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How To Add A Scrolling News Ticker To WordPress

Do you need a scrolling news ticker on your WordPress site?

Television networks use news tickers to highlight breaking news. A news ticker can be added to your website to highlight special deals or popular articles.

The following article will show you how to add a scrolling news ticker to WordPress.

How Does a Scrolling News Ticker Work?

A single line of information scrolls continuously across the screen in the news ticker. Typically, they display current news items, sporting results, financial and currency data, and weather information.

Using them is a great way to show small snippets of information that are constantly changing. There is quite a lot of information that can be displayed in a WordPress news ticker.

The news ticker could be used to display your best posts, items on sale in your store, or any other information you wish to highlight.

A sticky floating footer bar is another way to display this type of information on your website.

Now, let’s look at how to add a scrolling news ticker to your WordPress site.

How to add a scrolling news ticker to WordPress

Installing and activating the Ditty News Ticker plugin is the first step. Please see our step-by-step guide on how to install a free WordPress plugin for more details.

A News Ticker menu item appears in your WordPress admin area when the plugin is activated.

To add a news ticker, navigate to News Tickers » Add New. The next screen will allow you to give this particular news ticker a name, text, and a link.

scrolling news ticker

It is possible to add as many tickers as you like to each ticker. Each of these pieces of information can have a link.

Press the plus + button to the right of the current tick to add another ticker item. The item will be added to the ticker.

WordPress ticker plugin

When you have finished adding ticker items, click on the Ticker Mode tab. The ticker can be viewed in three different modes: scroll, rotate, or list.

  • Scroll Mode – Scroll the ticker up, down, left, or right.
  • Rotate Mode – Rotate the ticker data.
  • Liste mode – Display the ticker data in lists.
ticker mode

Since television networks typically use scroll mode as the default, it’s the default setting on this app. If you want to display one ticker at a time, Rotate is another good option.

On the rest of the page, you can change how the news ticker behaves. Configure scroll speed and direction, override ticker dimensions, and set tick spacing.

scrolling options

Creating a news ticker with the plugin generates a shortcode as well as a PHP function. Either insert the shortcode into a post, page, sidebar widget, or directly insert the PHP function into your theme files.

ticker shortcode

Once the ticker shortcode or PHP function is inserted, you can visit your website to witness how it works.

Ticker demo

We hope this tutorial helped you learn how to create a scrolling news ticker for WordPress. You may also want to learn ways to increase your WordPress blog traffic or check out 5 Proven Digital Marketing Tactics For Small Businesses.

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