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Rules Of Engagement For Social Media

The great thing about social media is how easy it is to use and how many people are using it.

The less great thing about social media is that, because of these things, the quality of content is very low.

Don’t be part of the slush pile, or the stuff that gets hidden and un-followed. Here are some rules to keep your social media up to scratch.

Rules To Follow On Social Media

Don’t post for the sake of it! That will result in inferior posts that didn’t need to exist, and aren’t appreciated.The rule on social media is always quality over quantity. You want to stay in people’s minds, but not for being annoying.

Develop a strategy, and a plan. It’s ok to change or deviate from this plan, but it’s important to have one. Using campaign management tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer will help you focus on analytics behind your social media posts and draw conclusions on how you can improve your efforts.

Consider who you are trying to reach with your plan, and what you want to achieve.If you’re unsure, hire a social media advisor.

According to researches, you should to consider keywords in the titles of your pages, and the search volume of those words, because your pages can rank on Google, as well as in a Facebook search.

Limit the control of your social media accounts. Only let one person do the updating. Centralising it will make your feed neater, cleaner, and will help develop your voice.

Deciding on this is part of your plan, and there’s no point in doing it if it looks like the posts were written by a robot, or in bad English, as it will turn people off.

Make A Plan And Stick To It

Commit to it. Doing your social media half-heartedly is worse than not doing it at all. That is the only way it’s going to be worthwhile or effective.

More than that, it can have the opposite of the desired effect, and make your business look terrible, if it’s not done properly.

Build a community. This is just as important as building an audience. Engage with the right people, businesses, and pages and you will make friends and gain attention.

Moreover, it will be the right sort of attention, because you will become visible to people who are potentially interested in what you offer. Create a database of information gathered from social media or use tools, such as Social Media Tracker to manage the performance of your social accounts.

Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Site

Make sure that you direct everything back to your website. This is the point of your social media strategy.

Yes it’s about brand-building, but most of all it’s about building your customer base. You need your social media to boost your business.

A good strategy is to alternate between interesting posts that aren’t directly sales-related, and posts that are.

Give your followers some interesting stuff, but always remind them what you offer, and drive the traffic back to your site.

Remember, social media is not a replacement for advertising. It’s filling an entirely different space, and you have to treat them differently.

Take advantage of the direct impact of social media by getting feedback from your audience, ask them how they found your site.


The best way to run a social media marketing campaign is to consider all the different ways that people can find you, and combine them into one strategy.

You want to combine SEO, pay per click advertising, social engagement and email list building into the one plan, with the knowledge that one is directly related to the other.

If you can’t achieve any results by using all of these techniques at once, try focusing more on one than the other, try to get better rankings, or get a cheaper cost per click to more targeted people, if none of these things work, nothing will.

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