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2017 was taken over by the world of videos and called The Year of Video YouTube Marketing!

Undoubtedly, what YouTube Marketing (for Video Watching) is today, Google (for Search) used to be years ago!

Truly, the content watched on your HD TV takes a back seat as a YouTube application on your smartphone offers much more variety of content in the same high definition. Launched back in 2005, YouTube at present is the second largest search engine for videos where around 18 billion registered users check it regularly to watch 5 billion videos.

Amazing! Isn’t it?

After Facebook, this particular platform stands second in the list of customer acquisition strategies of the Big Businesses (Google, Amazon, etc.) to advertise their latest products and services to reach the world.

So, don’t you think it becomes crucial to undergo a Social Media Training Course for all businesses, new or established, to get better insights about what it takes to stand out from others and be ahead of the rat race?

Some Jaw-Dropping and Funny Facts About YouTube

  • YouTube possesses 149 million monthly users worldwide
  • More than 50% of view’s count comes from mobile devices
  • YouTube’s top video ‘Despacito’ crosses 5.12 billion user views (and counting)
  • The platform attracts 1/3rd of the Internet crowd
  • By 2025, it’s predicted that the majority (more than 50%) of individuals under the age of 32 will not subscribe to paid TV
  • 20% of YouTube viewers discard a video if it doesn’t hook them up within 10 seconds
  • YouTube’s video counter, was broken up by Gangnam Style
  • People watch around 150 million hours of YouTube videos every day.
  • Considered to be the most important mobile app among individuals aged 18-34.

No Doubt it’s Popular, But Does Marketing with YouTube Derive Expected Results?

The channel that stands second after Google in search don’t you think it has tremendous potential to attract the targeted audience towards your brand?

To visually get enlightened and find solutions to problems, people tune in to videos and tutorials that are on YouTube Marketing daily to address the pain points of the masses.

Added profile features, television-style content, online/offline mode of view, along many more upgrades are expected to be witnessed in the coming years. This surely will benefit companies to incorporate it into their social media and video marketing strategies.

Benefits to reap

With the ability to create promotional videos and content using FlexClip, a powerful video editing tool, to allure the audience, Video YouTube Marketing techniques bring the following series of advantages for you:

  • Helps attract clients and customers with effective scripts and audio/video methods of film and TV
  • Enables you to spread your proposals globally in an original and entertaining mode
  • Allows you to directly reach the pre-defined audience directly making use of useful keywords, attractive themes, or even by using demographic criteria, say ‘Girls under 18’.
  • YouTube Analytics helps you measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by generating real-time data.
  • Video advertisement increases the probability of user interaction, thereby raising the count of your views.
  • Adding a product’s video on your homepage pulls traffic and grows conversions.
  • Mobile video consumption rises 100% every year which closely appeals to mobile users.
  • Video marketing can explain everything via explainer videos, GIFs, stories, etc.
  • YouTube Marketing is the second most popular social network that can help you enhance your social shares.

The list is never-ending, rather ever-growing. If you think it’s just a matter of words then implementing video marketing inside your business strategy will prove you wrong as it will provide you with semantic results.

Run an Effective YouTube Marketing Campaign

We know now that video advertising works well but is it doing well on your YouTube channel? This is the primary concern that when dealt with effectively, can accelerate your growth and give you a ‘Sustainable success.’

1. Create Great Content

Don’t dig deep into the ways of creating content.

Just be genuine, informative, funny, personal, and above all unique which is more than enough to not let your attempts go in vain.

Make a head-start creating useful pieces of information that represent your brand name and attract public interest.

“Remember, when you put your feet in any channel of marketing, Content will always  be the King dominating all other campaigning ways.”

2. Well Optimize your Business’s presence

A few simple steps to take and you’ll get going!

Create a dedicated YouTube channel, optimize videos for SEO ranking, add compelling CTAs, stay active in communities, and be updated and that’s all that will pay you positively.

“If you can fix your presence via YouTube, certainly you will make huge profits discovering great numbers of prospects turning into opportunities, and finally converting to valuable customers.”

3. Add up Videos on your Website

Extend the life of your YouTube videos by showcasing them on your site. This will help enhance the time spent on your website and also favor customer engagement.

To get as expected in the foreseeable future, every company must possess a separate section for publishing updated video content.

“The primary objective is to fulfill the intent of a user delivering the best knowledge and information entertainingly.”

Final Considerations

How much success you gain through video promotion like YouTube Marketing depends on how well you define your campaigning strategies and tactics.

Like any other content, the information offered by videos must be forged keeping a strong idea about a customer’s journey that will help you delight and satisfy them.

After all, whatever we do today must make someone happy be it our family, friends, or our customers which in turn will make you surprised by giving their vote of trust and loyalty.

It’s merely a give-and-take relationship followed at last!

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