Best Wix Referral Tools

Wix is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to create their website. Not only does it offer tons of templates and features, but it also has some referral tools that will help you bring in more traffic to your site. This post will give you the top Wix referral tools so that you can start building up your audience today!

OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is a referred marketing tool with support for all affiliate networks and all currencies. Extensions are also provided to sell your products by using forwarding services. OSI affiliates have options that help you manage the complexity of operating in a multiple-currency environment!

How does it do this? Well, it provides you with accurate reports detailing what’s happening on an affiliate level, its split regional reports, trend-line reports, and Geo Reports based on product type or services offered. It also provides extensive reporting features to see at a glance how your site is performing financially. The platform also includes multi-language compatibility, real-time email notifications, and complex transactions such as the eCom module for WordPress, App integration, and many more.

Simple Affiliate

Simple Affiliate is an online marketing tool with all the tools you need to create your affiliate program. It’s also a way for you to promote something online like Drum Set Lab in a way that lets you keep more of your money and sets the pace of when and how often people see what you’re promoting.

To put it another way, it’s like Facebook ads but with much better results. Instead of targeting by geographic region or interests, URLs are geo-targeted through IP address recognition, so there’s no wrong target audience (there are many missing flavors at any time). 


GrowthHero is an anonymous referral marketing platform where marketers and brands can approach any company or person to generate buzz, customers, leads, and sales. GrowthHero’s referral marketing software does the work of connecting vendors with their target audience for a price they set. GrowthHero provides features such as exclusive offer delivery, infinite search campaigns, and custom landing pages to create an end-to-end solution for marketers looking to drive traffic back to their business website or Kickstarter campaign. GrowthHero was even praised by industry leaders like CNBC, TechCrunch, and Bloomberg because of their inexpensive and effective advertising models.

Brand Ambassador APP

Referral marketing is about turning customers into advocates, encouraging them to share your business experience with others. There are many ways that you can do this. You might provide customers with an incentive for sharing, or, more subtly, you might offer a small reward in return for feedback on where they found out about your business.

Brand Ambassador APP automatically enables consumer-generated content (UGC) from ambassadors to be released through relevant social channels. It spreads virally and creates shares and likes without any intervention from the brand itself – which is one of its major strengths. 


PostPilot is a referral marketing software that helps the world’s leading retailers promote and manage multiple pr/marketing campaigns. The tool provides marketers with access to rich segmentation options, campaign management tools, data-driven targeted promotions, and integrations with popular eCommerce platforms, including Shopify.

Fans earn rewards for referring people to their favorite brands which have been integrated with the PostPilot platform. 

It’s been proven that rewarding customers leads to increased satisfaction and productivity in the workplace and better performance on individual tasks.


Linkr is a referral marketing tool that allows users to get paid for what they love. Share the products you love with friends, family, and followers while earning cash or rewards points!

We’re building a way for people obsessed with excellent content to earn when this content sells any number of physical items- all you need is your social network. Take pictures of books in your library and sell them on links to make money for everything from bookshelves to textbooks- or even the newest game at Best Buy. 

Bamboo · Referral Program

Bamboo provides an all-in-one referral marketing tool for businesses. They offer standalone advertising, referred and tracked emails, newsletters, social media, and blog posts from four different writers to fit your business and target audience’s needs. They also offer customer information service that lets you learn more about how your customers find you on the internet so that you can maximize your advertising spend by targeting them most effectively. Their personalized help desk gives you direct communication with their staff at any time throughout your referral campaign or address issues before they become problems. 


Promio is a referral marketing tool for entrepreneurs who want to leverage social media, live events, and email to create lucrative customer relationships.

Promio is an online referral marketing tool that supports user-generated content, event registration, and customer outreach campaigns to increase referrals, new business leads, and long-term client retention. It’s perfect for small businesses looking for branding opportunities without breaking the bank. It’s well suited for entrepreneurs needing more than just Facebook ads to drive revenues since it incorporates other ways to make money off products or services even after the sale has been made.


InviteReferrals is a referral marketing company that provides effective online and social media promotions to get the word out about your Hunting Bow Lab business.

Invite Referrals consists of professional account managers who reach out to our network daily with offers, deals, contests, and more – all handpicked by you. They work closely with you via email, phone calls, or webinars and will guarantee fast results!

The entire team at Invite Referrals is devoted to helping you find success in Internet Marketing.


SalesCamp is a referral marketing tool that provides event tools, content, certifications, and an online community.

SalesCamp is an online peer-to-peer marketing community where users complete quests to earn points and unlock badges while meeting new friends looking for ways to grow their businesses. The platform offers many features, including learning modules, live webinars with experts on topics ranging from word-of-mouth marketing to networking skills. Members can also collaborate by joining one of the many groups created on the site or by starting their group based around a particular industry vertical or geographic location.

We’ve come up with a list of the best Wix referral tools that will help you get more signups in no time. There are so many great features to explore, and we can’t wait for you to see them all! Comment below if you have any questions or thoughts on this article.

How To Select The Best Financial Planning Software

The demand for financial management software is escalating. Along with that, the growth of corporations, acquisitions and mergers, and company development are all also increasing. Hence, financial and accounting procedures are getting more complicated, and it makes it more challenging to organize, manage, and monitor.

Simultaneously, the rules and standards that regulate those processes, and the data they produce are growing increasingly rigorous and complex. That leads to the rising possibility of higher financial penalties for businesses.

That is why many companies are looking for financial management software to help them face the difficulties of integrating, simplifying, and automating their business processes and economic activities. These software can also help them in complying with developing and existing rules and regulations.

But how can you know whether you’ve chosen the ideal financial adviser for your company? In this article, you will learn about financial planning and how to select the best financial planning software for your company.

What Is a Financial Plan?

A financial plan is a declaration that estimates the quantity of capital and its structure. The amount of cash required will be determined by the company’s asset needs. Furthermore, information regarding your profits, assets, shares, investments, liabilities, insurance and other aspects of finances should be included in good financial planning.

In any instance, a financial plan is a written statement that contains a person’s present financial status, long-term budgetary objectives, and methods for achieving those goals. Moreover, a financial plan may be developed on one’s own or with the assistance of a professional financial planner.

Factors In Financial Planning To Consider

A financial strategy should be prepared adequately because it has a long-term effect on how the business operates. So, when considering financial planning, keep the following factors in mind.

Industrial Characteristics

Every industry has distinct funding requirements. Asset management, variability, and earnings stability are all characteristics shared by all businesses. These factors will have an impact on defining the amount and structure of financial needs.

Funding Sources Availability

Funding may be obtained from a variety of sources. In making a final choice of the sources, the advantages and disadvantages of all accessible sources should be thoroughly examined. Also, it should be able to offer adequate and reliable finance to satisfy demands at different times. Furthermore, financial planning should be established with the dependability of various sources in consideration.

Economic Circumstances

The current economic conditions at the national and international levels will have an impact on cash flow choices. Before making any decisions regarding funding sources, these criteria should be examined. A stable business situation will make it easier to raise money. On the other hand, unpredictable economic circumstances may make it challenging for a reliable company to obtain adequate capital.

Status Of A Company

The status of the company will affect a financial planning decision. Some of the variables that will be addressed in developing a financial strategy include the company’s goodwill, previous performance, financial health in the market, and managerial attitude.

Government Controls

A monetary strategy will be influenced by government regulations such as the transfer of bonds and debt instruments, payment of dividends and interest rates, forming international partnerships, and so on. The legal limitations on utilizing specific sources in government policies will make it nearly impossible to generate money. So, when you are choosing a financial plan, government controls should be carefully examined.

Upcoming Prospects

When developing a financial strategy, a company’s plans for the future should be addressed. Plans for future growth and diversification need a flexible finance strategy. Moreover, the sources of income must be adequate so that the needed cash may be obtained without any difficulties.

Which Financial Mappers Are The Right Match For You?

Financial Mappers provides exceptional value for advisors, businesses, and individuals. The distinctive function of financial mappers relies on the interconnection of all aspects of an individual’s financial resources and objectives.

Moreover, with the help of financial mappers, individuals may handle their money better, advisors can interact with customers, and businesses can help and develop connections with a more significant number of customers.


Most individuals acknowledge the importance of creating financial planning. And the most challenging part is determining where to begin. So, to grasp economic principles, you may hire someone to handle everything for you, or you may apply a set of conventional guidelines that will set things up in a certain way. These are the following:

  • work harder
  • minimize spending
  • reduce debt
  • lending only for necessities
  • save and invest more


An advisor will tell you everything that you have to consider in selecting a software, such as what your planning software can do to improve the company’s effectiveness. Also, you should have specific requirements in choosing one. These includes:

  • They know more about your client.
  • They show everything to you so that you understand and become more involved with your funds.
  • They maximize complex tactics and suggestions to a customer.


Monetary businesses may serve a vast number of customers on an individual basis while maintaining long-term client connections. Consider providing your customers with a one-of-a-kind financial planning solution.

Financial mappers create a customized product for any company. Your customer may choose to share their reports with you in exchange for your general suggestions. With financial mappers, the negative repercussions of every activity are visible and may be avoided.

As a result, by hiring a financial planner, your business may strengthen customer connections and help many clients personally.


Handling the financial status of your company may be challenging. That’s why you need to select the best financial management software to monitor your money as it moves in and out of your funds.

Furthermore, financial management is the only method to keep track of your finances and plan for future investments. It allows you to fully understand your objectives, including why you need to accomplish them and how they affect other areas of your business and finances. Therefore, please search for a reliable financial adviser near you and employ them to assist you with the financial budgeting process.

The 9 Best Ways to Send Large Files

Transferring large files can be a hassle when you don’t have the right tools, whether you’re sending a client a promotional video or a family tape. An email account is not a great method for sending video files.

When you are limited to attaching files up to 25MB in email providers like Google (Gmail), alternative options are needed. Furthermore, large files may take up your storage space even if they are confined to your Sent folder.

We have compiled a list of the 9 best ways to share large files. Here’s what you need to know!

#1. Send your files via email or upload them to cloud storage.

The easiest and best way to send large files is to use a cloud storage space such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. For example, if you’re using Gmail or, you can probably use cloud storage via Google Drive or OneDrive.

From Gmail, you can attach a file to Google Drive with the built-in button. It’s as simple as clicking it, choosing your file, and sending it.

If you want to send a large file, you can upload it to Dropbox and then email or SMS the web link to the recipient. Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage. Your storage can be upgraded to 1TB for just $9.99 per month.

Case scenario: Your email provider should make it easy to send attachments. Files are commonly shared internally between colleagues.

#2. Using software such as 7Zip will compress your files.

Free compression software like 7-Zip makes it easy to compress a whole folder at once when you have multiple files. It’s good to be able to save time and space while keeping your files intact by using Zip files, which are generally lossless. Zip files can usually be extracted from most operating systems without the need for additional software.

7-Zip runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 7-Zip also enables the setting of passwords for files, so that you can send them online securely.

Case scenario: One user receives a folder full of files at a time.

#3. The USB flash drive should be purchased.

A USB flash drive with a storage capacity of 2GB to 1TB can be used to collaborate on a large project or video. Sharing files with co-workers or backing up files for added protection will become easier with such a feature.

Using a USB drive is the best way to reduce the load on your computer and expand its storage.

Case scenario: Using a USB flash drive is a good option if you are physically interacting with your team and want to physically pass files along to team members, reducing your mobile device’s memory load. In addition, you can use a USB flash drive as an inexpensive backup of your computer’s contents, keeping your files and folders safe in the event of a system failure.

#4. Get Jumpshare online for free.

Large files can be uploaded and sent online using a variety of free online services that are remarkably fast and easy. If you use Jumpshare, you can upload up to 250MB of files with a free account – simply upload the files and Jumpshare will send you a link to share them.

Jumpshare’s icon can be downloaded to your desktop as well. Any file you drag and drop onto it will create a link that can be sent to anyone, regardless of their Jumpshare account status.

case scenario: Share files quickly and easily with colleagues by sending links. The link can be shared with anyone, so this is best for files and folders with few privacy concerns.

#5. Take a look at Sendy PRO.

For large file transfers, Send Anywhere PRO offers unlimited cloud storage and 1TB of cloud storage. By using the 6-digit key to share files, you are not reliant on accessing people’s email addresses to share files. This makes it different from other file-sharing tools.

As an alternative, you can email a link or use a corporate messenger like Slack to transfer files without having to transfer them in real-time

Large files could be attached to Sendy PRO via the Chrome extension, Outlook add-ins, or the Send-Anywhere website. You can either try the free version if you don’t need the PRO features or pay $ 7.99 / month for the PRO version.

Case scenario: Sending files or messages to anyone without requiring them to have an email address is quick and easy with this 6-digit key. Sending a file to a coworker or friend quickly and easily can be done this way.

#6. Connect to a VPN.

By using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, your Internet connection is routed through a server, which protects your data and gives you more online privacy. If you often use public WiFi, a VPN can help protect you from hackers and online advertising.

Broadband traffic management is used by some Internet Service Providers (ISP) to manage the upload bandwidth. A VPN prevents your ISP from knowing how big your files are, allowing you to send them.

The downside is that the large file can slow down your VPN connection, and your files are not guaranteed to come back intact. Using zip compression can ensure excellent delivery quality.

Case scenario: This is a good option if you use public WiFi to send private documents. In any case, this might not be the best choice if you must ensure quality.

#7. Transfer files via SFTP.

Uploading a file to your host server using File Transfer Protocol, or FTP is an option for transferring files online. The downside to FTP is that it’s not very secure – hence SFTP is the answer.

SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol. It works similarly to FTP, but it uses a secure shell for encryption. If you want to limit access to people not on your list of recipients, this is a good option. SFTP has significant security advantages over other methods, including file transfer options based on email.

Case scenario: This is a more secure option than traditional online file sharing used for sending confidential documents to colleagues or clients.

#8. Create a MyAirBridge link and upload the file.

Using MyAirBridge, you can share up to 20GB via email, a shared link, or download to your computer. Mobile devices can be used to upload files. While larger files will take a while to upload for larger files, and it isn’t the most intuitive interface (the link you provide directs the recipient to the direct download), it is adequate for individuals or small teams.

The MyAirBridge site offers several other plans depending on the level of service ($ 2.99 / month) or amount ($ 65.99 / month). You can upload up to 100 GB of files without limit and add password protection to your files if you choose the Enterprise option.

MyAirBridge can be used to download various files (including multimedia files, games, and documents) to your own storage space. The tool can be used to download music to your computer from your mobile device.

Case scenario: Use this to download music, videos, games, or other files to your storage device.

#9. With Brandfolder, you can easily share assets with others.

Brandfolder lets you easily share assets with your team, partners, or customers. Using Brandfolder, you can share files with specific people and even evaluate the performance of every asset.

You can keep all of your branded assets in one place with Brandfolder, which is used by brands like Slack, Bumble, and The Brandfolder service is cloud-based and utilizes user-level permissions to ensure that only the right files and folders are accessed by employees and customers.

There are enterprise and premium options available within Brandfolder. Check the costs of implementation with a quote.

Case scenario: Sharing branded assets with clients or agencies is easier and more professional, and storing important files in one place is much easier for your team to use.

Using email to send large files

>> You can share a file with someone, and then inform them via email that you sent it.

>> Google Drive and OneDrive are both integrated into Gmail and

>> To share a file via OneDrive or Google Drive, click the button when attaching it to an email.

>> After receiving your email message, your recipient has the option of downloading the file or opening it online, depending on the cloud storage service you used.

Laravel vs Symfony – A Comparison Of The Two Most Popular PHP Frameworks

Before starting to work on a project, it’s worth considering the choice of the right environment. One of the most important elements in the PHP framework. Currently, on the market, there are two candidates for the title of the best. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each solution and which will be better for a given project?

What are PHP frameworks?

In short, a framework can be compared to a skeleton, based on which an application is created. By using it, you can avoid errors that cause the most common problems with the functioning of applications. Using a framework means that the application must be written in a pre-planned way. For many people, this is a kind of limitation, but ready-made solutions and schemes contained in it make work much faster and simpler. It does not mean that functions are limited, because there is a possibility to create new functionalities, however, many tedious operations can be omitted efficiently. In short, using the framework will significantly speed up the work on the application, giving the developer a chance to focus on improving the final version of the program.

Laravel – what does it do?

One of the most commonly used frameworks is Laravel. It is built on elements of Symfony but has its logical approach to programming. Applications are meant to be maximally functional using as little code as possible. This makes the resulting programs very complex, but at the same time simple to build. Developing software in Laravel is ideal when an application needs to be finished quickly and team resources are limited. This is possible through the built-in elements of the framework. It is worth mentioning that when you install Laravel, you simultaneously get Eloquent ORM dependencies. At the same time, this framework has its built-in authorization system, making the process much faster.

How about Symfony?

The second very important framework is Symfony. Unlike Laravel, it is used for more complex projects. Most often it is used to create business applications that require very precise development and the involvement of a large team. Moreover, using this framework allows to effectively introduce updates when the application is already functioning. Symfony is rather based on simplicity. It contains only basic and necessary templates, libraries and dependencies that are used in most applications. This gives you a base package that can then be extended with all the necessary modules. Symfony is built using packages of files called bundles which you install as you need them.

Symfony is a PHP Framework that helps to develop and optimize business applications. This tool is primarily focused on three fundamental mechanisms:

Full Stack – is a method of designing and developing dynamic systems with many functions.

Brick by Brick – is the “philosophy” that underpins the whole structure. Each of these “cubes” is a single plugin that, when combined with other plugins, can produce a useful utility.

Microframework – is a philosophy that states that the framework should be used in very narrow projects without needing to optimize the whole code to the needs of a new application.

What are the variations between Laravel and Symfony?

In contrast to Laravel, the Framework Symfony was planned for large-scale projects, so it was used to build PrestaShop or Magento. Since Symfony is written as a modular solution, we have a set of several different components (bundle). Of course, we’re referring to particular programs that must be assembled separately and have basic features that we want to use. It is sufficient to install the required kit if you need a payment scheme. This is a very practical and easy approach. The selection of basic elements has a significant influence on the framework’s results. In terms of Laravel, it is worth noting that it is based on Symfony components. It is the best option for people who prioritize intuitive and quick code writing. Laravel is suitable for smaller tasks that must be completed in a brief period of time.

Which framework to choose?

First of all, you need to find out who will be the end-users of the application, how big the team will be, and how much money the company is willing to spend. It is also worth knowing the skills of the programmers in the team and their limitations. In this way, you can choose a framework that will be ideal for the project. With the time and development of the company and the project team, it is worth considering the use of both frameworks, as they can complement each other very well.

To sum up, when writing applications using PHP, it is worth using frameworks, which can significantly accelerate the work on the project. By properly identifying the complexity of your application and the capabilities of your team, you can choose between Laravel and Symfony. Each of them offers something different, but they can be adapted to individual developer requirements.

How Software Change The Course Of Doing Business

The cost of living has hiked up to an unbelievable level in the past few years. Many people are struggling to make both ends and are finding it hard managing their expenses. The global economy has taken a drastic hit, and a lot of people are losing jobs. On the other hand, the business world’s competition is getting more challenging by the day, as new companies are continually emerging. Running a business in this competitive business arena is not a piece of cake. It keeps business owners on their toes and demands plenty of sacrifices from them. They are devising new strategies and taking advantage of technology to improve their company’s productivity

Software is a set of instruction which guide computer to perform actions. The development of software has transformed business functionalities as it has lessened the human workforce to a remarkable low. They make sure to develop one as per the needs of companies and insert relevant instructions. Companies can use them to enhance their performance, and it helps them in generating more revenue.

The motive behind running a company is to earn profit and make it successful. Integrating software has helped business owners make the company flourish. Many business owners do not have sufficient knowledge of technology. In their ignorance, they do not take advantage. Thus, they lag in the market, and their companies do not perform as per competitors’ level.

Below we are giving an inclusive guide to how softwares change the course of doing business positively:

1. Enhance Inventory Management

It is a crucial aspect of the company, and it is very tricky. A slight mistake in the record makes the task very challenging, and business owners find it impossible to determine the error. The process of pinpointing mistakes is not only time-consuming; it demands efforts from the employees. With inventory management software, the job has become a breeze. The market has a plentiful of options and various software, come with different features. Many software offers free offers and has several attributes. After a while, companies can upgrade their software to a paid version to avail of premium services.

2. Give Customers An Enriching Experience

The software has made it possible for companies to maintain extensive data of customers. Companies can facilitate clients better in the light of their previous experiences. Your contact list is different from the customers’ database, as your database has other information. The history of the customer helps business owners in addressing their issues. In turn, customers feel satisfied, and it assists companies in retaining customers. Customers can do word-of-mouth advertising. When they have a good experience, they recommend your brand in their social circles.

3. Economical

The software has helped companies in saving a substantial amount of money and time. It is generally cost-effective. Most software proposes multiple features, which means installing one can help you with various business operations. Moreover, the software has minimized the need for a human workforce, and companies are using digital tools to perform actions. It has exempted companies from the requirement of hiring more employees, which has resulted in saving money.

4. Improves Communication

Two-way communication can do wonders for businesses, and it can put companies on the path to success. Technology has helped businesses to have better relationships with their clients. Customers prefer companies that lend them a listening ear and respond to their queries and solve their issues. Chatbots and LiveChat have made it possible for firms to provide customers with instant responses, strengthening their bonds. Some customers like to stay abreast with your companies’ policies. They prefer getting notifications of your sales, the latest schemes, and the launching of new products. With software, companies can send emails or messages to customers and update them about their latest promotions. The software allows companies to filter clients out, and you can send messages to some specific ones.

5. Reducing Paper Waste

Manual recording not only demands a human workforce and but also plenty of resources. Companies no longer need to maintain files to record their data or to save employees’ information. They can do it digitally and can access it from anywhere at any given time. Firms can purchase customized software as per their requirements and can save data digitally. Moreover, digital saving also gives them plenty of space, and they do not have to worry about the size of the data.

6. Request Tracking System

Software tracking system reduces time companies spend on non-value-added work. Various customers send meaningless questions and software help filtering the major ones out. On the other hand, a tracking system enables clients to keep a tab on their requests, and they can manage their demands accordingly. The software can generate tracking numbers, and these tracking numbers can assist customers and companies alike.

7. Evaluation

Evaluation is crucial for running a business as it gives an idea to companies if their practices were successful. Business owners often need to make instant decisions. Their choices have a significant impact on their companies and employees. The software allows them to access data from anywhere, and they can make an informed decision based on the information. Many software also has mobile applications, and business owners can carry their companies’ data anywhere. Data analytics is another extensive process. The development of software has made it possible to perform complicated analysis in no time.


Many people believed that intangible things could not produce fruitful results, but technology has transformed their thinking. Software is unlike hardware in nature, but its output can be extremely beneficial. With an appropriate set of instructions, we can make a computer perform our desired actions accurately in no time. The software has changed the course of business operations and helped companies improving their productivity.

A Few Key Technologies In Modern Software Development

Software is a set of instructions that tells a computer what to do. Software development in itself is a set of computer science processes that help design, create, support and deploy software. Software development is a field that changes constantly. The technologies, frameworks and programming languages used in this field may die within a few years of development.

A few technologies that had a huge role in the transformation of software development are blockchain, virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence. These technologies have a limitless potential and can literally change the world as we know it. Software development companies need to work hard and keep up with modern technologies and become skilled in them. This is a matter of survival for many businesses, which is why many firms including custom service providers such as Fortyseven software professionals only hire skilled developers that are aware of the modern technological trends and keep up with them. We have often experienced how small startups developed into multi-billion dollar companies and left famous companies behind that excelled in the area for years.

Key technologies in software development

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI has changed many businesses all over the world, and software development is no exception. It can also be referred to as machine learning (MI). It supports traditional processes and presents AI-based modern solutions and tools. Software developers use many development tools, but still, most of the software systems’ components need to be manually managed. That is where AI comes in. AI has helped many companies be ahead in the competition. Artificial intelligence has helped software development in the following ways.

Rapid prototyping

Software development is time-consuming for various business requirements. Developers make use of AI and develop algorithms that reduce this time. Examples of such technologies are visual interfaces of natural languages that can identify historical patterns and then track them. 

Development assistants

Developing and preparing codes with the help of intelligent development assistants can help save a lot of time. They give timely support and recommendations. This saves you hours of reading project documents. They also assist with code debugging and offer code examples and required libraries etc.

Handling errors and analytics automation

Software developers can save a lot of time by letting the development assistants asses the system logs. This allows timely detection of errors and their proactive correction without needing any human intervention.

Automatic code refactoring

Every developer always wants a clean code. Tools that are powered by AI allow simple code refactoring. This can prove very beneficial in upgrades where refactoring and maintenance is required on a large scale.

Decision making

AI analyzes the present and past projects along with their performances. It obtains experience from their mistakes. This is known as smart programming. This allows programmers to recognize loopholes and strengthen risk assessment.


Blockchain is not a singular entity, it is rather a time-stamped data that cannot be changed and is managed by a bunch of computers. It is very useful for the transparent transfer of data. It is like an unbreakable electronic ledger that keeps a record of all economic transactions. It is called blockchain because it follows the principle of the chain, where every single block is securely connected to the other. The user can observe and add a record to the software database. However, he/she cannot remove or modify any record in any form. This proves the integrity of the process. This technology is increasingly being used in software and web development. Blockchain operated software systems have the following key features.

  • Blockchain operated software copies and saved the data in thousands of systems. This confirms the security of the data. The copy of the blockchain code is secured with each node.
  • Blockchain operated software systems confirm the transaction requirements before moving on to the process of validation.
  • Blockchain operated software systems use consensus algorithms to keep the records of transactions in the form of interlinked blocks.
  • All the transactions in BOS have the basis of public-key cryptography.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality or AR is a technology that lets you overlay virtual objects in the real-world in real-time. This way, the virtual reality can interact with the real world. Augmented reality tries to inter-mingle the images of the real world with that of the computer-generated ones. This changes the perception of reality by the addition of images, sounds, infographics, and other such details. AR has found use in but is not limited to the industry of archeology, construction and visual artwork.

Continuous delivery and deployment

The software development processes of the past were time-consuming and required a lot of effort. New features had to be combined together on one release. This meant that the user had to wait until the coding, development and approval process was done, only then could it be downloaded. Continuous delivery and deployment have combined two very popular demands of modern times in software development, i-e delivery and deployment. This technology allows programmers to develop the feature, test, fix issues and release the software as soon as possible. 

Internet of things

Internet of things or IoT may not be the key technology, but it is becoming increasingly popular. It is surrounding the whole world around us. Internet connectivity is no longer just used with computers and mobile phones. Now you have smart microwaves and Bluetooth trackers that you can control from anywhere. As technologies like 5g come into play, more gadgets can take advantage of IoT and making the future for IoT exciting. It is gaining popularity because the IoT makes connecting with the world around us much easier.


There is always a lot to learn if you are in the technology world. As the digital transformation grows, it changes the development technologies continuously. That is why, you have to be aware of the key and trending technologies if you want to have a leg-up in the competition. The most popular and key technologies these days in software development are artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, augmented reality, continuous delivery and deployment, and the internet of things. AI and IoT are gaining more domination over the IT sector as time goes by.

How To Choose Small Business Software That Automates Your Systems?

Thanks to the wave of new and innovative entrepreneurs daring to take the steps necessary to achieve their career goals, small businesses are growing in numbers. If one thinks small businesses are more straight forward to manage than medium or large scale organizations, they’re wrong. Operating a small business is not free from its challenges due to its constraints regarding budgets, scope, and reach. So when the subject of automation in business operations arises, small businesses are often left off the table. However, if anyone could immensely benefit from this procedure, small companies top the list.

A small business must possess the foresight to understand that growth is inevitable if they aim to succeed in the industry. Automation adopted early on will serve small businesses as they grow at their respective pace. This blog will address all a small business owner who needs to know about picking the right small business software to help them operate more efficiently while maximizing their strengths.

What Is Automation Through Small Business Software?

Automation seems like an incredibly fancy word, which is what intimidates several small business owners and entrepreneurs from exploring the benefit it can bring into their operations and processes. Automation refers to streamlining the various processes involved while running a business to simplify and streamline the day to day functions. This could be as simple as integrating into accounting software that handles the top to bottom business transactions that involve finances or software that runs all your ongoing, incoming, and completed projects with multiple teams. Investing in “Small Business Software” replaces the need to hire various professionals to do the same job or spend an unnecessary amount of capital on extensive communications when a simple installation could do the job.

How To Choose A Small Business Software That Grows With Your Business?

One can employ several parameters to gauge whether a small business software will serve your organizational requirements well. 

1. Find Aspects That Require Automation In Your Small Business

Which areas of your business could you streamline to save time, workforce, and money? Some organizations are labor and production intensive, which require inventory management, while the others are intellect and service-oriented that need project management. It is up to the business owner to understand the kind of software to simplify the operations, depending on the type of business.

2. Create A Small Business Software Suite

Choosing to automate your small business using software packages will save you complications and capital. Once you have a rundown of the aspects that require streamlining, you can club these processes into categories, so you reduce the number of small business software you are required to purchase. There are several excellent software companies that provide a complete suite of services clubbed into packages for the same purpose. For example, you can find one that caters to complete accounting solutions or creates, hosts, and maintains your website under one package.

3. Cost to Value

You will find several affordable small business software packages that cater to your current business demands; some are even free to use with an incredible array of services to offer as long as you sign up to their platform. To choose one that works for you, weigh in the comparison of its subscription or installation cost with the value it provides to you. Don’t be rushed to pick the first one you find; instead, choose the top three from each category of small business software and make a parallel assessment regarding which one covers all your business requirement bases and provides the highest cost to benefit ratio.

4. One-time Installation Vs. Subscription

At face value, some of the best small business software may seem expensive as a one time purchase for unlimited access compared to the monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription. However, if you compare your subscription charges’ costs over the years, you will realize that a one-time software installation is favorable, even with timely updates involved. In our opinion, choosing one that has a flexible scope of expanding with the growth of a small business has more benefits than changing subscription plans often.

What Types of Small Business Software Can A Small Business Need?

If you’re wondering what kinds of small business software your business could use, listed below are a few used to automate the fundamental business processes. While browsing for options, you will come across software for small businesses that serve many functions for different requirements. If you require a more customized approach to your business, you can build your model using these platforms as they also make packages tailored for industry and scale-specific requirements.

1. Accounting Software

An accounting software handles all the organization’s transactions and is a must-have for small businesses to keep track of all the expenditures, incomes, sales, inventory, salaries, and other aspects of accounting compliances. Such ERP software also creates the necessary statement of accounts and compliance reports, making them easy to file well before the due dates.

2. Project Management Software

If you have multiple teams working on different projects, in-house or remotely, a project management software will help streamline all the tasks by bringing them all under one system. Here, they will be able to view the progress of the entire project, aspects completed or pending, while keeping track of their progress. The software also allows teams to prioritize tasks and projects depending on their importance, difficulty, and impending deadlines. This brings in a more significant amount of personal accountability and transparency in operations while avoiding confusion, mix-ups, and setbacks between teams with overlapping projects and employees working on multiple projects.

3. Marketing Software

A marketing software will help a small business maximize its strengths to reach a significant audience through analytics, customized filters for audience pools, SEO, and creating the appropriate funnels. Multichannel marketing software makes the implementation of strategies more efficient by operating like clockwork with the parameters set.

4. Team Communication Software

Communication between the horizontal, upward, and the downward hierarchy of an organization is essential to maintain operations stability. Since 2020 has resulted in most organizations implementing working from home, effective communication is even more necessary in the current circumstances. Instead of spending an exuberant amount on company phone bills, a small business can invest in a team communication software where regular meetings can be held across various members, the entire organization, or team leaders using only their devices and a good internet connection.

5. HR Management Software

Using software to streamline the process of recruitment, job appraisal, salary calculation, and payment as well as addressing employee grievances is an essential requirement to deal with the growing business. You may find it easy to manage your staff now, but it will become challenging to keep track of your employees when your business grows. Hence, it is best to pick a flexible HR Management software that can handle the staffing requirements as your business grows from the start to save time adjusting later on or spending time on manual work that can be avoided in the present.

6. Website Building Software

Building, hosting, and maintaining a website would generally require an in-house developer, which is an expensive investment for a small business initially. Instead of hiring a full-time developer, they can employ a website building software that will customize the structure, pages, aesthetics, and content of your business while providing a platform to host your domain and regular site maintenance. Such software has a yearly subscription with attractive packages of analytic tools as well.

How Can One Benefit By Using Small Business Software?

There are several benefits that a small business software brings through their automation solutions, as given below:

1. Adaptability

Small business software helps you adapt to the market demand by providing a certain level of flexibility to deal with a business’s growth with natural agility. For instance, changes in the market demands during the “high demand season” would need a business owner to hire sets of extra hands to deal with the sudden surge in order volumes. Instead, this change could be perceived as a natural shift that is expected by the software that can handle the bulk orders and sending out all inventory to the respective customers on time while also keeping a check on the stock to avoid running low on items high in demand- all while saving you the cost of expensive seasonal labor. 

2. Minimize Room For Human Error

Since the small business software is being run on pre-decided parameters and a system created by expert developers, it reduces the room for human error in calculations or missing deadlines for essential transactions, activities, and filings. Once set to fit your requirement, the software will do its job while requiring limited input from the human staff, especially in matters such as human resources, accounting, and inventory management.  

3. Maximize Audience and ROI

Small business software can help an organization boost its marketing and reach to maximize its ROI. Small businesses are often confined to a specific zone of the audience. To achieve a more significant number of potential audiences, remote business marketing software comes with analytic tools that one can use to study their environment, customers, and competitors to reach more people. When done right, this will result in maximizing conversion rates and ROI.

4. Reduces Staffing Requirements and Costs

A small business software can replace several of your staff required to do the same task and ancillary functions. It also frees up your existing staff from committing precious time to performing redundant and mundane tasks where their skill could be used at places that need immediate attention. As a result, it saves immense costs as paying installment or subscription fees for one software package covers all the mechanic work. At the same time, your human resources now contribute to productive work and bring your tangible business growth.

5. Better Remote Team Communications

Communication between remote teams and individual workers could be complicated if not streamlined due to differing schedules and time zones. A project management software that doubles as a team communication tool ensures that all your organization members are brought to one platform to work together. This increases the fluidity of operations, accountability, team spirit, and bonding between members, thereby helping you make the best of a remote working environment, as long as your employees have a device and internet connection.

6. Employee Satisfaction

Using a human resources solution software will help you address the staff’s requests and grievances in a timely fashion. It has also been observed that the team does better when they have been provided the correct set of tools (software) to make their work simpler to track and coordinate with other members of the organization. Employee satisfaction is about their causes being endorsed and the experience they have while working for your organization. Productivity while receiving cooperation and the opportunity to grow in all dimensions makes a satisfied employee, which can be provided by using an excellent human resource package.

7. Consistency in Customer Service

Customer service is one aspect of your business that will be at the forefront no matter what goods or services you provide in any economic sector. Using small business software for customer service will help you to deliver time-bound, prompt, and efficient help to your client base by streamlining the process.

Wrapping Up:

As seen above, several aspects of a small business require the help of software to make the operations work smoothly. Since growth demands the business owners to step out of their comfort zones, using such software frees up space for productive work that contributes towards such expansion while bringing in more opportunities to maximize their profits. Investing in small business software doesn’t just simplify the current workings of an organization but also sets them up to transition smoothly into their inevitable growth with expertise. Choosing software that your business requires the most, depending upon the nature of the industry you operate in, is a substantial investment. Deskera brings you the best packages of small business software to fulfill your business’ changing dynamics.

How To Create A Premium Mobile App For Your WordPress Website Without Coding?

The prospect of creating an app is always enticing.

Companies with simple WordPress websites generally understand the inherent benefits of having a mobile app in the market.

Mobile apps are not just a long-term play. The short-term advantages are also attractive enough to invite businesses looking to gain ground in the mobile arena.

The only point of concern is the process of developing an app.

The app development mountain

App development is hard.

This may seem like an understatement to most companies that build apps and bring them to the market. Yet, it is the easiest way to describe a very complex and tedious process.

What are the three factors you are likely to think about when mulling over app development?

They are most likely –

  1. The pre-requisites. You probably want to know the technical resources needed to create an app. This generally includes the level of programming skills needed for app building. Even creating a simple app requires considerable coding ability.
  2. The cost. We’ve established that it’s not possible to make your own app without a programming background. Hiring an agency or a team of developers is an awfully expensive prospect.
  3. The time. Even a professional agency can take anywhere between 2-8 months to create an app.

None of these factors is a net positive for entrepreneurs and small companies. As mentioned earlier, app development is hard. It is even harder if you are a small entrepreneur trying to get an app in the market with zero programming knowledge and a lean budget.

App builders – A better way to scale the mountain

App development is a mountain and using a free app builder is a better way of scaling it.


Let us go back to the three factors that made traditional app development tedious.

  1. The prerequisites. App builders do not require users to have a programming background. They are DIY tools that can help you make your own app without coding.
  2. The cost. App builders almost always cost a very small fraction of the investment needed to hire an agency or a team of app developers.
  3. The time. It should generally take less than two weeks to build an app using an app builder. The time period can be expedited even further depending on the nature of the app. A tool like AppMySite can enable you to create an app within fifteen minutes

App builders generally offer users functionality to create a WordPress mobile app from their websites.

In other words, anyone using a WordPress website can use it as a cornerstone to make an app.

These features are not just restricted to using WordPress websites to create an app. Users can even create an ecommerce app. WooCommerce is an extremely popular WordPress plugin. It enables WordPress users to create an ecommerce store on their website.

App builders can thus help WordPress users create an ecommerce app if they have a WooCommerce store

By creating a WooCommerce Android app, WordPress users essentially turn their online store into an ecommerce app . App builders like AppMySite can enable users to do the same.

How to make an app without coding using a mobile app builder?

The following sections will explain how to make an app without writing any code. We will use AppMySite to show readers how an app builder is an effective development solution for building premium WordPress mobile apps.

Users are advised to first create an account on AppMySite and provide basic details like the app name, website URL, and so on. Please note that you need to have a WordPress website to make an app using AppMySite.

Step #1 – Personalize your app

The first step is personalizing your app. Once you’ve signed up on the platform for free, you can start designing the app.

Under the Appearance section, you will have the option to create your app icon, launch screen, and login & signup screens. You can customize these designs according to your needs.

The Appearance section also provides options to update the color theme and design of the app dashboard.

Any app you create will go on to represent your brand in the market. You need to make sure the first few things people notice about your app make a strong statement. These things generally include the app icon, launch screen, onboarding screens, and the dashboard.

AppMySite provides many customization options to enable you to personalize your app in the image of your brand. In simple terms, you can own the design of your app despite using a mobile app builder.

Step #2 – Connect website to app

Most modern app builders use websites as the foundation to create new apps. AppMySite is no different.

The second step in the process is connecting your website and app. The steps below explain the process.

  • You first need to install the AppMySite mobile app plugin on your WordPress website. Download the plugin on your backend and activate it
  • Go to Install Plugin under Connectivity and select verify.
  • You will be redirected to the App Preview section if your website and app are successfully connected. If not, go the Troubleshooting and find where the connectivity issue(s) lies

Step #3 – App preview and download

The next and final step is previewing and downloading the app.

You can preview the app on a live emulator in the App Preview section. Just tap on the screen and check every screen of your app.

You can even preview the app on a real mobile device. Download the AppMySite app on your smartphone and login with the same credentials you used during the signup process. You will then be able to use your app on a real mobile device.

The AppMySite app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The previewing process will help you find all the design flaws within your app. You can always go back and update the design according to your needs. The App Settings section is also available for users to change the functionality of their apps.

You can proceed to the Download app section once the app is ready. Download the Android and iOS build from AppMySite and go on to submit both on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively.

In conclusion

App builders help entrepreneurs and companies navigate the complexity of traditional app development. As websites become less relevant and mobile apps grow, companies will find the need to bring an app to the market.

Tools like AppMySite will prove beneficial then. The piece lays out a step-by-step guide on making an app with a free app builder.

App development does not have to be hard. The mountain can be scaled with the use of app builders.

What will you get in the Big Data and Hadoop Training Course?

The Big Data and Hadoop course will help you get a basic knowledge of various Big Data frameworks. You will also get hands-on practical experience which will help you convert the theoretical knowledge into practical competence. You will get to work on projects related to various sectors: government sectors, e-commerce businesses, and banking and financial sectors. Moreover, you will also get to learn about the methods that are used to extract relevant information from a large pool of data. 

You will be trained to use Hadoop frameworks such as Pig and Hive. Finally, you will also get to perform real-world analytics to get practical experience at the end of the training. Big Data and Hadoop Training is a great way to upgrade your skills. This course would be highly beneficial to you if you want to make a career in the field of data management.  

Why is Big Data and Hadoop important?

As the amount of data produced in a day is rising each day, the equipment that is used to process this data has to be powerful and efficient. Without good processing power, analysis, and understanding of big data would not be possible. Therefore, Hadoop by Apache is a great tool to deal with large amounts of data. Through the Hadoop frameworks, large volumes of data can easily be organized, structured, and understood. This data can then be used to provide significant insights which will in turn help in the growth of the business.  

What are the benefits of earning Big Data and Hadoop certification?

There are a lot of benefits to pursuing a Big Data and Hadoop course and earning the certification. 

  • Professionals who are trained and have the practical skills to handle big data are in demand these days. Companies want individuals who have practical skills and the qualifications to show for those skills. As every organization relies on data that is gathered from the customers to take business decisions, the growth of the company is dependent upon the accuracy of the insights provided by the data. Therefore, there is a huge demand for people who are trained to be data specialists. 
  • By completing this course, you will get a chance to enhance your career opportunities significantly. If you are a fresher, you will be able to secure a good job. If you are a working professional, you will improve your chances of moving up the ladder in your organization and being more successful in your career. This course is great for people who want to switch their fields while they are already working somewhere. The Big Data and Hadoop training will allow you to showcase your skills and work in an industry of your choosing. 
  • As a student, you can pursue this certification course during your studies. Recruiters are always looking for candidates who have done something different and unique from the rest of their competitors. Therefore, by pursuing this course, you can significantly improve your chances of getting hired by companies like Google, Cisco, and Microsoft.  
  • One of the best benefits of pursuing the Big Data and Hadoop course is the potential increase in your salary capacity. By completing this course and earning your certification, you can expect that you will be able to increase your earning potential. Your new skill set can help you get a promotion or secure a job. 

What are the career opportunities you can pursue after completing the Big Data and Hadoop Course?

After completing the Big Data and Hadoop course, you can pursue a career in any field you want. This course can help you secure a job in a good company such as Microsoft, Google, and Cisco. There would be endless career opportunities after completing this training. Companies can hire you as:

  • Data Architects
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Developers
  • BI Analysts
  • BI Developers
  • SAS Developers
  • Consultants for Hadoop Projects
  • Software Engineers

What is unique about the Big Data and Hadoop Course?

To ensure that all the skills and training that you received in a theoretical manner are properly understood and implemented, you will be required to complete some projects which will ensure that you are ready to use the skills you learned. This course is worth it because not only do you get theoretical knowledge but you also get to try your skills on projects which are real. The projects offered in this course are unique and will help you develop your practical skills. Towards the end of the course, you will be asked to use the frameworks you learned to analyze different types of data:

  • Analysis of Aadhar: Aadhar is one of the biggest and the largest biometric databases all around the world. The amount of data that is stored in this database is enormous and has to be continuously deciphered, structured, and separated according to different parameters such as state of residence, age, etc. Through this project, you will be able to learn how to deal with large data sets. 
  • E-commerce Website based Analytics (Clickstream Analysis): Data is of paramount importance for e-commerce websites. They use clickstream analysis to record and analyze user data based on timestamp, destination URL, IP address of visitor, device information, web browser information, visitor identification number, referral page information among others. The Hadoop ecosystem is used to simplify the process and this project can help you understand the process of data analysis on e-commerce websites. 
  • Analyzing the Banking Sector (CITI Bank): Financial and Banking sector is one of the top sectors that use data analysis insights and Hadoop frameworks to gather important information that helps them make strategic business decisions. The CITI group of banks has adopted an approach that is completely based on the data that is collected. To ensure that the insights are accurate, and the decisions correct, they use frameworks by Hadoop to process their data. This project will familiarize you with the inner working of the Financial and Banking Sector and will allow you to learn the finer process of data analysis particularly in this sector.