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5 Ways To Automate Business Processes With Salesforce Test Automation

It feels good when you have a set of tasks to be done daily. No stress on what new would come up every day. Just the same tasks and a perfect routine. But how long would you think that doing some tasks will make you feel happy and productive? One week? One month? One year? And then? It would definitely start to bore and you might feel like doing different things and maybe would like to take up some other interesting and important things. In this case, salesforce test automation can help you and your team to streamline tasks and focus on many important things to uplevel your business.

Coming To How Salesforce Test Automation Can Help?

If you are consistently doing repetitive and mundane tasks, or if your tasks are consistently prone to human errors, or if you waste a lot of time doing the same thing over and again and the time has come to automate! To save you — and your team — time, energy, and money, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 business procedures to optimize and automate in Salesforce.

  • Automate Your Onboarding Process: Hiring a new employee is exciting, especially if your business is rapidly expanding. It’s difficult to remember to onboard everyone on a regular basis. By automating your onboarding process, you can ensure that you never miss a step — or miss vital information. You may relax knowing that your hiring procedure is rigorous and consistent with each new recruit. You can set up an automatic welcome email with user information once their user account has been created in your Salesforce org. You may even add them to the appropriate groups/teams in Salesforce Chatter after the first setup and have a welcome post ready for their first login.
  • Prospect Client Automation: Now that you have automated sending emails and regular follow-ups, there is a high chance of your prospect turning into a permanent customer. You may set up large deal notifications with Salesforce test automation tools to ensure you don’t miss any possibilities. Create tasks to remind team members to check in on a regular basis. You can also use automation to remind managers and other employees to check on any changes that may have slipped through the cracks.
  • Account Management: Now that you have converted the prospect to a permanent customer , you should try and keep the customer for a long time. In this process, if it is done manually, there is a high chance of your team wasting a lot of time in retaining older customers. Leave that task to Salesforce test automation! Setup tasks to follow up with the customers whose accounts have not been opened for a specific period of time.
  • Create Quotes/Contracts: With fewer duplicative activities on your plate, you’ll have more time to shine in your interactions with prospects and customers. You may also utilize automation to generate quotations and contracts by pulling data. Set up customer follow-up reminders once the original email has been sent to avoid dropping the ball later.
  • Take Charge of Lead Management: With Salesforce test automation features, nurturing leads is as simple as generating workflows and emails tailored to your prospects. Your sales staff can take advantage of personalized campaigns — from welcome emails to perfectly timed follow-ups and even phone calls — without having to reinvent the wheel.

Before you automate, take a look at the tactics that have shown to be the most successful for your team and expand on them by implementing them across the board. Automation also helps you to track the effectiveness of your efforts, allowing you to understand how changes in the text, graphics, or scheduling affect engagement.

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