Apple’s First AR Headset Arriving In 2023 With OLED Display

Apple is currently concentrating on the AR aspect of things. Across the board, AR & VR are on the lower end of Apple’s priority. The company hasn’t officially announced the device, but the rumors all around that the company has big plans for AR. It is the next step on that journey to have a VR/AR headset. 

Apple’s First AR Headset

The VR/AR headset is completely different from Apple’s rumored glasses. It is speculated that those will be purely AR-focused and won’t be available anytime soon. Apple has increased the “OLEDoS” display from 2800ppi to 3500ppi. Apple is reaching out to Samsung and LG for its displays. 

How Will The Performance Of Apple VR?

A chip with capabilities comparable to the M1 Pro in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro is expected to power the headset.  Apple’s headset focuses on mixed reality. The headset will include external cameras to test features such as hand-tracking and gesture control, according to Mark Gurman (tech reporter for Bloomberg). In addition, a virtual keyboard can be used to type in the air.

Apple VR Focuses On Games? 

At least one report claims that Apple isn’t focusing on games for its AR/VR headset. But rumors say Video-game characters can leap across your living room or a virtual table can appear on your floor using AR. In today’s premium AR headsets, 3D graphics are placed according to your environment. With its AR glasses, Apple will ultimately aim for this, though in a smaller size.

More Closer To Eyes

AR headsets need around 30004000ppi being much closer to the eye. For this, OLED was designed using silicon as a substrate instead of glass.  An 8K display would be a significant challenge even for Apple’s best chips. Foveated rendering is allegedly the company’s approach. Tracking the user’s eyes only prioritizes graphical detail in the section the user is looking at any given time. The quality of the virtual image in the peripheral vision of the user has been degraded.

Apple VR Headset Release Date

Apple VR/AR headset news September 26 · Mark Gurman has again claimed the headset may arrive in 2023. We don’t yet know when “Apple VR” will be released because Apple hasn’t decided on its approach. According to many reports from Ming-Chi Kuo, it might debut as early as January 2023. 

Difference Between AR and VR

Augmented or virtual reality? Significant differences exist between AR and VR. AR enhances a real-world scene, while VR provides an immersive virtual experience Unlike AR, VR requires a headgear device.
While AR users interact with the real world, VR users navigate through a wholly made-up environment.
Compared to VR, AR demands more bandwidth.
AR aims to improve both the actual world and the virtual world. Virtual reality (VR) replaces the real environment with a made-up reality that is largely used to improve video games.

Apple VR” vs. “Apple Glass

“Apple VR” would be heavier and more resemblant to current VR headsets than AR glasses. It would resemble Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 in terms of size, but with a curved visor on the front.

Some Most Important Features Of Apple VR Headset

Design –

The headset will be comprised of fabrics and lightweight materials to ensure a cozy fit. It sports a “sleek, curving visor linked to the face by a mesh material and swappable headbands,” according to the description. Based on these headset descriptions, designer Ian Zelbo created the renderings below.

Display –

Leaks claim that Apple has tested chips for its virtual reality headset that are more efficient than the M1 processors featured in the newest Macs.

Cooling –

Apple also wants to add a fan to its headset. The company normally does not use fans on its mobile devices, but modern standalone VR requires a good cooling system.

Lenses –

Customers will be able to get personalized prescription lenses from Apple. These might be placed inside the headgear on top of the VR displays.

Apple VR Headset Price

Rumored to be called “Reality Pro,” is expected to be a high-end product that serves space with a price tag worth $2,000. Some rumors also highlight that the headset price may goes up to $3,000.

Bottom Line

Kuo has occasionally spread rumors about a second-generation headgear, according to which it would feature upgraded technology that would improve the experience. The second-generation headgear would launch in early 2023-2024 and have numerous price levels, including high-end premium and low-end budget lines for customers.

Should You Stop Drinking Bottled Water?

Do you consider yourself to be a bottled water fanatic? If you find yourself struggling to consume tap water, instead opting for “convenient” bottled water, you might be surprised to learn there are ways to make tap safe. When filtered or purified properly, tap water offers the most convenient, healthy, and safe drinking water solution that would put all bottled water to shame.

The Unproven Benefits of Bottled Water

In years past, countless tests have been conducted in terms of the safety of bottled water. More recently, it was discovered that nearly 50 types of bottled water, carbonated and noncarbonated, contained alarming levels of PFAS chemicals. In many experts opinions, the levels greatly outnumbered limits considered safe for human consumption. This man-made chemical is commonly used for products that resist grease and heat. What happens when they’re consumed by a human being?

PFAS, short for per-and polyfluoroalkyl, accumulate within your body after years of consumption. If the effects are anything like those observed in lab animals, here are a few of the negatives we could be looking forward to. If you enjoy bottled water on a regular basis, you risk issues seen in lab animals, including: birth defects, cancer, reproductive, developmental, kidney, liver, and even immunological effects.

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Is Bottled Water Safer than Tap Water?

Up to 91% of all of the discarded plastic used worldwide goes without recycling. Consumers are so enamored with the use of bottled water, that close to a million plastic bottles are purchased each minute. Basically, because this plastic goes without recycling, you’re essentially chucking it straight into the ocean for wildlife to deal with, if it doesn’t get delivered to sit forever at a landfill.

What’s even worse, in terms of overall safety, are the stringent regulations imposed upon tap water, and not bottled. Federal standards dictate that municipal water systems are required to provide annual consumer confidence reports, in order to detail treatment methods, contents, and levels of remaining hazardous contaminants. Bottled water is simply required to FDA regulation, with zero required reporting. They don’t even have to tell you what’s in there!

Can I Make My Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Most of these problems could be avoided completely if we dedicated ourselves to refusing plastic bottled water, and relied on filtered or purified tap water, instead. It’s almost overwhelming to discover the methods and devices available to ease this burden. Long gone are the days that we are required to travel miles in order to tote water home, yet we find ourselves returning to that point thanks to cases of bottled water. The best part about the majority of these water filtration devices, is that many, such as an RO machine, are capable of removing up to 1000 contaminants from tap water.

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

If your budget is a concern, and the upfront cost associated with a Reverse Osmosis purification system, you have to break down the numbers. Yes, the cost is higher up front, but you are receiving years of use with little maintenance. Bottled water will require the same process for as many years as you continue to utilize them. Not only do you have to pay to buy the water, pay to bring it home, pay to refrigerate it, but you have to pay to dispose of it – and then the earth ultimately pays the price.

Let’s Wrap it Up

If you love the plant as much as the rest of us, switching back to filtered tap water is an easy choice. Not only can we lower the overall dependency upon plastic, but we can save wildlife, nourish instead of damage. There is no magical solution to ending climate change, unless we all take personal responsibility through urgent action. When you think about it this way, moving away from plastic bottled water is simple – let’s get there together.

10 Awesome Benefits of Having a Smartwatch

Among the best wearable technologies of 2020, the smartwatch is definitely going to take a lead very soon because of its stylish look coupled with some cool features. It may look like a simple watch, but underneath its simplicity, this powerful tool can add ease in your life.

A smartwatch is not just a simple watch! There are multiple advantages, as well, but you are probably unaware of it. Here we have listed some perks of owning a smartwatch to highlight that you owe an outstanding smartwatch gadget. Take a look at the benefits below: 

1. Smart Time tracker

A smartwatch offers a lot more than your wrist-watch – basically, a smartwatch is not just a time tracker. Along with knowing the exact time, you can track the date and access stopwatch with split and lap timing features in the smartwatch.

2. Fitness Tracker

You have probably found the features of a pedometer in your smart watch. But, we believe you have not yet discovered that it has a calorie meter, BP and heart rate monitor too. Apple’s smartwatches provide the feature of ECG too.

Smartwatches are the compact fitness trackers through which you can understand how much effort is needed to reach your fitness goal as it can count sit-ups, bench-press and other workouts with its strong sensors.

A few manufacturers are now including stronger sensors to measure your sleep timing as well. This is not the end! In case you have insufficient sleep, your smartwatch will notify you!

3. Mobile Tracker

Do you often forget where you have left your mobile? Well, it will not happen anymore because you have a smartwatch. ‘Find a phone’ is the most liked feature of a smartwatch that can locate lost mobile anytime.

4. Notification Accessibility

We understand seeing the important notification when you are in any social gathering does not look sophisticated at all. But looking at your watch does!

You can read all your notification (call, texts, emails, messenger, and social media notification) through your smartwatch. Now, that’s what we call WOW!!

5. Answer a Call

Accessing notifications is not the end! Suppose, your mobile is in your pocket and you are unable to answer an important call as you are on the go. Well, the smartwatch has a solution to this!You can answer the call with your smartwatch.

Also, when you are in traffic, you may not hear the ring of your mobile – don’t worry, the smartwatch will vibrate to notify you right then.

No matter, you are exercising or stuck in traffic, answering a call will not be a problem with the smartwatch. Along with that,the emergency calling facility is also included here.

So having a smartwatch not just mean the accessibility of notifications, it also means having the overall accessibility of smartphone and this makes it a smart buy.

6. Entertainment

Anytime you can play music with your smartwatch and watch a full-length movie.But yes, you have to compromise the quality, as the dial of the smartwatch is pretty smaller than the screen of your smartphone.

But suppose you are in the gym and the music system is not working –playing the music through your smartwatch will be so cool. You don’t need to face the problem of carrying it or finding a safe place to keep this, as you faced with the smartphone – this is one of the biggest advantages of wearable technologies!

7. Travel Guide

Along with a smartwatch, travelling becomes fun! Yes, you may not get the mapping facility in your smartwatch, but the vibration alerts will show you the right direction. Your smart watch will direct you to turn left or right to reach a destination by vibrating. Isn’t it awesome?

8. Alarm and Reminder

This advantage makes the smartwatch a powerful miniature alternative to smartphones. You can set alarms and reminders for your daily works or some important events and make your life easier.

9. Sporty Features

A smartwatch is a waterproof wearable accessory with all the sensors of the modern-day smartphone – gyroscope, accelerometer, barometric altimeter, thermometer, and compass. No matter you are travelling or planning for a hike, you can check elevation using a smartwatch. If you are a swimmer, you can track their rotation with the help of it. We found it very impressive.

Wait… these advantages are convincing enough, but you don’t want to get a smartwatch as you don’t like wearing the same watch every day! Read the next section to change your views!

10. Customization

You don’t even need to wear the same watch everyday!! Yes, you can customize the dial so that you can enjoy, professional, funky and any look you want and that too every single day in a week.

Having a smartwatch is truly like having a mini-smartphone on your wrist. This simple gadget can make you look so trendy and advanced with its outstanding features. So, without going to the debate “whether smartwatch can replace smartphone?” our recommendation is to get a smartwatch to make your life easier and to stay one step ahead from the rest in terms of everything!

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Can I Infect Apple iPhone With a Virus?

When it comes to the security of mobile devices and computers, everyone who knows a little about the topic may tell you: “Android devices are very easy to infect with a virus, but iPhone in this regard is relatively safe.” But is it really so? Let’s figure it out!

The Terms

Most people call any malware – “virus,” but technically, it is not always true.

Malware is the most common version of malicious software. The infection enters the device via installed programs.

Viruses can spread throughout the device by replicating themselves. They can jump to other gadgets. Viruses have been popular in the past decades. Today, they are not the most common type of malware.

Adware is software that brings a ton of ads to your computer. It became popular because of numerous malicious sites and rogue browser extensions.

Spyware steals your data and sends it to unscrupulous ad companies or hackers.

Ransomware blocks your device and requires a ransom for returning access to your files or gaining control over the system as a whole.

How Does iOS Protect Us From Malware?

Apple developers offer several levels of protection. It is true for both iOS and macOS. The later can also be infected with malware, but these infections are often adware-related.

So, in iOS and macOS, application downloads can only happen on the App Store. Yes, some users jailbreak devices or tune the setting and get apps from shady sites but this is not very common and involves additional knowledge and specific needs.

Apple created iOS so that the user was able to download applications only from the company’s application store. In Android, as well as in Windows, you can install programs from anywhere. And they pay a high price for it because catching a virus in today, not very friendly Internet, is very easy.

In addition, Apple security censors manually scan every single application for malicious code. If something suspicious is found in the program code, the application is returned for revision. This is not an ideal system, it also occasionally makes mistakes, but better systems are yet to be created.


IOS uses sandboxing for apps. It allows you to make sure that the application never goes beyond the prescribed framework. What does it mean? For example, none of the newly installed applications can gain access to data belonging to other programs.

Besides, almost all programs in iOS work with limited privileges. They do not have access to administrator rights – root.Third-party applications cannot change system settings and cause harm.

In the end, even if you accidentally install a suspicious application, the sandbox, the second layer of iOS protection, will not give it access to the OS or files.

Regular Updates of iOS

One of the best ways not to fall into the hands of malware authors is to update the operating system in a timely manner. This is one of the key advantages of iOS compared to Android. Look at the statistics of the iOS versions in circulation, you will immediately notice that most users have the most recent version of iOS.

It Looks Like a Virus, but It is Not a Virus

iPhones may face problems that can be attributed to viruses. But the truth, of course, is completely different.For example, if your smartphone is slow, you should free up more space. Sometimes you need to replace the battery if the gadget has been working for a very long time and the battery is old. In such cases, Apple specifically lowers the processor frequency in order to prevent the device from turning off accidentally during peak loads (the old battery can no longer cope with them). You can check the battery health in the iOS settings.

iPhone Can Never Be Infected With Real Viruses

So, we have sorted out several issues related to iOS security. Now you can answer the question that is put in the title of the article:“Can I infect Apple iPhone with a virus?”

It is theoretically possible, but if you are a person of sound mind and solid memory, and you will not do stupid things, your iPhone will never be infected with any virus.

Do not jailbreak your device, update iPhone software on time, install applications only from the App Store – and your smartphone will never catch malicious code. Its protection against viruses of all types is close to perfect. In case hackers suddenly find something, Apple will very quickly solve the problem and release a security patch. Do not worry, you have a very reliable device in terms of security.

Android Mobile Phones- Why Buy Them And The Reasons For popularity?

The trend of using android mobiles is increasing rapidly among millions of people from all around the world. Well, Android is one of the most-used operating, and it is also getting huge popularity due to its various features and functions. Before going to invest your money to buy mobile phones, you should read the multiple benefits associated with Android phones. The Android mobile operating system is mainly designed for touch screen mobile devices. Nowadays, the Android mobile is considered as the highest selling mobile operating system.

There are various types of android devices available for sale in the market. You can easily buy the one the basis of your needs as well as budget. There is a wide range of options available when it comes to Android mobile phones. They can easily find the different brands of phones according to their needs. All they need to do is to make their choices wisely for choosing the best mobile phone. After buying the best android mobile, you can use thousands of apps on it and enjoy its other features. 

It is very easy to use an android mobile phone that is also the main reason behind its increasing popularity. If you are going to buy a mobile phone for the first time, then the Android operating system is the best option. You can use the android mobile with ease, and you don’t need to worry about the various issues related to app downloading. Android mobile devices are offering a lot of amazing features to grab the attention of buyers. Before going to make your final decision, to buy an android mobile device, you should check its various benefits that have been listed in the below post.

Benefits Of using Android Mobile Phones

If you have decided to buy android mobile phones, then it is important to check its various benefits. Most of the people don’t know anything about Android mobile devices so they should check the best possible details before going to use these devices. Some of the best advantages associated with the Android mobile devices are listed below-

  • Multitasking

If you are using Android mobile devices, then you can easily perform several tasks at the same time. It is one of the best advantages that can be derived with the help of using android mobile devices. If you have a mobile device, then you may know that it is possible to browse on the internet while listening to songs or other audio files.

  • Get Notifications

If you are using android mobile, then it is easy to get notified about the new messages, emails or other activities related to your mobile phone. The notifications will be displayed on the screen of your mobile in real time. In this way, you will not miss anything, whether it is a message or a miss call from your friend.

  • Download Mobile Apps

Android phone users can easily download the different types of mobile apps from the Google play store. They don’t need to struggle with the various issues of restrictions while downloading the apps. Most of the Android mobile apps are free to download; that means you don’t need to pay a single penny while downloading them.

  • Variety Of Models

When it comes to Android mobile phones, then you don’t need to worry about choosing the best phone for your needs. You can easily find a variety of models because many brands are designing the top best android mobiles. In this way, you can easily find the best phone to cater to your needs without extending your budget.

  • Bigger Screen

There is no doubt in the fact that the screen of the Android mobile phones is bigger than the iPhone. You can get the bigger screen on your mobile without paying a lot of money. If you are willing to buy a phone with the bigger screen, then you should consider the option of android phones. You can easily choose the right size of the screen because there are plenty of options available.

  • Widgets

If you are using an android mobile phone, then you may also know about its various features and functions. You can use the different types of widgets in your android mobile. With the help of this, you can access the settings much quickly. You can’t find this type of feature in the other types of phones or iPhone.

Well, many other benefits can be derived with the help of using android mobiles. Hope, all the above-mentioned benefits will help you to know whether it is beneficial to use android phones or not.

Android Mobiles Are Cost-Effective

If you are bored of using your phone and looking for something exciting and entertaining at the reasonable rates, then you should consider the option of android mobiles. There are various types of android mobiles available in the market, and these smartphones come in the variation of different price ranges and features. There are many other phones available such as blackberry, apple, etc. well, all these phones are very expensive, and you can’t get the top best phone due to your low budget. In this case, you should buy an Android phone according to your budget.

The android phones are cost-effective, and these are offering a lot of amazing features to grab the attention of users. Most of the android users are more satisfied with their mobiles as compared to the other phone users. In addition to this, many other reasons will encourage buyers to choose android mobiles over the other phones. Also read – Mobile solutions and ROI

So What’s The Final Verdict?

If you are doing research online to buy a phone, then you should choose the Android operating system instead of iOS. There are endless options out there for you to choose from. You can see that many people are using their credit cards to buy android phones. In this situation, they can get assistance from to manage the debt and to get some additional benefits.

Author Bio

Isabella Rossellini is a marketing and communication expert. She also serves as content developer with many years of experience. She has previously covered an extensive range of topics in her posts, including business and start-ups.