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Apples First AR Headset Arriving In 2023 With OLED

Apple is currently concentrating on the AR aspect of things. Across the board, AR & VR are on the lower end of Apple’s priority. The company hasn’t officially announced the device, but the rumors all around that the company has big plans for AR. It is the next step on that journey to have a VR/AR headset. 

Apple’s First AR Headset


The VR/AR headset is completely different from Apple’s rumored glasses. It is speculated that those will be purely AR-focused and won’t be available anytime soon. Apple has increased the “OLEDoS” display from 2800ppi to 3500ppi. Apple is reaching out to Samsung and LG for its displays. 

How Will The Performance Of Apple VR?


A chip with capabilities comparable to the M1 Pro in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro is expected to power the headset.  Apple’s headset focuses on mixed reality. The headset will include external cameras to test features such as hand-tracking and gesture control, according to Mark Gurman (tech reporter for Bloomberg). In addition, a virtual keyboard can be used to type in the air.

Apple VR Focuses On Games? 

kid wearing ar vr headset

At least one report claims that Apple isn’t focusing on games for its AR/VR headset. But rumors say Video-game characters can leap across your living room or a virtual table can appear on your floor using AR. In today’s premium AR headsets, 3D graphics are placed according to your environment. With its AR glasses, Apple will ultimately aim for this, though in a smaller size.

More Closer To Eyes

man wearing vr headset

AR headsets need around 30004000ppi being much closer to the eye. For this, OLED was designed using silicon as a substrate instead of glass.  An 8K display would be a significant challenge even for Apple’s best chips. Foveated rendering is allegedly the company’s approach. Tracking the user’s eyes only prioritizes graphical detail in the section the user is looking at any given time. The quality of the virtual image in the peripheral vision of the user has been degraded.

Apple VR Headset Release Date

Apple VR headset

Apple VR/AR headset news September 26 · Mark Gurman has again claimed the headset may arrive in 2023. We don’t yet know when “Apple VR” will be released because Apple hasn’t decided on its approach. According to many reports from Ming-Chi Kuo, it might debut as early as January 2023. 

Difference Between AR and VR

Augmented or virtual reality? Significant differences exist between AR and VR. AR enhances a real-world scene, while VR provides an immersive virtual experience Unlike AR, VR requires a headgear device.
While AR users interact with the real world, VR users navigate through a wholly made-up environment.
Compared to VR, AR demands more bandwidth.
AR aims to improve both the actual world and the virtual world. Virtual reality (VR) replaces the real environment with a made-up reality that is largely used to improve video games.

Apple VR” vs. “Apple Glass

“Apple VR” would be heavier and more resemblant to current VR headsets than AR glasses. It would resemble Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 in terms of size, but with a curved visor on the front.

Some Most Important Features Of Apple VR Headset

Design –

The headset will be comprised of fabrics and lightweight materials to ensure a cozy fit. It sports a “sleek, curving visor linked to the face by a mesh material and swappable headbands,” according to the description. Based on these headset descriptions, designer Ian Zelbo created the renderings below.

Display –

Leaks claim that Apple has tested chips for its virtual reality headset that are more efficient than the M1 processors featured in the newest Macs.

Cooling –

Apple also wants to add a fan to its headset. The company normally does not use fans on its mobile devices, but modern standalone VR requires a good cooling system.

Lenses –

Customers will be able to get personalized prescription lenses from Apple. These might be placed inside the headgear on top of the VR displays.

Apple VR Headset Price

Rumored to be called “Reality Pro,” is expected to be a high-end product that serves space with a price tag worth $2,000. Some rumors also highlight that the headset price may goes up to $3,000.

Bottom Line

Kuo has occasionally spread rumors about a second-generation headgear, according to which it would feature upgraded technology that would improve the experience. The second-generation headgear would launch in early 2023-2024 and have numerous price levels, including high-end premium and low-end budget lines for customers.

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