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10 Awesome Benefits of Having a Smartwatch

Among the best wearable technologies of 2020, the smartwatch is definitely going to take a lead very soon because of its stylish look coupled with some cool features. It may look like a simple watch, but underneath its simplicity, this powerful tool can add ease in your life.

A smartwatch is not just a simple watch! There are multiple advantages, as well, but you are probably unaware of it. Here we have listed some perks of owning a smartwatch to highlight that you owe an outstanding smartwatch gadget. Take a look at the benefits below: 

1. Smart Time tracker

A smartwatch offers a lot more than your wrist-watch – basically, a smartwatch is not just a time tracker. Along with knowing the exact time, you can track the date and access stopwatch with split and lap timing features in the smartwatch.

2. Fitness Tracker

You have probably found the features of a pedometer in your smart watch. But, we believe you have not yet discovered that it has a calorie meter, BP and heart rate monitor too. Apple’s smartwatches provide the feature of ECG too.

Smartwatches are the compact fitness trackers through which you can understand how much effort is needed to reach your fitness goal as it can count sit-ups, bench-press and other workouts with its strong sensors.

A few manufacturers are now including stronger sensors to measure your sleep timing as well. This is not the end! In case you have insufficient sleep, your smartwatch will notify you!

Fitness Tracker

3. Mobile Tracker

Do you often forget where you have left your mobile? Well, it will not happen anymore because you have a smartwatch. ‘Find a phone’ is the most liked feature of a smartwatch that can locate lost mobile anytime.

4. Notification Accessibility

We understand seeing the important notification when you are in any social gathering does not look sophisticated at all. But looking at your watch does!

You can read all your notification (call, texts, emails, messenger, and social media notification) through your smartwatch. Now, that’s what we call WOW!!

5. Answer a Call

Accessing notifications is not the end! Suppose, your mobile is in your pocket and you are unable to answer an important call as you are on the go. Well, the smartwatch has a solution to this!You can answer the call with your smartwatch.

Also, when you are in traffic, you may not hear the ring of your mobile – don’t worry, the smartwatch will vibrate to notify you right then.

answering call through smartwatch

No matter, you are exercising or stuck in traffic, answering a call will not be a problem with the smartwatch. Along with that,the emergency calling facility is also included here.

So having a smartwatch not just mean the accessibility of notifications, it also means having the overall accessibility of smartphone and this makes it a smart buy.

6. Entertainment

Anytime you can play music with your smartwatch and watch a full-length movie.But yes, you have to compromise the quality, as the dial of the smartwatch is pretty smaller than the screen of your smartphone.

But suppose you are in the gym and the music system is not working –playing the music through your smartwatch will be so cool. You don’t need to face the problem of carrying it or finding a safe place to keep this, as you faced with the smartphone – this is one of the biggest advantages of wearable technologies!

7. Travel Guide

Along with a smartwatch, travelling becomes fun! Yes, you may not get the mapping facility in your smartwatch, but the vibration alerts will show you the right direction. Your smart watch will direct you to turn left or right to reach a destination by vibrating. Isn’t it awesome?

8. Alarm and Reminder

This advantage makes the smartwatch a powerful miniature alternative to smartphones. You can set alarms and reminders for your daily works or some important events and make your life easier.

9. Sporty Features

A smartwatch is a waterproof wearable accessory with all the sensors of the modern-day smartphone – gyroscope, accelerometer, barometric altimeter, thermometer, and compass. No matter you are travelling or planning for a hike, you can check elevation using a smartwatch. If you are a swimmer, you can track their rotation with the help of it. We found it very impressive.

Wait… these advantages are convincing enough, but you don’t want to get a smartwatch as you don’t like wearing the same watch every day! Read the next section to change your views!

10. Customization

You don’t even need to wear the same watch everyday!! Yes, you can customize the dial so that you can enjoy, professional, funky and any look you want and that too every single day in a week.

Having a smartwatch is truly like having a mini-smartphone on your wrist. This simple gadget can make you look so trendy and advanced with its outstanding features. So, without going to the debate “whether smartwatch can replace smartphone?” our recommendation is to get a smartwatch to make your life easier and to stay one step ahead from the rest in terms of everything!

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