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WordPress vs Drupal Explaining The Differences

Creating and managing a website has never been easier. Thanks to Content Management System (CMS) software, today anyone can easily build and manage a website with any CMS software. By doing this there is no more hard nut to crack. It takes no time to create a fully functional website with CMS and users do not need to have any coding knowledge. However, the availability of different types of CMS these days also raises the question of which website development services to choose. You can use a CMS to create a full range of websites such as blogs, business portals, e-commerce websites, social media platforms, and more.

WordPress and Drupal are the big brands in the CMS world today. The combined users for these two platforms constitute more than half of the total CMS users worldwide. There are many similarities between WordPress and Drupal such that they are both open-source, provide modules/plugins to increase functionality, have great community support for both. However, many disparities also exist between WordPress Vs Drupal which makes one of them the best choice compared to the other. We will note some differences between WordPress vs Drupal and check for apart them.

Which one is easier?

Drupal is considered as a more complex CMS due to its intimidating interface. Compared to WordPress, this is relatively difficult to deal with. However, it is easy to install Drupal on the host as the hosting services provide different options to install different CMS including Drupal. You may need to hire a Drupal developer to create a custom theme as it can be difficult to work with Drupal. WordPress makes it easy to develop a fully functional website even from scratch with minimal effort.

Which is more secure?

Drupal is a very secure platform and also has a lower user base than WordPress which is less vulnerable to cyber threats than WP. Of course, it is considered a more secure platform than WordPress. However, anything that is not 100% secure can have some vulnerabilities with a Drupal website that can be exploited. On the other hand, being the most popular CMS, WordPress is the main target of most hacking and malware attacks. WP Core is very secure and most of the risks originate from the user.

Which is easier to customize?

The ease of adaptability depends on the availability of resources to enhance the existing functionality of your site. Using modules and themes, you can customize a Drupal website but finding an appropriate theme or module is not easy. Due to the complexity of the Drupal platform, optimizing is a challenging task for a beginner. Also, fewer themes and modules are available for customization for Drupal users compared to WordPress. There is a huge range of plugins and website themes for WP users that can be used to customize the site. With the help of a WordPress developer.

Which one is faster?

For a delightful user experience as well as a good ranking on a search engine, a site needs fast loading speed, and it’s really important. It does not matter how beautiful and attractive your site is if visitors are taking ages to load they will leave the site and go for another one. Website speed is an essential consideration when choosing a CMS. Drupal is lighter than WordPress because it is not resource-intensive. So, Drupal development services are ideal for building a heavy website with hundreds or thousands of pages. When it comes to speed, WordPress is somewhat disappointing. However, WordPress websites can also be very fast, most of the time users fail to optimize their website properly, and also add useless plugins which makes the website speed relatively slow.

Which has greater community support?

Although it has been mentioned before, WordPress still has the largest platform of community support. WordPress is open-source software with a vast community of developers, experts, webmasters, learners, etc., who are either providing or seeking some solutions. Do you have problems with your WordPress website? You can easily find a solution for this that someone may have already provided. However, this is not the case with Drupal as there is less community support than WP. But it is evolving and more solutions are being prepared.

Wrapping up

Content management systems have emerged as real lifeboats as they provide a simple way to create and manage websites. Another benefit of using CMS is creating custom websites by converting Photoshop files for WordPress, Drupal, or other CMS. There are a lot of CMS to choose from Drupal, WordPress, Wix, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc. Drupal and WordPress are the major content management systems and have huge user bases around the world. There are many factors that are common in both platforms, yet there are many subtle differences that distinguish them. We hope that the differences we have discussed between these platforms will help you build a strong custom website development solution.

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