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Content Sliders in Web design: How to Use Them

If you’ve visited a modern website recently, you’ve likely encountered content sliders. Also known as carousels, these are a great way to add some creativity and movement to your design. They’re ideal for showing off your best content, whether you’re directing users to new blog posts or service pages.

Not only are content sliders easy to use, but they’re also easy to install. If you’re using WordPress for your website design, there are a number of plugins that make using a content slider a breeze. In a world where it takes less than a second for users to have an impression about your website, you can’t waste any time.

However, finding the right slider that fits your web design can sometimes be a pain. Plus, you can’t forget that search engine ranking reigns supreme. You need to make sure your slider isn’t getting in the way of your website performance and negatively affecting your ranking. In this guide, we’ll talk all about these content sliders and how to use them to supercharge your web design.

Content Sliders in Web

Why Use A Content Slider?

First, let’s talk about why you might use a content slider in the first place. While they’re easy to add to just about any WordPress theme, you’ll want to make sure you’re using one for a good reason.

You shouldn’t add a new feature to your website just because you can. Frankly, your slider needs to serve some purpose.

What are the main reasons to use a content slider in your web design?

  • New content – The first reason is to show off your new content. Having your latest blog posts on a carousel will get them in front of your readers quickly.
  • Product features – Another reason to use a content slider is as a product showcase. If you’re selling products on your website, making sure those key products are exposed to your users is a big part of increasing your conversion rate. Sliders are super popular for eCommerce websites.
  • Photo gallery – In some cases, it might make sense to use a slider as a form of the photo gallery. This could be the case for travel websites, businesses, and any type of web design that relies on visuals to tell a story.
  • Online portfolio – If you’re using your website as an online portfolio, a content slider is an easy way to share your biggest accomplishments or projects without taking up a lot of space.
  • Text communication – Finally, you don’t have to limit yourself to images when it comes to your content slider. You can also share text snippets such as customer reviews, testimonials, or your mission.

Using A Content Slider With WordPress

Now that you know why you might consider a content slider, let’s talk about the best ways to do so successfully. Because WordPress is an open-source platform, it’s home to numerous third-party plugins that make the experience customizable and simple. You’ll easily find several WordPress responsive slider plugins, but there are a few things you need to look out for.

First, content sliders can become a problem for your website speed. Nowadays, the user experience matters above even your design aesthetic. If your website is slow to load or doesn’t function properly, you’ll lose vital trust with your visitors. In fact, a mere 1-second delay in page loading time reduces the number of views by 11%.

Content sliders are notoriously loaded heavy on websites. They can impact your page speed if you’re not careful. In addition, not all sliders transition easily to mobile, creating a problem when users access your site from a smaller device. Ultimately, you’ll need to be careful to make sure your website is still performing highly with your content slider.

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Choosing The Best WordPress Slider

Before you install your slider on WordPress, make sure you have the proper foundation. You’ll need to have a slider-friendly WordPress theme. A lot of WordPress themes, particularly paid themes, come with their own slider built-in or a recommended plugin. This is the best way to avoid problems with design compatibility.

When it comes time to download, the best option is the Slider Revolution plugin. This is the highest rated WordPress slider plugin, and it’s already built to be responsive.

WordPress theme with Slider Revolution plugin

WordPress theme with Slider Revolution plugin

Because it’s so easy to customize, you can ensure that your website isn’t negatively impacted in terms of page speed or style. This guide to the Slider Revolution plugin will get you up and running in minutes. From there, you’re ready to make your best content stand out!

Is A Slider Right For Your WordPress Site?

Sliders have made a huge impact on modern web design. With so much potential, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. For websites that have a lot of updates, eCommerce stores, and businesses that rely on storytelling, they can be an effective asset. If you’ve decided that a content slider is right for your WordPress website, why not install one today? See for yourself how it can take your WordPress design to the next level.

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