can promote your best site content or a blog post and build an online community. If you’re using omnichannel support software, you can integrate all channels into a unified communications source.

The promotion of content on different social media dramatically benefits from your segmentation list. It outlines a detailed portrait of your online community as the type of content is popular.  

Social media content should include valuable information by using infographics, blogs, or videos. According to Hubspot, video is the second most-used content type on social media.

Depending on your brand goals and business niche, you can choose what kind of content you wish to promote. Or you can promote exclusive content only available through social media and create an online community of VIP followers.


Leverage the power of social influencers. Influencers already have a strong social media presence and can significantly stir public waters. Influencers and affiliates are a valuable strategic combination.

Choosing influencers is a process. Be cautious. Influencers have to be genuinely on board with your company and product. Otherwise, you are risking a significant amount of damage to your brand reputation.

Reward Engagement Marketing

Customer loyalty programs or members-only sites are initiatives worth investment. The most valuable customers require something extra to encourage repeat purchases and spending time with your business. For these VIP customers, you can release unique content that only they can access or grant them free digital content. 


Creating content for internet users that drives traffic is a multi-layered task that requires time and effort. Search engine optimization and keyword research are indispensable tools for the constant flow of traffic and amazing content development.

Help with content creation is also offered by text agencies that create search engine optimized texts of all kinds according to your needs.

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