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Best Free Google Analytics Plugins For WordPress

How much knowledge you have about your website?

It is a simple question, right? but you would be surprised when you know many people aren’t able to answer it. Sure, you probably know about the layout, design, content, navigation and everything on your site. But I’m talking about our website’s performance.

Here’s the main thing: Unless you’re surrounded by sales, registrations, or comments on a daily basis, it’s very difficult to know what’s happening on your site. For those of you who have started a new website, you are probably wondering if your site is working.

Now, let’s get back to my question: how much you know? although this time I will be more specific.

Some questions to answer…

  • How much traffic getting your website?
  • Where are these visitors coming from?
  • How much time do they spend on your site?
  • Which online campaigns drive the most traffic and conversions?
  • What is your top-performing content?
  • Which pages are not performing as well?
  • What are people looking for on your website?
  • What is preventing your customers from converting?

As you can see, these questions are a bit more in-depth. The knowledge required to answer these questions are also will be in-depth.

But you can not track or measure it by hand. You need to use all the tools and resources that are available online. So you need to set up a Google Analytics account.

If you’re using WordPress, you can integrate Google Analytics in your WordPress administrator dashboard. The solution is Plugins, you can use Google Analytics plugins.

It doesn’t matter if your website is new or old and also based on eCommerce or blog. Every website can take benefit from the Google Analytics plugin. So check out our list of the best plugin is for your situation. Here are some best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress.

1. Google Analytics Dashboard by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics Dashboard by MonsterInsights

2 million WordPress users are using the MonsterInsights plugin. every one this plugin because it’s so easy to install and use for new users, you can easily configure this plugin.

With this plugin, it is very simple to add Google Analytics code, rather than manually adding. You can set up your event tracking, configure your eCommerce tracking (if applicable), and deal with the learning curve of Google Analytics.

MonsterInsights can do everything for you, directly from your WordPress dashboard, you dont need to go on other sites. You can enable or disable any Google Analytics features with just one click.

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2. Google Analytics Dashboard By ExactMetrics 

Google Analytics Dashboard By  ExactMetrics

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics, formally known as GADWP. This is the second most popular option. This plugin has more than one million active installations on WordPress.

With this plugin, you can monitor your WordPress site easily. If you don’t want to manually insert the tracking code then use this plugin. Once have installed it, you can see all the features of Google Analytics statistics on your site’s admin dashboard. This makes things much easier for you.

You will be able to track all the stats in real-time, like:

  • Real-time visitors
  • Acquisition channels
  • Real-time sources of traffic

The best feature of this plugin is the front-end viewing option. You can set permissions for other people who work on the website like editors, authors, and contributors.

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3. Google Analytics By ShareThis

Google Analytics By ShareThis

If you are using Google Analytics by ShareThis then modifying core website files to track your sites’s pages, posts, and visitors. You need to just log in your google analytics account trough this plugin then you can access all the features og google analytics on your admin panel.

After installing this plugin, you will be able to see all the reports that are provided to you by Google Analytics directly on the dashboard. Now you have the ability to remove an extra step and check how is your site doing otherwise you need to go on google analytics dashboard and login every time and check the reports.

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4. Google Analyticator By SumoMe

Google Analyticator By SumoMe

Google Analyticator comes with a wide range of features that give you easier to use all the features provided by the Google Analytics tool. You will be happily use this plugin because this plugin also support new version on google analytics that’s known as Universal Analytics. This plugin also provides some widgets that you can install directly to your WordPress dashboard, it displays a graph previous 30 days of site visitors. Another widget that provides you with the ability to show some information about Google Analytics information on your site’s front-end so your visitors can see it.

Many websites miss out to place information in an area that is viewable by customers, but it can be beneficial to show the growing popularity of your site. You can use shortcodes feature to show these data to the public. this plugin have some more features like it has the ability to track download links, the ability to track all outbound links and to hide visits that you as an administrator take to the site, which allows you to avoid these. Visits viewed by Google Analytics.

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5. Google Analytics Dashboard By Analytify

Google Analytics Dashboard By Analytify

We’ve seen that Analytics also eliminates the need for you to manually add the Google Analytics tracking code to your site like other plugins. You only have to authenticate with one click to install the plugin and Google Analytics code will be automatically added on your dashboard. This is a relief for those people who hesitate to add code to your WordPress site. Without any coding experience, you can add all the features.

The Analytify WordPress plugin is great for eCommerce business websites. They have enhanced eCommerce tracking. With this plugin you will know that how many visitors added items to their shopping cart and also gain insights for when people are leaving the cart. Whit this information you can optimize your checkout process and reduce cart abandonment.

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Wrapping Up

Google Analytics is the best way to know how your site is doing, with google analytics you can see site traffic reports, pages and post status, site linking, and site ranking. You can use any of these plugins, we have listed them according to their active installs and popularity.

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