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Hottest Web Design Trends in 2020

Your business’s online presence has never been more critical. With more and more online sales being carried out and many areas of the world still under some lockdown restrictions, whether you are building a website for the first time or redesigning your old, underperforming one, it is vitally important that you know the hottest web design trends of 2020.

Like other aspects of business, website design fluctuates and changes in its trends, with something that is aesthetically desired one year suddenly outdated the next. Using professional website designers or high-quality web design tools will help keep you on top of the game, maintain your search engine optimization and retain your place above your competitors.

Bright colors

Using bright colors is extremely popular in modern website design and shows no sign of letting up. Websites need to catch the eye with popping shades, but there is a fine balance to be had. A too offensive color will adversely affect some customers’ eyes and make it difficult to read the text. That is where caution has to be taken or plain-colored text boxes implemented. Whatever type of palette you go for when designing your website, simply ensure it isn’t dull.

Bold logos

Customers want to see logos they recognize and trust. If you are a company who might not have that sort of instant recognition, your logo should still be simple and obvious. Do not confuse new customers with complicated logos that they will need to decipher before they understand what it is your business does. Your website colors should offset your logo nicely, helping it stand out while not contrasting too jarringly. 

Translation services

One aspect of web design that is growing in popularity is including translation services. Google translate can change your site into; currently, 109 languages but it is unreliable and sometimes bugs, changing how aesthetically good your website appears. Therefore, including a function to change the language of your website is a fantastic tool to offer, especially if you are a multinational business or operating in a country with more than one widely spoken tongue.

Overlapping layers

Overlapping layers is a design feature that will take hold in 2020. This adds texture to your website, but it can be challenging to get right for an amateur. Finding website design Wolverhampton or other locations that you might be focusing your business on will bring a professional element to your website and help implement advanced trends such as overlapping layers to your online presence.

3D artwork

Design capabilities continue to advance, and one of the trickier trends to replicate is 3D artwork. This can be used in the illustrations for your website, your brand’s logo or simply as the backdrop of your homepage. Artwork such as this can be combined with animations to give your website an interactive, alive feel for visitors, drawing attention to tiny or huge aspects of your webpage alike.


With all the bold, brash colors and exciting logos and artwork being bandied around websites in 2020, it is this trend of using gradients that allow the eye to relax and be softened by blended colors. Gradients help block colored text to stand out and can guide a visitor’s vision to one side of your website or the other. Gradients work particularly well when used in small, isolated locations such as for buttons or tabs. 

Night mode

Finally, night mode is the trend that has taken both web and app design by storm. Night modes, ambient modes or dark modes, depending on what you want to call them, take the usual white-dominated pages and turn them black, grey or navy blue. This has been a particular hit on Twitter and Facebook, while Apple products have offered “night shift” – the ability to set a time, say 8pm, where the colors of your display or toned down and become less harsh – for some time now.

Offering a night mode for your website provides visitors with a browsing experience more suited to lying in bed at night or commuting early in the morning.

Web design trends are forever changing, and you must not be left behind. Be innovative and creative in your designs and do not be afraid of becoming the next trendsetter. Some trends are aesthetic while others are functional, but all should make your website a welcoming and easy to use platform for all. Also make sure that you have read how to write a web design rfp in the Ramotion blog.

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