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Business Intelligence Automation - Good or Bad

BI for automation – what you need to know before implementing it.

One of the hottest terms of the digital transformation era is business intelligence, which is very well-known across every industry. Due to the increase in productivity and efficiency, businesses using BI are generating more revenue. BI is a key component of automation. Business intelligence has both pros and cons; on the one hand, it has top benefits, and on the other hand, it has cons for businesses. In 2025, the global business intelligence market size is expected to reach US$33.3 billion with a CAGR of 7.6%. Find out how companies are benefiting from this cutting-edge technology in the following ten ways.

Businesses are using BI to automate their processes in these ten ways

Business Intelligence’s five major advantages

#1. Faster information flow:

A faster supply of information is one of the benefits of business intelligence when integrated with automation. The ability to make smarter business decisions requires faster access to information. With multiple business intelligence tools, businesses can make informed decisions in a matter of seconds.

#2. Analyze key performance indicators:

With BI, businesses are able to evaluate key performance indicators based on their needs, giving them a competitive advantage. Aligning strategy with goals and performance is the key to driving revenue efficiently. Businesses use BI to automate processes and save time.

#3. Access to adequate data:

The most important benefit of business intelligence is getting access to adequate data. With real-time data integration, smart data-driven decisions can be made. The BI technology enables businesses to improve their professional growth with the most relevant information possible.

#4. Adopt a budget-friendly strategy:

To survive in the highly competitive market, businesses need to have budget-friendly costs. Thus, business intelligence allows companies to save money effectively and efficiently, without having to worry about incurring losses. With the help of BI software, you can find areas to slash costs and take the necessary actions.

#5. Assessing current market trends:

To have a deeper understanding of customer behavior, preferences, needs, and wants, business intelligence identifies current market trends. Through the connection of BI to social media channels, companies are able to gain insights to keep their existing and potential target audiences informed. These insights enable companies to expand their customer base internationally.

The five cons of Business Intelligence

#1. Inconsistent data:

Automating business processes requires real-time data. A data inconsistency or discrepancy will greatly affect the future decisions made based on data-driven insights. This can result in two different outcomes for the company, which can become a major issue. Thus, data inconsistency is a major disadvantage of BI.

#2. Cyber-hijacking by cybercriminals:

A business’s over-integration with business intelligence can lead to cyber-attacks from cybercriminals. Such attacks put an organization’s confidential data at risk. The implementation of BI for automation must take care of security breaches and data breaches.

#3. The cost could be high:

One of the advantages of business intelligence is the reduction of costs. Business intelligence, however, can become expensive over time. The cost of data management can sometimes be quite high, and some BI software vendors are not always reliable and don’t always provide transparent pricing with data overages.

#4. Often incompatible with many companies:

It is necessary for all companies to integrate business intelligence for automation. However, depending on how advanced the industry is, it may not be suitable for many companies. According to the needs and objectives of the business, there may be limited availability in the market.

#5. Inaccurate data:

When real-time data is leveraged too much, despite poor data quality, it can be a con of BI. Poor data quality is practically impossible to predict efficiently with BI software. Therefore, these BI tools can hinder business operations for a period of time and can be unhelpful.

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