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The Best Tools For Creating Your Company Logo

The logo design is the first thing that people see when it comes to a brand, product, service, marketing tool, or website. The logo is prominently shown on both print and digital materials, making it one of the most crucial branding elements.

If you follow the basics of color branding, you have a variety of options for designing a logo for your brand. Logo generators are a terrific way to save time and money. However, this doesn’t mean you can trust any logo maker you find on the web. Here are some tools you can use to generate your company logo:


A logo can be created in minutes using the Designhill AI-powered logo generator if you are new to design. The logo maker doesn’t require any graphic design expertise. Artificial Intelligence features handle all areas of the user’s design. Furthermore, you don’t need to go through tutorials to learn how to use the software. There is an intuitive user interface.

In a short amount of time, Designhill generates professional-looking logo designs. After filling out the details about your company, you can expect an attractive and professionally designed template within a few minutes. You can customize the template to meet your needs after selecting the template that interests you most. The design can be saved, or it can be purchased in downloadable formats like PNG, SVG, JPEG, EPS, and vector logos.

Logo Design Studio Pro

Logo design study pro is an efficient and easy-to-use graphic design program. At an affordable price, this program allows you to create stunning company logos. There are many high-quality features for a logo design that you may use without having to go through a lengthy learning process.

In addition to over 2000 customizable logo templates, the software includes more than 6,000 vector images, shapes, and graphics, and 750 fonts. The software makes it easy to design professional logos. Even someone without extensive design skills can utilize it to their advantage. Download and subscription options are available for this logo generator.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator’s ability to design logos will appeal to professional designers. Business owners who understand graphic design can make good use of its design options. Creating a logo for your company requires you to be skilled at designing, so you have to be good at it.

It has a variety of fantastic design features, such as perspective and pixel grids, over 16000 fonts, gradient tools for objects or brush strokes, as well as reshaping and advanced colour palettes and painting tools, including Pantone and CMYK choices. Various plans are available starting at $20.99 per month.

It is difficult for people with little graphic design experience to use this platform because of its steep learning curve. Although it is free for seven days, you can import scanned images, and you can customize workspaces, which is a great advantage.


Using Canva, you can edit and collaborate on your work in real-time. Teams with different design skills can benefit from this tool. This logo generator is ideal for novices due to its drag-and-drop interface and ease of use. Additionally, it offers a free version that is always available.

Collaboration with multiple users is made easy and projects are organized effectively with this tool. This tool can be used on a laptop or even on a mobile phone. You may use it to design anything you want because it comes with a tons of attractive photos, elegant templates, professional designs, fonts, and colours. External approval can also be achieved through link sharing.

Logos are easily available in SVG, PNG, JPD, and PDF formats, and can even be shared directly on social media.


Adobe Illustrator is a popular competitor of CorelDRAW. It, like Adobe, has a steep learning curve and is only suitable for those with prior graphic design experience. A vector design can be created with this program from an image. To make the most of this program, you need some editing or designing knowledge. There is a Mac and a Windows version, but it can’t be used on mobile devices.

Over 7000 clipart, photos, and vehicle wrap templates, as well as over 1000 typefaces, block shadows, symmetry, and capture tools, are all available. Aside from this, the software has easy-to-use in-app hints for creating a logo.


Looka’s AI-powered logo maker is the finest for quick branding. By using this, you can create your own logo in just a few minutes and download all the brand assets you need. Looka is an excellent option for companies that need to create images quickly for email signatures, social media business cards, etc.

Design styles, color and font choices, symbols, etc. are all that are required. Shapes, text spacing, layout, and colour may all be changed with a few clicks. Depending on what package you choose, you can purchase the logo in SVG, PNG, PDF, and EPS formats.

Cons include the fact that less-known industries may not find the icons they need on Looka. AI-generated logos are also mixed in quality.


Inkscape is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is powerful design software that offers free logo design services. Inkscape can be easily used by someone who understands graphic design. There is, however, a learning curve for people who do not have design experience. However, there are plenty of tutorials online to help.

Your design can be exported in SVG, EPS, AI, PDF, and PNG formats once you have completed your design. It also has tools for pencil, pen, and calligraphy, for shapes, for gradients, for multiline text, a color wheel, and for CMS palettes.

Despite the pros, there are some cons, such as complicated Mac installation, an outdated interface, and a steep learning curve for new users.

Logo Wiz

Logowiz is an intuitive and powerful logo design tool that caters to users of all skill levels. With Logowiz, creating a professional logo is quick and easy, thanks to its AI-powered logo maker. Even if you have no prior graphic design experience, Logowiz’s user-friendly interface ensures that you can generate high-quality logos without needing to learn complex design software.

For professional designers and business owners with design experience, Logowiz offers advanced features comparable to those found in industry-standard software like Adobe Illustrator. With a wide range of design tools, including perspective and pixel grids, gradient tools, reshaping options, and extensive color palettes (including Pantone and CMYK), Logowiz allows for precise and creative logo design.

Logowiz offers an extensive library of design elements to help you create unique and stunning logos. These resources make it easy to design a logo that stands out, even if you don’t have extensive design skills.

Creating professional logos with these softwares won’t take much time at all. The software you choose will depend on your time, budget, and graphic design experience.

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