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How To Build An Effective Community Around Your E-commerce Brand In 2020

In the time of rising competition in e-commerce and comparing each other with who’s gonna sell more products than others, who will get more ROI? Sometimes rushing simultaneously in those areas, owners often-overlooked on the fact of building a brand community. Also, It has become more important in 2020, if you want something else from your brand besides higher sales and ROI.

In the sense of creating a community, eCommerce themes businesses have to understand the fact that this is not the only root of getting success in high sales, great ROI and etc. Owners have to understand that conversation with customers, answering their questions, and solving core problems will help you to gain the customer’s trust and this may create a path for your business to grow exponentially in every aspect.

In addition to creating a bond with customers at the beginning is never that easy. First of all, you have to make them believe in you, not forcefully nut calmly. When it comes to online shopping, your customers have so many options across the internet.

To get your customer’s attention, trust & stance, you have to come with an embedded idea of building an effective community around your eCommerce store.

Therefore, in the following article, we will provide you with some tips about how you’re gonna start and build a community around your e-commerce store.

Who’s Your Potential Audience?

Whatever you do, if you are building your store, marketing it or building a community around. Do you first need to know who your targeted audience is? This thing has been properly executed by a few but important steps. Answering your customer’s questions.

If you want to know the persona of your customers, you need to think from their point of view. Today’s e-commerce platforms give you the liberty to understand your customers. OpenCart themes based stores allow you to interact with your customers easily.

To get the data from your customers is the easiest way to know what your customers are liking, on which page they are spending more time? And which product they added to cart? All these pieces of information will help you to keep with your customers/audience.

Who’s Your Potential Audience?

If you compose all the mandatory aspects of customers then it will become easy for you to know what next you provide to your customers along with the best user experience.

Take An Advantage Of Social Media

Social media plays a vital part and on the list of every e-commerce store owner & digital marketer. If you are also planning to run a campaign and build a community on social media through promotional events, then this event will help you but not that strong enough.

In the context of e-commerce platforms, Shopify themes based stores will help you to promote your store & product directly on social media. As long as if you stick up to rigidly promotional marketing, it wouldn’t help you that much.

Take An Advantage Of Social Media

You have to embrace a little bit of humour and share engrossing videos, images and your articles etc. 55% of people have bought something online after discovering it on social media. If you end up blending your humour in your store’s promotional posts, you will have better chances to gain an effective community. In this term, we probably called it “E-commerce – Social Media Community”.

Think About Your Smartphone-User Audience

If you want to grow even faster than target your mobile audience without wasting any time. For instance, 82% of smartphone owners used mobile to shop online. Consider this as your biggest opportunity and get into it.

If you don’t have an e-commerce app then don’t worry. PrestaShop Templates have potential to look responsive on mobile screens too. Create content according to the smartphone.

Think About Your Smartphone-User Audience

Moreover, if you think you can handle your e-commerce app then it will be the best initiative for you to create an e-commerce community faster and on the other hand, you will see the hike in increasing customers too.  

You Are The One Who Solves Your Customers Problem

This step will prove you that you are the person who is not afraid to take a challenge and you have the potential to build a community around your e-commerce business. Customers usually don’t trust in cold-face people. You fearlessly become the face of your brand and stay close to your community through email, notification and social media.

You Are The One Who Solves Your Customers Problem

In addition, ask your customers to give you feedback and review your service/product. If you receive any bad review then don’t undergo your self-analysis. You did a pretty good job. Don’t fear to accept a low rating, see this as an opportunity i.e. you get another chance to improve your product/service even better.

No matter if you are the owner, although it doesn’t mean that you can only talk. You have to become a listener. If your community is telling you something then, listen to it carefully and interact with them from the core of your heart and respond to them carefully.

It’s Time Take a Bold Move

If we started to talk on this topic, it would never end. Therefore we decided to put only basic and mandatory points which will help you to get started from scratch and build an effective community.

What tactic have you applied before on your e-commerce store and which you are going to apply soon for creating community? Tell us in the comment section so that others can also get a handful of help from you and us.

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Maruf Panwala is a Content Writer and SEO optimizer at Webibazaar Templates. Specialized in Creative Content, Digital Marketing Ideas and helps e-Commerce stores for branding on the digital platform.

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