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What And How To Monitor In WordPress

What And How To Monitor In WordPress?

Basically, websites built on WordPress don't differ in terms of their monitoring needs from websites based on other CMS. However, thanks to the world's largest developer ecosystem, the monitoring setup is greatly facilitated by the availability of ready-made plugins. Let's find out what and how you can monitor in…

wordpress plugins for podcasters

10 WordPress Plugins For Podcasters – Top Picks

Would you like to know which WordPress plugins are best for podcasters? Many podcasters choose WordPress as their preferred blogging platform. The reason is that WordPress makes promoting your podcast easy, growing your audience, and increasing your revenue easy. These are some of the best WordPress podcast plugins for…

How To Install And Setup W3 Total Cache

How To Install And Setup W3 Total Cache

Would you like to install and configure W3 Total Cache on your WordPress website?The W3 Total Cache caching plugin improves the speed and performance of your WordPress website. What is W3 Total Cache? WordPress caching plugin W3 Total Cache allows you to improve WordPress performance and speed easily. WordPress…

Best WordPress Calculator Plugins For Your Website

Best WordPress Calculator Plugins For Your Website

WordPress calculator plugins are straightforward but quite beneficial for your website. People normally don't think of calculator plugins as much more than basic arithmetic operations, but they can do a lot more than that. They can calculate your health and fitness, finances, estimate and quote, mortgage, investment, eCommerce price,…

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